Best Plays From Week 1 of Chargers 2020 Training Camp – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Gary Sapinoso Reply

Can’t wait til the season ⚡️⚡️

Steven Foley Reply

Herbert going crazy

Reggae Turtle Reply

Go Chargers!⚡️

Look at curry man Reply

Look at Herbert man

Tyler Thompson Reply

Joshua Kelley looking like he’s ready to be fed this year🍽⚡️

hipertec95 Reply

That spiral from 10 to 83 was murder 👍👍⚡⚡⚡⚡🤩🤩

ALABAMAMAN official Reply

If y’all still hating on Herbert after this y’all are just certified haters

    Adam Miller Reply

    ALABAMAMAN official – Yeah, Yaw’lls Right! 🇺🇸☮️🤪🤘🍺

    Football fan Reply

    ALABAMAMAN official you

    WhoopedDatAss Bruh Reply

    Calm down lol let him play an actual game before you hop on his 🥜

    Felix Buchheit Reply

    These things are suppooed to make players look good so yea he looks good from what you hear he is improving and learning

MidnightRunnerZ Reply

Bruhh!!! Herbert’s spiral throws are insane! he throws that thing like a freaking slingshot.

    David Jin Reply

    Kid eats his wheaties and lifts his weights

    FeatheredAndLethal Reply

    I love rivers but herberts mechanics are so much better lol

Bill Smith Reply

I beg you Charger fans give Justin a little time. Let him learn and grasp the pro concepts. He’s going to be off the charts. Great kid. He’s a sponge. He will be more vocal. He has no choice.

    Hyperfoxeye Reply

    I was someone who saw him as a logical choice if tua was grabbed already, but honestly in retrospect i think hes going to be the best of the draft for QBs with his stellar physical and mental traits

    KingJames922 Reply

    I wanted Herbert day 1. Burrow was out of the question and I think Tua is gonna be another Jason Verrett. Herbert’s gonna be a beast. BOLT UP ⚡⚡⚡

g g Reply

Herbert and Joshua Kelly gonna be the drew brees and ladainian Tomlinson of this draft 🐐🐐⚡⚡⚡

    Kongdezzi Eastg8 Reply

    Can nassir be like Rodney Harrison too

    Adrian Deleon Reply

    I hope so. Joshua Kelly does kinda run like L.T

    PS4 Jody Reply

    Can kJ. Be tha Vincent Jackson

    Riley Ladiero Reply

    You got too much dip on your chip now 😂

Austin Savage Reply

Herbert’s balls he threw In this gives me a lot of hope

    Hyperfoxeye Reply

    Hes got some really nice balls

    KingJames922 Reply

    @Hyperfoxeye I love his balls 😅

Jake Cathey Reply

Let Herbert get some first team reps!!!

Czee 20 Reply

Hebert and Tyrod man. We need Best defensive plays from camp Derwin and Keenan going at it and seeing Nas and all the other dogs‼️‼️ Love it competing bettering each other😤⚡️

Erich MiraMosso Reply

I got the feeling that this Will be a good season for our chargers! #Boltup⚡

Frankie Y Reply

Definitely seems to be one of the most athletic teams we’ve had

Daniel Fernandez Reply

Even more impressive- they are training out in the full heat.

Mikee Casarez Reply

Man oh man Herbert is looking good!

TRD SuperCharger 808 Reply


Twenty One Skunk Reply

We all know Herbert looking nice but let’s put some respect on that boy Tyrod with the clean throws!! I’m just happy we have a mobile qb

    #1 Juggy Reply

    Tyrods gonna suck and herbert will start by week 4

    Hyperfoxeye Reply

    @#1 Juggy we want herbert to grow like a sponge, if tyrod goes down Stick is going to get some trys before Herbert

    #1 Juggy Reply

    Hyperfoxeye yeah that’s true, stick is good too

    Michael G Reply

    TT gets my respect. Looks like he and Herbert have been working on their throws together. Those are some of the best throws I’ve ever seen TT throw … going back to Buffalo.

You Like!? Reply

Damn Herbert’s spirals are impeccable

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