Todd Gurley, Julio Jones & the Falcons get after in second SCRIMMAGE | AT&T Training Camp highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Jon 3409 Reply


Velazi Reply

Genuinely so exited or this year, we are gonna have a scary defense, of course our offense is gonna be great like always, we winning the Superbowl no doubt actually

    C Jack Reply

    Let’s focus on making playoffs & taking it 1 game at a time

    Velazi Reply

    C Jack of course but I actually have never felt this confident in a while I’ve always been so down every year

    Jacob Howell Reply

    we have all this young talent. if we don’t at least make playoffs somebody gotta go. and it’s probably Dan Quinn.

    Velazi Reply

    Jacob Howell if we don’t make the playoffs both Dan Quinn and Dimitroff are gone most like Dirk koetter as well

Sham F Reply


Ethan spencer2133 Reply

Keep it up tg and Julio

falconfan1990 Reply

Sheffield gonna be good

Stan ezen Reply

20 more days. Football will temporarily cure my depression

    Liquor With Lenoir Reply

    Keep ya head up! It’s gonna’ be alright

    Jacob Howell Reply

    yes bro… unless we end up being trash then my depression will be 10x worse

    A sad falcons Fan Reply

    Hope ur ok man… prayin for ya 🙏🏽

    Pat Carter Reply

    Maybe we will get one bright spot in 2020 with the Falcons being good again

Jamerous 58 Gilliam Reply

Football needs to come back

Liquor With Lenoir Reply

Oh boy. I like it. Let’s go get that trophy!

Alec M Wee Reply

Brian hill though 👀👀👀

    Darnell Tyson Reply

    I like ito as our second back tho

    ¿ unNORMALized Reply

    I’ve always liked Brian Hill just runs angry with passion.

Jacob Howell Reply

if we don’t make playoffs with all this talent, somebody has to go. and it’s gonna be Dann Quinn. no more garbage years, GET WINS.

    LA Ryan Reply

    The season hasn’t even started and you’re already hating. 🤔

    Jacob Howell Reply

    LA Ryan that’s not even hating… it’s just honesty. we’re tired of losing. we have the talents. we have all the pieces in place, NO MORE EXCUSES. we need wins.

    LA Ryan Reply

    I feel ya bruh. This is a make or break year for us. Whoever doesn’t produce this year needs to be gone. I’m going to hold off on talking ish until I see how we are playing.

Overtime Winner Reply

These uniforms grew on me. When I first saw them, I didn’t like them. They lookin real clean though on the field

Santiago Tadeo Contreras Macedo Reply

Todd Gurley and Julio Jones are monsters on and off the field

Sound Doctrine Ministries Reply

Get earl Thomas it only make sense cuz he fits the scheme 👍🏿 n plus he can help out the safety

    Khayree Reply

    It’s a reason he was cut ya know…

Christopher Richardson Reply

Takk with the sack at 1:42

    Christopher Richardson Reply

    Even better might’ve been a strip sack live

Jeremy Lee Reply

Really excited to see treadwell

Jorge Gonzalez Reply

I’m just mad they canceled my group tickets to the falcons vs bucs game 😞

andrew reierson Reply

ridley looking good out there

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