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Tre’Davious White | “We Just Have to Play Bills Football”

Bills Cornerback Tre'Davious White met with the media following practice Wednesday at One Bills Drive. Topics included: Facing the Patriots this Saturday and what a win would mean for Bills fans, and building the culture on the team since his arrival in 2017.

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BillsMafia !

first view

Saine Cjwest 119

Go bills!!


Congrats Tre & Coach McDermott !

Hammock Hiker

is he wearing a comfy?

Rick Beam

How do u have a top 5 defense and only have 1 FREAKING PLAYER to make the pro bowl ????? It’s so frustrating this crap affects these guys contracts their legacy everything.


    If they win more, that will take care of everything.

    Rick Beam

    We won 10 games in 15 weeks how much more do we need to win. The Ravens have 12 players going to pro bowl. 🤦‍♂️ all i know is if I were Jordan Phillips or Edmunds I would be pissed 😤

    david b

    Agreed boss its BULLSHIT!!


    Top 5!? Easily top 3! Probably even number 2.

Joseph Blasioli

sean looks different

    Enrico Pallazzo

    Think it’s the hat

    The Way

    Way less clapping than normal

Enrico Pallazzo

Tre finally gave the media what they wanted. He admitted it’s a big game and how huge it would be to beat the cheatriots for this city. Wonder if Sean’s gonna fine him for going off script lol

rick james

The only time the reporters don’t talk over each others questioning is when Maddy speaks ha ha


Did Sean get a deep dark tan? Still my boy though lol

J. Allen

That LSU hoodie is 🔥



    Jamal Ginsburg

    OJ Simpson is the best Bills player ever.

    C.L. Cowart

    @Jamal Ginsburg Agree. And Go Noles!

    Jamal Ginsburg

    @C.L. Cowart I never would have thought that the Bills would be winners and the Seminoles losers. .. hopefully Norvell changes that!

    Lenny Leonard

    Bruce smith

God Emperor Pepe

I’m way too high to be seeing Tre pretending to be Sean McDermott lmao.

    matthew moore

    Lol hillarious

Ali Akbar

Saturday is Tre day

    Andrew Colvin

    Hope so. I think we can win. Really do. The offense just needs to be better.

Ali Akbar

0:57 who tf screaming

A Simple Life

Tre is the man!

al ym

Sean McDermott looks different in this interview 😂0:08

    Paulo Victor

    New Haircut

david b

Tradevius with his LSU GEAR…. Love it!!!

Norm L

It’s over for the Pats. Those cheaters will be knocked out on Saturday and the division title will be ours for years to come! This is where the Patriots dynasty ends!

Blake Petraitis

To bad he cant go to the pro bowl. Buffalo Bill’s are going to the superbowl

Liam Shaw

That’s what I’ve been saying I really hope you can’t play

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