Chiefs vs. Texans Divisional Playoff Preview | Field Pass – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
dan shaw

Let’s go chief’s!!!!

Ismael Brown-Bryan

Let’s Go!!!!!!

Myron Jr

Texans to the Superbowl? 🤔

    chris klein

    Myron Jr — Game is far from over. I wouldn’t sleep on the Titans either.

    Myron Jr

    Texans is going to the Superbowl

Chiefs Kingdom

Game just started. Remain calm

chris klein

I like the Chiefs at home but I’m not sold on the spread.

Chiefs 28-20 or 28-23.

Holy Sheet…lol. I just looked up game cast and the Texans are up 14-0.

Crazy Whop

God damn it. Cmon chiefs. Don’t do this. No more points given up. Cmon let’s go, GET IT TOGETHER. CHIEFS NATION GIMME THAT PRIDE LETS GO

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