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Sam T

Bills vs. Pats next Saturday is gonna be exciting!


    As a Pats fan, I was cheering for the Steelers, but this is good for the AFC, the emergence of the Bills as a dangerous team. If the Pats didn’t have two TD’s taken from them, last game, this battle w the Bills on Saturday wouldn’t be so big, but, that’s the NFL.

    Jose Flores

    WorldIsFilledB people who call others losers are often projecting 🤷🏽‍♂️


    Bills remind me of chiefs before mahomes came along and improved the offense. Great defense but the offense could use some improvement. Your defense is good enough to beat the Pats but you have to score touchdowns a majority of the time when in the red zone against the Pats. Field goals ain’t gonna cut it.


    Vincent St-Amour I would love that to happen but the patriots haven’t lost to the dolphins in New England since 2008. But it’ll be nice if the bills win the division

    John Downs

    The Bills should sweep the locker room for listening devices and watch out for a portrait of Ralph Wilson on the wall with the eyes cut out.

Caramel Passion

There was a lot of “ducks” being thrown tonight

    Matt Furthmiller

    They cheated so many non calls

    Nickolas Nickell

    @Matt Furthmiller brah



The Good Lieutenant


    Deshawn P

    Yes sir! Let’s go Buffalo!!!

    Branded McGowan

    @Steve Mercury they went in 2017 first 10 wins since 1999

    Ryan Heisler

    @Intellectual One I know hah

    Latasha Davenport

    Yep we are were in


I lost count of how many turnovers there were in this game.


    @beneathdatrees0 Definitely the Chargers, cuz the Raiders are hanging on by a thread to playoff contention, and the Chargers don’t have to deal with the pressure of trying to make the postseason until next year. All they can do now even though they’re eliminated is try to beat the Raiders and Chiefs to disrupt the AFC playoff picture.

    Doktor Bundy

    me too, it was ridiculous. Ususally bad teams lose the ball so often, but here we have two winning teams.

    Matthew Murphy

    have you seen the bills(nathan peterman) vs the chargers? (5 interceptions in 6:00)


    beneathdatrees0 sorry to hear about your chargers. My vikings really needed that win though. Hopefully the chargers will get back in the playoffs next year.

    Latasha Davenport

    It was a lot of turnovers in that game


The bills clinched the playoffs, ending their double digit win season drought.

Hide your tables.


    Jeremy Thompson NFC is too stacked lol. Bills will go 1 and done.

    Soufflé Samuel

    @Jeremy Thompson We’ve established that I misread the comment.

    Rick Griffin

    @Los Trem Haven’t Won 10 Games in 20 yrs..

    Intellectual One

    @Oscar Adame Nope. That would be the fourth tiebreaker if they both have the same record against common opponents.

    It goes like this:
    1. Head to Head
    2. Record against division
    3. Record against common opponents
    4. Record against conference
    5. Strength of wins
    6. Strength of schedule
    7. Better combined points forced and points against ranking in conference
    8. Better combined points for and points against ranking in entire league
    9. Best net points in common games
    10. Best net points in all games
    11. Best net touchdowns in all games
    12. Coin toss


    Soufflé Samuel
    He said double digit win season meaning them winning 10 games

Ashish Sandhu

Me: All we need to do is not turn the ball over

Duck: 🙂

    Jburrow SMM

    @Perry Ellis go watch some tape on Rudolph and Duck. Rudolph is a statue in the pocket. He doesn’t extend plays like Duck. At least duck can throw it away instead of taking a 10 yard sack

    Perry Ellis

    @Jburrow SMM duck threw 4 int last night and he took sacks, he never scrambled.. Duck can’t handle pressure, Everytime he gets blitzed he doesn’t step up into the pocket, he runs to the outside right into the blitz. His arm strength is not good to throw all the passes.
    Defensive coordinator will attack his weakness, this is why he wasn’t drafted. He had a bad game last week vs Cardinals, it just happened that Kyler Murray had a worst game and the Steelers won.
    Duck is what he is a 4th backup.
    Stop over rating him.


    Ashish Sandhu hard to not turn the ball over when you are on your 3rd string qb haha

    Alexander Jones

    Duck played phenomenal ball

    Perry Ellis

    @Alexander Jones troll

bruce lau

Man what a heartbreaking L for the Steelers tho but much dang respect for the Buffalo Bills, absolutely their defense is just suffocating , I mean it’s no lie , they’ve been the surprise in the AFC all season

    Felix and MLG Films

    Logan issa Ravens fan from Ohio how about the niners

    Steve Allen

    @Jake Shattuck the refs have been helping the Patriots win games every year…what are you even talking about…Patriots are the most helped team in the NFL and still have to cheat…

    God Emperor Pepe

    Tom Brady himself has admitted that Buffalo is always putting them on their toes. This is going to be another reminder for them on Saturday.


    Jake Shattuck Yep, the Pats were blatantly shafted on their own field; the league hates B & B.

Ishermal Smalls

As a Steelers fan…Gotta give credit and congrats to the Bills for the win tonight and making the playoffs. #Respect

    Billsfan 2002

    And there goes your playoff hopes. The refs tried to help you but we still won

    Ishermal Smalls

    Bay Area sports fan 🤦🏾‍♂️ I’m a lifelong Steelers fan that lives in Charlotte that works around Spectrum Center (where Hornets play if you don’t know.)

    Ishermal Smalls

    Billsfan 2002 I actually agree with that because that facemask call against Edmunds was terrible! 🤷🏾‍♂️


    Ishermal Smalls Steelers fan here too we just aren’t built for it yet but we are getting there

    Ishermal Smalls

    FreeTayK It gives me hope for the future. I feel like having a winning record is good enough especially with what we have been experiencing with lack of weapons on offense. 2 weeks left and we still have the 6th seed. I’m just proud of how they fight despite being short-handed.

Sean McHale

Amount of turnovers this game

    Caleb The Cannon

    296 lol


    OVER 9 THOUSAND!!!!!!!!

    Van Morrison

    I lost count can you fill me in?

    Seth Gehrs

    Seems right


    @2j1n Party pooper

Brian Cannon

Bills: “Here’s a chance to tie the game.”
Steelers: “Thanks, but we really can’t impose.”
Bills: “No really, I insist.”
Steelers: “No, we really wouldn’t feel right about it.”

    dam gOOd

    Second best game on Sunday

    Carlos Conrad

    the old chip n’ dale routine

    Joseph Diminuco

    Just STFU bills won

    Jacob Roark

    Brian Cannon gold


    I assume a lot of Canadian Football League goes that way too.

Bosanac Pravi

Buffalo is serious this year 💪

    Ian Jones

    @Kingsavagebruh not the same team as last year lol. Y’all mad stupid


    @Ian Jones yeah it is same guy who fumbled it he can only look good vs bad teams then he sucks vs good teams 😂

    John Downs

    @Tropic Mix What happens if Jackson gets hurt? As much as he runs it could easily happen. Look at what the Pats did to Josh Allen: they said screw the 15 yards, we’re goin’ headhunting.

N. S. A.

All I heard all game was “the ball is out!”

    Walter Paddick

    Yeah. Steelers defense create lots of turnovers but our offense have a fumble problem every game.

    Jeremy Thompson

    @Kev Johnstone lol


    In CogNito not if the titans lose to the saints

    Chesscom Support

    Yeah, these players need to stop exposing themselves


    Chris Collinsworthless with his typical “Look out!!” 12 times a game.


Buffalo “We’ll take it” Bills


    Whatever it takes


    Near enough was good enough!

Gipsy Eureka

“Hey man I don’t really want the ball here you go”
“Nah man you keep it”
“No I insist that you have it”
“I’ve had my fill you take it”…..

    Phil Dee


    Kev Johnstone

    @Gipsy Eureka there’s always a clown ..funny comment

    Sean Austin

    @Kev Johnstone
    Theres always a weird white mom that takes it too seriously

    Kev Johnstone

    @Sean Austin can’t stand these people ..always got to throw there 10 cents in


    Sean Austin can you just chill? She just said it was a funny comment lol

Wizards in the Mist

Buffalo has played ever team tough this year, they have a legitimate shot in the AFC as a a dark horse with that defense and rush attack. Although it’ll help if they can somehow get the AFC east.


    @Jerico Thompson “Too stiff and too slow”? And yet… he has MORE RUSHING TDs than Lamar does – gee, how does THAT work, I wonder? Maybe – just maybe – it’s because “JT” doesn’t know his rear from a hole in the ground! Yeah, I’m gonna go with that choice!


    @Jamal Jenkins Very well. *This Court accepts your petition, and issues an order that Chris shut his piehole regarding all things concerning the NFL football club Baltimore Ravens, unless and until he learns something about the game of NFL football that would make him a productive member of this community; and of the planet at large.* The Court will grant review of this case, contingent on Chris going to NFL counseling, and completing the mandatory treatment program of having to watch Nathan Peterman videos for 6 months; at which time the Court will entertain defense counsel’s application for review and reinstatement.
    *SO ORDERED on this day, in the Year of Our Lord 2019, in the Court of St. Trump of the USA. God save the President!*


    In CogNito the most satisfying thing that could happen is bills beat the patriots in New England. Patriots become the 3 seed then the bills face the patriots again in the playoffs in the wildcard round and bills beat the patriots in New England again. If that happen every ravens, chiefs, and all nfl fans would love to see that 😂


    @lifeform106 It WOULD be good to beat the Pats in their house, but that would be more because they’re just THE NEXT GAME – and this Bills teams is built on the mentality and focus of just dealing with *the next game,* whoever that may be. We DO have unfinished business with New England – but, whether we beat them or not, then the focus WILL move to Miami for the end of the season. THAT’S the mentality here. We’re not looking to help or hurt anyone else; however things shake out – whether we face the Ravens again, or the Chiefs, or the Texans, it all just becomes *the next game, the next opponent;* that’s it. We don’t want to have to depend on anybody else; we’re all about taking care of our own business, and getting as far as we can possibly get this year!

    zoop pooz

    If the Bills beat the Pats, the Bills get the tie breaker

Steve Makoski Jr

I don’t care what the haters say, Josh Allen is a good quarterback!

    John Downs

    Allen tends to lock on one receiver, 90% of his passes go to Brown and Beasley, and when they’re covered he goes into deer-in-the-headlights mode, which is why he holds the ball so long. He needs to spread the ball around and get TE Dawson Knox and the rbs more involved in the passing game.

    BloodyLegend 716

    @Chris Macola This made me laugh. Its the sheer lack of football knowledge you have

That dude Joe

Bills defense:”it’s duck hunting season boys!”
Hodges:”ah sheeet…here we go again…”

    Patrick O'Connor

    Historically, I can’t think of a better defense that the Bills have ever had. This is 3 layers thick of solid talent.


    @Patrick O’Connor Right now, the Bills and the Patriots have the two best defenses in the league. Buffalo has faster linebackers who cover skill players better than the Patriot linebackers do. New England has a slightly more talented, physical secondary; although Buffalo’s is still premier. The Patriots blitz more, and better, than the Bills do (most of that is because of the schemes the two teams run). Buffalo hides their coverages and assignments better, *pre-snap,* than New England does. One team does some things slightly better; the other does different things slightly better. When you step back and look at both teams, there really isn’t much of a space between the two defenses; both can pretty much shut down anyone they face. That’s just my opinion of the two teams.

    8balln8 killingu65

    And the unnoticed and underappreciated Green bay Packers quietly took over the NFC

    Joe Mendez

    @8balln8 killingu65 packers still arent gonna advance in rhe playoffs this year. They aren’t consistent enough.

    isaih Marcel

    I mean our defense did alright. But duck wasn’t ready to face real defensive talent. He’s too brand new in the game. He needs more time

Da-Da Presley

That defense so legit for the bills

    Patrick O'Connor

    This is the best we’ve EVER had !!!

    Deshawn P

    @Patrick O’Connor no are 1999 defense was pretty damn good also. Ranked number 1 in tha league that year. If we beat Tennessee that year we definitely make it to tha super bowl but that music City miracle thing happened…smh…

    john foreman

    Patrick O’Connor no no no the Steelers offense is just bad

    Strive 4 Da best

    Bills defense ranked in top 5 they just made Steelers offense look bad.

    Jeremy Thompson

    @john foreman are you high? The Bills defense is ranked 2nd or 3rd overall in the league

Nash Rarig

Buffalo’s first 10+ win season in 20 years

    Gage Cornelius

    @Chris Macola Your mom is pretty pathetic

    Van Morrison

    @Reviews4Gamers1 the bills play so good tonight they would of make Rick James proud of them he’s from up-state N.Y.


    Get the TABLES!!!!!

    Mike Szymanski

    @Chris Macola U MAD, HUH?

    BloodyLegend 716

    @Chris Macola someones mad there wittle Steelers won huh? Sorry your team sucks. Not my problem


Apparently the Bills had time to dress up Nathan Peterman as Devlin Hodges.


    LMAO. I see what you did there

    allan harvey

    Replacing heat motor mini Cooper

    Jeremy Thompson

    Nah Hodges is definitely better than Nathan Peterman

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