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Kaden Kozina’s real dad

Julio Jones is insane


    One of the best to ever touch a football.


The Saints and the Colts
“Am I a joke to you?”

Ahmed Chaibi

Wheres wittens one handed touchdown

Jesus is beast 77


    Mystery Man

    Yes Sir!

    Caleb Dempster

    Thats what im sayin


Where’s Hollywood Brown’s touchdown catch


    Adam fr.


    Thursday game


    CousinMose31 It’s not titled as just Sunday so where tf is it

    Ø.G DeRrIcK

    Adam exactly

Johnny Tsunami

Pisses me off that we don’t throw it to Josh Gordon more, dudes still a threat to any defense.

    J Foster

    I’m pissed we got rid of him damnit Cleveland

    Christopher H. Meuse

    Pisses me off that we dont throw more…period

    The JokeRr

    We keep his talent for the playoffs

    4K SLIME TAY🗣🔫🐍🤧👑💯

    J Foster man what y’all got Odell and Jarvis ans David the tight end

The Original

Are we just ignore a one handed catch by a tight end? Jason witten btw

    Random Person

    Dallas goddert is a tight end.

johnny Gaming

So.. like.. where’s Jason witten’s one hand catch?!


    They just keep disrespecting us…

    Ø.G DeRrIcK

    ZekeHURDLER21 it’s yall fault for being a disappointment


    right?! blew these outta the water

    Caleb Dempster

    Thats what im sayin

    Caleb Dempster

    @GBE Smokes Go dirt made a good catch but did he score

Jaden Hanson

Every vikings defensive back shoulda been on this

pp man

Were was Jason wittens one handed catch

Tenno Tube2

Witten and Diggs one handed catch?

    Ben Kane

    Tenno Tube2 thank you go vikes SKOL

Anoop Pillai

So many missed….just like your refs blowing calls.

Jaime Garcia

As a Browns fan it’s nice seeing Josh Gordon doing well I’ll be rooting for the Seahawks in the NFC for him


I came here EXPECTING Jason wittens catch . but of course the NFL can never get anything right.

Jaguar Warrior

Can’t miss plays …..

Jason Witten TD! ???

Brad Johnson

Nobody going to talk about Diggs’s 1 handed catch along the sideline?

Nohemi Ramirez

When I was watching the falcons play and Julio Jones caught it and they were about to check and said it was a touchdown I was so freaking happy

ᴄᴏᴡʙᴏʏs ɴᴀᴛɪᴏɴ

Where’s Witten? Was so clean n for a touchdown

Esau Antonio Montes Campos

Where are Marquise Brown and Seth Roberts’s TD catches??!! 😠😠

Rae’Quan Morgan

Ummm…… so can we start getting *”Top Runs of The Week”* videos??

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