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Josh Allen | “Our Team Is Up For The Challenge”

Buffalo Bills Quarterback Josh Allen met with the media Wednesday following practice at One Bills Drive. Topics included: Studying film and looking back on the first matchup with New England in Week 4, the trust he has in his team's game plan and his teammates, and learning throughout the 2019 regular season.

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817 DC


    tommy drama

    817 DC it’s like he’s trying to grow one like when you were 16 years old lol


    lol ya he’s got a baby face. He needs to just go with it. Accept what God gave ya. No of the fans will care.


    @CipherBytes all we care about is what gets done on the field

joe smith

Next Elway

Jordan Reed

Josh looks like he just bought his first Harley-Davidson.

daniel Isaacs

He is our QB for atleast the next 10 years I hope he has a career game vs the cheaters atleast we know they cant cheat vs us this week cuz the league and everyone is watching everything they are doing!

    Chris Young

    Thought that from day one. Josh Allen will win us a Superbowl.

    Jose R

    Yup thats why Bills son Brian was on the field in week4 against us trying to get that edge

    Blablabla Blabittybla

    daniel Isaacs , what are you talking about? MNF they neck tackled Hughes 3 times: not a single holding flag. They have the refs in the pocket & don’t care who is watching. We will get boned by the zebras on the field and in NYC. We will have to be better than all of them, basically playing 11 on 20.

    matthew moore

    10? I’m thinking 20!!

    Dwight Seymour

    Only problem the refs still can remember the hit on Allen never forget


he looks so much different already. This man evolving like a pokemon

Bills News Consolidated

Josh Allen was born for Buffalo. He is a better QB then the first time we played the Patriots. Plus he will have Singletary, Knox and Kroft

    Aurora Rain

    trust me I can tell the coach of the patriots wish he had him, Josh Allen is young, and has a lot of developing yet to do, and Tom Brady is getting old, Josh Allen will be the next future elite player in the quarterback position

    Gerald Scott

    @Aurora Rain When the reigns of the AFC are relinquished by the Patriots, a new era begins.


    Yep a fully armed offense this time plus a more mature QB than 95% of the NFL.

brad Criswell

Play fearless… after that msg from coach b4 the cowboys game they went out slinging.. repeat that fearlessness

    Matthew Vanderhider

    You tell em B Rad

Leng Lee

Just need to calm down a little, you try to hard…. Great talent…..Go Bills…..


    Also may add that we know he throws rockets but can our team and Beasley play like he did on Thanksgiving. We need our wrs to catch everything this game!

Aurora Rain

Josh Allen you better run the ball like Lamar Jackson in this game, And have the defense put so much pressure on Tom Brady, and motivate the guys, and play as a team, and you will beat the patriots, The Patriots are treating this game as a playoff game

    Norm L

    Absolutely! He needs to use his legs. Mobile QB’s are what beats this Pats D.


    Yes he needs to use hislega for some key 1st downs this game. But their a dirty team they might try taking him out again


    Hope he goes out there and has a career day!!!

Amos Milewski

My 5 year old walks by, stops and exclaims…OMG it’s Josh Allen! That’s my favorite Football player!

    Dane DiStasio

    Your kid has a bright future, clearly a genius

Elkeno Brown

Josh if you read these shitz am from the Bahamas big fan of the bills. Have a check down for the blitz they are coming to make you uncomfortable just calm down you got this

    Crucified XBlaze

    Elkeno Brown how’s the Bahamas

    Elkeno Brown

    @Crucified XBlaze things is good weather not to hot not to cold I cant complain it’s perfect


    All love fellow Billsmafian.. #Billsmafia


We got this I feel it in my bones

Randy Dakin

Great. Can’t hear the questions. How long will this continue?
Is there no intelligence in that room?

Randy Dakin

Do you like what you’re doing?

Kevin Wilson

Hopefully josh got them goosebumps out of his system from the first time we know they are gonna blitz him get the ball out quickly or just take off and run or throw the ball away this game is our for the taking as well as the division

California Dreaming

It looks like the Patriots are about a touchdown favorite. I thought during the first meeting the Bills would’ve won if the Patriots hadn’t have cheap-shotted Josh, even though Barkley played pretty well in the fourth. Well, paybacks are hell and I’m assuming that Josh will be up for this one. Naturally the Bills defense will have to play great — they always seem to — and the offense should have some sustained drives to keep the Patriots offense off the field. I think the Bills have a shot in this one. If the Bills win I think the Mafia will freak out. I’ll be watching this one hoping the Bills blow out the dreaded Patriots.


Still, even now, after all we have accomplished with a young and primarily new team, the experts are doubting us. They speak more highly about teams with worse records that we have beaten! Everyone knows they are wagon riders and they will never give us respect unless we take it. Screw the outside noise. Screw the doubters. It all comes down to these guys sticking together and putting it all on the line for every minute of the game. No superstar attitudes but instead superstar efforts. No talk but instead proof of work. Play smart. Play hard. Play united. There is no I in TEAM.

Mobile Bills

I love how he realizes why and where he went wrong in week 4. That’s the key to success

True That Boxing

That’s my Quarterback 😢

Greg Bowen

If Josh Allen was a commanding soldier, I’d follow his every word…. mature beyond his years…

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