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Mike Tirico Joins One Bills Live

NBC Sports broadcaster Mike Tirico joined One Bills Live on December 18, 2019 to discuss calling Bills-Patriots for NFL Network, the progression he’s seen from the Bills under Sean McDermott and his impression of the team's defense.

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The Way

I love Mike Trico. MNF went downhill since he’s left. He’s one of the best broadcasters out there and it’s a shame that he does barely any games anymore..

Amazing we get him this weekend..


    Agreed. Him with Gruden was the best duo in sports

    Enrico Pallazzo

    Ditto for both. One of the only guys that stays neutral, keeps it interesting and doesn’t irritate me.


Last Time in my opinion: Butkus and Sayers. 2 HOF first round same year. 64 maybe????


I really like Mike Tirico. He is so thoughful and his analysis and fair and on point.

Dave c

They already have the confidence…Mike

Dave c

Mike is a class act.Very polished.

Amber Marshall

This gets you excited for the future.

Dicky Diablo

Buffalo could have had Mahomes, Jackson and Watson yet we are stuck with Josh Allen lol sucks but oh well. Josh is a nice kid and all but I am not sold on him as a franchise guy for 10+ years. All 3 guys beat New England this year

    StrangeBotwin -

    Take it easy

    Bagel Blarney

    Well if ya don’t like it, don’t watch it!! 😁

    Dicky Diablo

    Bagel Blarney never said I didn’t like it. I’ve been a fan my whole life and former player. I’m just speaking the facts. All 3 of the guys I named beat New England and have played at MVP caliber levels since entering the league. Buffalo could have had any of the 3. Josh has not played to that level yet and we are only in the playoffs because of the defense. Josh had multiple games with fumbles and interceptions. 4 picks against the Jets, 3 against New England and a costly fumble against the Eagles. I can go on and on. He had good games against the Dolphins lol He did not do much of anything until the end of the game against the Ravens. If the Bills want any shot at post season success he has to be better. He has had 26 starts now and 0 games with 300 yards or more passing.

    Wyld Clothing Company

    @Dicky Diablo Josh is raw but he makes some unbelievable plays, love watching him play. He has all new receivers still building around him. This week is a big week for him if he can pull of this win.

Elliot Eisler

Turico is the man. He gets it! 🤘🏻 lets go Buffalo!!!!

Mike Jones

Murph is such a homer!!


How do they know next year’s sched already?


With all do respect the only thing more Boring than listening to John Murphy is John Murphy and Donald nice guy jones

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