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Bears vs. Chiefs Game Preview (Week 16)

Chicago Bears analysts Jeff Joniak and Tom Thayer preview the Bears' Week 16 matchup with Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday Night Football.

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Andy G

Get ready for the countless Trubisky vs Mahomes graphics/stats all game long


    Andy G okay boomer

    Brandon Reyes

    Seriously though.. that’s all the announcers are going to talk about. So annoying


    It’ll be good for when Trubisky outplays Mahomes

Jesus Jr

This game doesn’t even matter no more they already out of the playoffs

Rei Sen


Once for Twice

Fix that damn o line.

melik williams

why yall still doin these? 😂

Randy Koney

Lol he said this isn’t a 14 game season, most bears seasons are over by week 10, get a clue Joniak

youngblak Wall Street

The Chicago Bears need to win this game ho out there win at home on Sunday night vs chiefs play your hearts out finish 2019 season strong 9-7 .650 go on the road beat the vikings play hard keep pushing keep grinding moving foward let’s go Bears let’s go Bear’s go out with a bang

Tago H

There is an old tradition that’s not spoken of in the nfl like it used to be in the past! When your team has missed their playoff chances… don’t give up and lose the rest of your games! You go goon! Try to win them all while making other teams wonder if they really deserve to be in the playoffs!

I'm Awesome

Dang I remember when these game preview videos had a couple thousand views and a hundred comments. Now only a hundred views and 9 comments. Guess everybody checked out


Damn this game would have been HUGE if they would have beat the packers

Thomas Wayne

They basically showcased the Chiefs, and built them up as impossible to beat. Then gave one way to win, which would be a mediocre running back having an Ezekiel Elliott type game day. lol.. Chiefs are going to crush the Bears like they did the Broncos last week..


Support my Team through the Ups and Downs, Let’s finish Strong GO BEARS!!! 🏈🐻

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