Update: Mack, Jackson, Patterson named to Pro Bowl – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE


    Rei Sen

    bigbludex shut up

Andrew Shoven


Bill Clinton


    Pablo Moreno

    A major one

    Original Juice

    absolutely right…what would Monica do?

Jacoby 0311

It’s ridiculous that Allen Robinson is not in the Pro Bowl! 🤬

    Barron Stine

    Bro so true he’s underrated

    Ryan Nelson

    Criminal for sure. That guy is so reliable. Always ready to play.

rawr 59


Barron Stine

I’ll be there for Sunday night football I smell a W


Yo the offensive line is the problem with the team. Fire hiestan and get new players


    And buster skrine sucks. Buster is a fitting name since he busts coverages lol


No Allen Robinson. Big boi pissed right now.

Brady Mays

How’d Mack and Eddie make the pro Bow lol

    I'm Awesome

    With only 7.5 sacks and 42 combined tackles, your guess is as good as mine.

Jacob Novotny

How is A rob NOT in the pro bowl

Alex Morris

How’d 2 subpar defenders make it in?

    OG Skywalker

    Dude pagano hasn’t used them right all god damn year and your calling them subpar bruh come on you see there putting Eddie in the box and in the slot 2 places he should never be yet he’s there majority of the game lol and you got Khalil if he’s not getting held or double teamed he’s in coverage yeah I said it coverage these dudes have been used incorrectly all fucking year but don’t discredit the work they’ve put in without the defense we’d be 0-14 rn and you know this so just stop my guy

    Alex Morris

    @OG Skywalker pagano has done a shitty job. But is it paganos fault that jackson can’t tackle? Is it his fault that mack has been losing 1 on 1’s and is ALSO missing tackles? Is it his fault that kyle fuller cant catch and that him and amukamara were FALLING OVER trying to cover packers receivers? Our defense kept us in games…the first 10 games of the year. Since then it’s felt like they’ve just been…mediocre. giving up 21 points a game isnt horrible but it certainly isn’t good. And most of it is on their “stars” who have been subpar at best.

Thrustin Von Helmut

Bears need new ownership. The entire franchise is a dumpster fire and has been for decades.

    OG Skywalker

    Exactly man something we can’t control unless less fans stop buying tickets but idk if that’s gonna happen.

    Thrustin Von Helmut

    @OG Skywalker NFL is a revenue share business so the broadcast, merch, digital, etc revenue is more than enough for the Bears By DNA Lottery Winners to trive. The city owns the stadium so they have no real investment there to max profits. A real owner would have built a state of the art stadium in the city 3 decades ago and be looking to upgrade now. Goose Island would be Bears Island if the team was run by a stud.

    Original Juice

    @Thrustin Von Helmut start a 2nd Pro Franchise in Chicago and adopt a big part of the Bears fans.

    Thrustin Von Helmut

    @Original Juice The NFL would never let another team in the Chicago market.

Jerry Kwerve

Robinson snubbed

OG Skywalker

If only pagano knew how to use our players right id actually agree with Eddie and Khalil but since Eddie is constantly thrown in the box or the slot and doesn’t get to play backside and free all game like last year he struggles and Khalil has no help from mr Floyd and he’s getting put in coverage for some fucking reason.

    I'm Awesome

    Mack is tied for 30th this year in total sacks (7.5). Given how much money he is being paid, that’s not acceptable. The whole Pagano doesn’t know how to scheme or Hicks being injured things only hold so much water. Great players still have an impact regardless.

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