Lamar Jackson, Ravens Offense Introduced Before Divisional Round vs. Titans – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE


    I got scam by a nigger Ramos

    Morrzxy bagwagon

GamingWith Junior

Let’s get this dub Ravens

    CASPER 12345

    GamingWith Junior shhhhhhhhh

Gary Mitchell

Go let’s get this win bro

Frank King


Augie N.

Who else is ready

    CASPER 12345

    Augie N. Apparently not the Ravens ROTFLMAO !!!!!!


Go get em

Real ThaMaskRapper

Best intro ever

    El - Amin

    Best intro…followed by worst exit…even worse than last years, because this was “Big Truss” and now no one cares what that means…Big Choke!

    Speed Jet

    @El – Amin Calm down….Dang someone needs to give you a chill pill.

NightFallGamer 101

Love my boys

Vyshonne Clark

They counting on u lamer😋

Lucho Montana

Not how I wanted Lamar to start.. 😐


We are down by 2 TDs😓 I don’t know what’s going on but our offense looks off!

Christopher Daniels Daniels expedited llc

Down we playing from behind let’s see how my dog get to it


They’re getting clapped 😖

    Miami Sports fan

    They got clapped


    Miami Sports fan yep

    Hawk 490

    They suck I thought they would at least lose in the conference

Ben Y.

Hardest game to watch as a Ravens fan ever. What a let down.

    LepuooL Nydazx

    Ben Y. What about last year? This was a polar mirror.

    Ben Y.

    LepuooL Nydazx this was much harder to watch. Expectations were higher. We were the favorite.

    Over whip



Lamar Jackson must had some money on this game.

George Leiter

Maybe next year. Glad I sold my season ticket this year.

Ron Edward

Lamar is going to have to hear the, “He can’t win in the playoffs” talk for another year.

    Good Time Guy

    As he should. His passing was off tonight.

El - Amin

All down hill after THAT…sheesh!


Y’all making fun of pats 😂

Luke Puckett

Always gonna be a Ravens fan 💜🤞

    Over whip

    Luke Puckett 🖤💜

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