Tyrod Taylor Mic’d Up at Chargers 2020 Training Camp, “I gotta work on my game!” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Slate Rangel Reply

Bolt up

10k Subscriber Challenge With No Videos Reply


    Legit g33k Reply

    Not with tyrod lol

    Mo Saine Reply

    Calm down buddy

    ALABAMAMAN official Reply

    Maybe with Herbert in the future but definitely not tryod Taylor

    Ethan Tindell Reply

    Hey you never know

    ALABAMAMAN official Reply

    @Ethan Tindell you right

VNB6 Vinilla latte B6 Reply

Dam Joey took a slip lol i love that guy

Zachariah Perkins Reply

They should do Herbert next

    Tom Da Comic Book Nerd Reply

    I agree

Steven G Reply

Chargers are going to be good….Maybe even better!

    TheOCsouthsider Reply

    I agree with you!
    San Diego Super Chargers!!! Damn, it’s hard to let that go…..πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

    Boss of the Bosses Reply


    Nathen Mathews Reply


    tommy bahama Reply

    6 wins

Leandro Barbosa Reply

“Good route one three” lol

    freddy Flores Reply


    tommy bahama Reply

    Why is this quote worthy?

Sam Reply

Dam I feel good about the season but I ain’t tryna get my hopes up just to be let down again

    Tom Da Comic Book Nerd Reply

    @ceelos 21 He did let us down but keep in mind he wasn’t the only reason why the Chargers struggled…*cough Melvin *cough Gordon *cough

    LEFTaTIP Reply

    @ceelos 21 and when has Telesco ever given Rivers an OL better than and 18th ranked OL per PFF?? GM Telesco last 3 yrs OL rankings 30th, 23rd and 29th. Rivers had his problems being careless but he also had some terrific passing numbers and the Chargers did have the 7th best passing attack. We’ll see if Tyrod is even close to getting this offense to where they were in the Rivers days.

    ceelos 21 Reply

    @LEFTaTIP well Tyrod does have a decent offensive line now so we’ll see what happens this season either way Go Bolts ⚑⚑

    LEFTaTIP Reply

    @ceelos 21 I love your enthusiasm man. See, win or lose your a true Charger fan…always behind the team. Me, I lost that passion….all those years, hoping that Telesco would make the right moves, not to waste Rivers best years but he did. Under GM Telesco, the Chargers have never won the AFC West. He let the Broncos dominate the division for 4 years and now he is letting the Chiefs and Andy Reid dominate the division. And Andy Reid isn’t even the GM but they listened to Reid and that led to them drafting Mahomes.

    ceelos 21 Reply

    @LEFTaTIP who knows maybe this year will be different u know .. i mean he actually paid big money for Bosa .. Telesco knows he F’d up before

vashon jones Reply

Tyrod took Bosa soul in one cut FINISH HIM FLAWLESS VICTORY πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Joffy Joffa Reply


Jimmy Padrigan Reply

Joey just promised Tyrod half of his earnings after pulling one on him like that, lol.

Greg Thornton Reply

seems a little more fun now. maybe we can relax and have fun all the way to January!

pineapple juice man Reply

We not going to talk about that one hand catch

Crenshaw 2.0 Reply

Our QB want the Arrest of the Officers who KILLED BREYONA TAYLOR

    Marco Guajardo Reply

    Now’s as a good a time as any. Now.

Brendan Heywood Reply

Bro tyrod about so show out lmfao let’s go

Ryan Duffy Reply

Chargers have the best social media presence in the NFL <3

luweewee Reply

He carries himself like the alpha of the pack, that’s a good sign of leadership and control so early into being QB1!

Jakob Parsons Reply

Damn what an adjustment going from the fiery rivers to the icy tyrod.

brandon quesada Reply

That one handed catch was kinda nasty tho.

rofj09 Reply

Can we get a little bit of camera time for Easton Stick? I mean we drafted him last year too

wikedwun Reply

I feel like wit Tyrod we won’t lose many games cuz he rarely turns it over like Phil

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