Cordarrelle Patterson on being selected to the Pro Bowl – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Kucci Ku

Hes the Taysom Hill version for us


    No Taysom Hill is the Cordarrelle Patterson version for them.

Valentino Godinez

Bear down 🐻⬇️

Kucci Ku

that phantom flag they threw on him might have cost us playoffs….

    ed renkor

    It was a perfectly timed hit

    Andy Gama

    It did god dam refs love the packers it makes me sick.

    Ijust Pooped

    This usually happens to the lions

    Tyler Rir

    Ijust Pooped I agree haha

    Lamuel J Sackson

    Well Chicago is severely lacking an O line so I’m not so sure they would’ve been able to beat San Fran or New Orleans… Nonetheless 🐻⬇️

brian lane

You are a beast congratulations

Jimbo da Street minista

You’re the only one who deserves it


    Don’t disrespect Allen Robinson like that.

    Jimbo da Street minista

    Cortez our of the people that actually made it bruh..

    Zaid Khan

    Jimbo arob should have been chosen as well

    Jimbo da Street minista

    Zaid Khan agreed, it was A-Robbery

Raul R Ruiz

Now we need Allen robens


Ok, but what about Robinson? Dude got robbed.

    Lamuel J Sackson

    Yeah kind of like how CP got robbed of a catch and forced fumble lol

chris L

did trubisky say comparisons? no its remorse. were mad we picked you fool


    chris L dont think deshaun watson couldve done much better job with this o-line this season

    Brandon Freres

    Speak for yourself chris l

Mike Shirvis

Pure bear

Jerry Kwerve

Well deserved

cubs win

Congrats, wish you could play every position. We’d be a much better team with multiple Pattersons!

omar farooqui

This dude should be on the defense I could really see him as a mlb

Roc Boyz

Keep him next year

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