Between The Lines: San Francisco 49ers 27, Minnesota Vikings 10 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Between The Lines: San Francisco 49ers 27, Minnesota Vikings 10

Vikings Radio Network Analyst Ben Leber and Voice of the Vikings Paul Allen break down Saturday's divisional playoff game between the Minnesota Vikings and San Francisco 49ers.

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Four Sports Vids

Disappointed 😔

ryan damon

Bye paul and Ben see you next year SKOL 💜💜💛💛

    c m

    How u still a Vikings fan

The Wrestler

Lesson learned. Believe in no one but yourself, trust no one but yourself.
I’ll take that lesson to heart.

Jason 23

This OL was horrendous, how many years has Spielman been on the job, yes he has hit with his picks on defense but c’mon man O’Neill is the only good one we got.


    Jason 23 bradberry good too


    Rieff and Elflien suck the rest are at least decent

    Chandler Thoma

    Ugh. Every time we get beat. It’s that SHITE I oline

Noel Truong

Aye, look on the bright side, we knocked the Saints out of the playoffs for the 2nd time in 3 years, think about salty Saints fans and you’ll cheer up

    Dan Strikker

    The silver lining

    Daddy D

    That’s loser talk lol


    Why salty? they have won a SB and we haven’t

    SKOR North

    We thought going into the game that the Vikings would get it done…


Another classic Vikings season in the books. Can’t wait for the exact same thing next year lol.


    We’ll miss the playoffs next year lol


    polsdofer even better

    FakeUser NameTwo

    not next year, but the year after

    R PM

    I’ve seen the movie….It gets worse…. It’s called 84 Million reasons season.

    Chad Larson

    Hahaaaaaa. Its disgusting cause they have the players…

Icd 10

Good game, just wondering if your coaches let Kirk audible at all or is he forced to go with what the coach calls no matter what the defense shows?

    Chandler Thoma

    Was a horrid game. And I dont think so, he never seems to change plays. The vikings have always had these losses.

Paul Third

Sorry Vikings fans. Jokes aside. You guys deserved better then that after last week.
Good luck next season.

Hyper Fuze

I’m convinced Zim is only here so that the Saints can never win another super bowl

Kyle Sanders

Honestly, I’m not that mad. The offense plays one way: run with Cook and Mattison, and run play action with Cousins. The Niners were ready for it, and the defense was off from opening tap. It is what is, and the Niners are very good. Better team won.

FakeUser NameTwo

Offence looked as dead as it always looks when we lose horribly.

Federico Barragán



Hey Wobby……………🍻


Let stefanski coach Cleveland he sucks.make kubiak OC.Keep Zimmer .Get new DC

    J D

    That’s the best scenario

Random_games Productions

As a 49ers fan thanks for knocking out the saints and good game y’all played good

    Reppid1 cringe

    We did not play good you guys beat us into the ground lit us on fire and proceeded to beat us even more you guys are most definitely super bowl contenders

    Ashton Fischer

    Thanks finally makes me happy yall won or when you might win because so many toxic niner fans.

William Webster

Gotta bolster the O line Amazing the difference Bradbury made with O’Neil keep building

    Chandler Thoma

    Yeah it’s only taken YEARS. Last good o line we had was 2009.


Was still a pretty fun season, fellas. Should be a very intriguing offseason. We might have more big names on the move than any year in memory.

    c m

    This team is gonna be GARBAGE next year 4-12 I’m calling it no where near the playoffs were wasting talent and it’s sad I hope diggs and thielen get traded they need to win


Their line bullied us, just like Tennesse has bullied everyone lately. I could see a Titan/Niner SB.

Devaris Givens

Our O-line failed us again man wtf…

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