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Sean McDermott | “It’s A Team Game”

Buffalo Bills Head Coach Sean McDermott met with the media Wednesday at One Bills Drive. Topics included: Facing the Patriots this Saturday, the Pro Bowl team announcements, and the work ethic and culture of the Buffalo Bills.

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James Jacobsen

time for the hat trick

Aurora Rain

Josh Allen better run the ball like Lamar Jackson in this game, and put a lot of pressure on brady


the physical therapy and medical team are the MVPs of the team this year…the injury rate is an envy of the well spent by the Pegula’s..

Norm L

Do not hesitate to take a cheap shot on Brady on Saturday! They did it to Josh last game! They play dirty, do not back down!

Los Trem

What a breath a fresh air McDermott is chatroulette to the coaches we’ve had thre oat 20 odd years

matthew moore


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