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Sean S.

Who else is watching the Ravens get bamboozled by the Titans at this very moment? Lol

    Sean S.

    Travis Stoudt take your negative energy somewhere else, we don’t need that mess around here. Comeback when you’ve changed 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Imthegoat Vids

    Travis Stoudt your crazy you have no confidence in us

    Javier Serrano

    Imthegoat Vids facts

    Red_Chiefs 15

    Wouldn’t talk too soon their our next opponent

Fun Chiefs

C’mon chiefs let’s win this and go to the super bowl

    Lynch's Revenge

    I am a seahawks fan and I’ll be rooting for you guys to win the AFC. I have so much respect for mahomes and the chiefs. They deserve a ring

    Fun Chiefs

    @Lynch’s Revenge since the saints got knocked out now I’m sorting for Seattle. So I can be a Mahomes and Wilson super bowl It will be a great one


    @Lynch’s Revenge thanks


    Fun Chiefs I was hoping for a Saints Chiefs Bowl. Would have been a good one to watch!

    Fun Chiefs

    @TwanGoneWrong I know probably the greatest game of all time

Salazar Payne

I’m begging you Chiefs. Please bring home a ring in February.

No biggie if you don’t. I’ll just go through another 40 Years of heartbreak… And I will love every second of it. Let’s go kingdom.

    MaRkY WaHoOoOo

    Salazar Payne it’s been a rough ride…a fan since 1989😩 regardless of the outcome of this year’s playoffs…it feels real good having a qb lime Pat Mahomes giving this team a chance to win 🥂


    A fan since the 90s not long after I was born, as y’all said it’s been a rough ride but we have the tools & the motivation to bring home the ring! CHIEFS are here, they’re dangerous! THIS COULD OUR DECADE lol

    Sahar Aruk Bissong

    been a fan since 2010 so I haven’t felt has much heartbreak lol #chiefskingdom

Senkoun Sylla

Lets go chiefs!!!!

Alex James


Bonnie Keough

Point me to the gun show! 💪

    Drake Aamold

    God is good!!!

    Rajon Rondo Lakers



Who’s watching the titans game rn ? Like if you agree

    Brady CallahanIrndqt

    They just won😶

    Damarion Walker

    Travis Stoudt I don’t think so tbh


    So chiefs vs titans afc? Chiefs ez win

    Damarion Walker

    IceSnxpes Mann I really hope so I want this superrbowl

Andrew Sundberg




Danielle Nelsen

Who is the artist?

GO CHIIEEEEFS!!! 🏈👑❤️💛🏟️

    Danielle Nelsen

    David Garibaldi!
    I rewound it to “around the beginning” to see if I missed it but it was before the first five seconds so I DID miss it (a second time). But the video was so good I decided to watch it again and caught it this time! Heh

Stevone Capone

Defense win championship we have too start hitstick out there let’s bring the Lamar hunt trophy home

    Drake Aamold

    God is good!!!

    Stevone Capone

    @Drake Aamold all the time

Stevone Capone

The West is not enough we wanna go too Miami

    Gerald the seal

    Stevone Capone and take the trophy back home

Ron Smith

C’mon chiefs just win so we could be hosting our second straight AFC championship so just win baby just win. Mahomes let’s do this

    Travis Stoudt

    Sorry I think the Titans will beat u again

    Dale Winston

    @Travis Stoudt i doubt tht

    trevor brookins111

    @Travis Stoudt you on something no why in hell titans will win

Andrew Voyles

Got to stay focused. #chiefskingdom

Joseph Cartwright

Championship game runs through Arrowhead stadium. As long as we stay focused and beat the Texans Sunday.

Jarrod Panzer

Anyone else get that moment when you realized that if KC wins tomorrow, since the Ravens are eliminated as the #1 seed, it will mean that every season Mahomes has started the AFC championship game has been held at Arrowhead.

    MaRkY WaHoOoOo

    Jarrod Panzer all 2🤔


    Could be a pattern developing

Devon Chambers

Yo play 4 quarters stop the run and we’re good real talk.#LetsgoChiefs

Van Griffin

Love my squad. Let’s go #ChiefsKingdom!

Douglas Lowry

“be great🤗🤣😂😀🙄


My fellow chiefs fan: this is our year, we will go all the way and win the SB! Mark my words.

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