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Seven First downs in a play-off game….
Two of the most pathetic, historic team showings since 1971…. Time’s up…Pull it…🧨🔥🚒

Wally Tverstol

vikes offered no resistance in the 2nd half

    maverick lewis

    Wally Tverstol : Ask Coach Z.

Wally Tverstol

the vikes lost their will in the 2nd half

    Chad Larson

    Can’t expect the defense to win every game

    Scott Grudziadz

    If u thought the Vikings were any good forget about it they never will be

    Palace Evphoria

    @Scott Grudziadz so the saints must be trash then

Wally Tverstol

SKOL 🙂 still some good games left. good one on right now. 14-6 titans

    Scott Grudziadz

    For once get it right morons its SKAL it’s a soccer saying anyways

    Motivated Moe

    Scott Grudziadz – Woah we got an intellectual over here..

    It’s SKÅL.

Wally Tverstol

the o-line had a rough day then they left their hearts in the locker room after half time

    Syreen Zayyad

    Wally Tverstol On god bro 🤦🏾‍♂️💯

    Chad Hinkle

    They’ve had rough days for 5 years lmao. Our backups would of play better but zimmer is dumb asf.

    Jason Striation

    Oline if you look at them physically they have no strength or power💩

Austin 123


han kim

49er fan here, good game you guys should be proud that you all fought hard all season long. I’m sure we’ll see you guys in the playoffs next year. Peace out viking nation.

    Ashton Fischer


    Daddy D

    Ashton Fischer hello again loser, remember me sucka sKoOoOL lol what a stupid chant

    dabig 25

    I think the vikings defense will be the toughest they’ll face this post season

    brandon clobes

    Go get em dude!!

    brandon clobes

    @Levi Kragt the 49ers we’re our opponent not our enemies. Hats off too them.

Icd 10

You guys were so good when you played at Met Stadium, why did y’all move indoors? Good season and you guys have Heart and Skol

    Ashton Fischer

    @Gary Oak Nope your really not smart wanna know why we lost so many super bowls cause super bowls are played in domes and warm environments we would have atleast 2 if not.

    Scott Grudziadz

    @Ashton Fischer never had a chance never will


Let us down again🤧


Get shurmur back as OC

    Gangsta Knuckles

    Yes and teddy

Niners Faithful

Good game guys 🤝

    XD Productions

    You know. The 9ers fanbase has been some of the best I’ve seen–especially online. I hope y’all win it all.

    Ashton Fischer

    @XD Productions not always

    brandon clobes


    Ya BoyHeso

    Ashton Fischer Every fan base has that one or two bad apples that spoil the rest but mostly we are a respectable fan base who stay confident in our team just like the Vikings. Hey as long as the Saints are eliminated we both good.

    Ashton Fischer

    @Ya BoyHeso Thanks ikr unless it’s a rival or a cheater team cheating team.

Scott Farner

Wasn’t expecting to win today and the 10-6 season was predictable early in the season. And once again at the end of the season I’m thinking we need an improved OL.

Skol Spirit

Sure wish we had the dog in us like the Titans.

    Jesse Smith

    Titans didn’t play scared and they pounded the ball with Henry who is quite the power-back. We should’ve used Boone to do the same.

Christina Latterner

You are the BEST!

Aiden Malloy

Nice try vikings

Bonnie Nagel

No questions Zim, goodnight

George Egri

Vikings best of the best in fool’sball 🤔

    Xavier Brothers Group, LLC KAW XAW AIRAW

    George Egri fool’s ball… Lol

    George Egri

    Xavier Brothers Group, LLC KAW XAW AIRAW been a fan since they start will always be a vikes fan but they always play foolsball in the most important games lol to u n ur brother 2020 it’s gonna take a miracle or keep dreaming 🤔 Vikings for ever🤗

Kevin Maslowski

Kirk cousins 3 words this week. “We suck again!” And no I don’t like that!

SKOR North

What was the halftime speech?

AlaskaAirlines 17

Hello I’m a niners fan!

I just want to say that y’all played a heck of a game and did very good!!!

Just remember, that you guys beat the *SAINTS* who were 13-3 just like us in *OVERTIME* and that is an achievement in itself

Hope y’all have good fun offseason and good luck next year!!!!

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