Kris Richard Interviews for Giants Head Coach Position | New York Giants – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Rooney Rule everyone relax, plus he helped create the LOB. He should be our DC to be fair with our young crew

Joseh Deblanc

We need somebody who wants to win and know what they are doing and know how to use saquon and Dj 💯

Nikko Jones

If he could blitz more he would be pretty decent

Patrick Booth

Why aren’t they going to interview the Panthers deputy assistant to the traveling secretary?

Raekwon Vaughan

Who is this guy

Ethan Grimes

Yeah we got a new coach for the Gaints

    Sup Rift

    Ethan Grimes not yet

Let's Go Champ

Keep Dak’s big brother in Dallas

Pedro Robles

if they don’t even look at Mike McCarthy then I give up


If not Head Coach then DC, I would love to have Kris work with all those young DB’s we have (Baker, Beal, Ballentine, Love)

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