Bills Defense Melts The Steelers w/ 4 INTs & 4 Sacks | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Robert Ottey

The Kollmann Curse is real!!!


    Bet on the Brett

    Josiah O'Connor

    so true

    Vita Sankz

    he cursed allen too

    Anuj Singh

    He tried neutralizing it too bad my guy is immune ;D

    Brandon Ohara

    What’s that?

Julian Rodriguez

Congrats to Bills !! A dominant defense coupled with a decent running game can take you far !!! Josh Allen just needs to be more consistent !!

    Brian Mucha

    One more truly great wide out and i guarantee you next year Allen and the Bills will destroy EVERYONE. Beane had great drafts each year so far, not one bust he drafted and Mc Dermott should be in convo for best coach of the year for certain. Next year we go ALL THE WAY!

    - Pancakes

    @Brian Mucha I thought Allen played a fine game, just his recievers have a problem with drops.

    The Way

    Julian Rodriguez agreed, the bills need to get Allen a true #1 WR next season

Sang Nguyen

Good job buffalo bills coming from a Ravens Fan

    Khenny G

    @Montana What comparison did I make??? Next time read slowly and thoroughly, u can avoid making yourself look dumb

    hector alvarez 77

    Montana he said they both deserve their respect…. ur like a schizophrenic tweaker

    Brandon Ohara

    @Khenny G real talk

    Brian Fike

    @Montana Triggered lol. How dare he!!

    matthew moore

    @Montana chill out home boy


Thanks for the 19 points Bills. Much appreciated 🙂

Clap ya hands everybody

Bills D might have just sealed my spot in the championship for fantasy ❤️❤️❤️❤️


    Clap ya hands everybody you mean duck duck goose may have just sealed it?

    Clap ya hands everybody

    Gr33d.7DS that aswell lmao that’s why I started them didn’t trust the stupid duck at all

    The Way

    Same! Let’s gooooooo

Tom Cauley

Everyone who’s saying the Steelers beat themselves, give credit where it’s due!! #BillsMafia

    heck cee

    We beat the Steelers they didn’t beat themselves

    Joseph Blasioli

    yeah that hideous qb who wants to be called “duck” was just sooooo good and the steelers ruined it….lol

    Thomas Charles Malak

    Isaac The Great I mean That’s what we expected coming into the game, 2 great defences. It was bound to be a field advantage game and 17/27 points scored all game were thanks to field advantage, at the end of the day it was who had the best defence and the bills were the answer


    agreed.  The Bills forced the Squealas to play the lousy offensive game they played.  Truth be told…both sides had a problem holding on to the ball, but the Bills made the best of their turnovers. Both sides had pretty stout defenses. That why I knew that whomever scored a TD after that 10 – 10 score, would probably win.  i didn’t want any OT.

Hugh Jass

Bills are scary this year, please knock the pats into the wildcard

-Broncos fan(or anyone that’s not a pats fan)

    585 PhArmy

    Only way that happens is if they lose to us and Miami which I dont think will happen but ive seen crazier things

    BrewTha Woo

    Noe Rios then ur not a true fan cause when we played them early in the year we complety shut down Tom Brady also josh Allen was making silly mistakes and he got injured final score was 16-10 we literally lost cause we was playing Matt Barkley


    585 PhArmy if they loose to bills on Saturday they’ll become the 3 seed since chiefs have the head to head tie breaker. But it will be a miracle and if they want to win the division the Dolphins would have to beat them too

tony jaimes

A Blue Collard Defense for a Blue Collard City

    Brian Mucha

    Except…this town ain’t just a blue COLLAR town no more son! Steel mills are shut down and such and this town has a lot going for it in medical, high tech, the Arts, culture, food. You name it. Oh, yeah…And a GREAT football team that is on the way UP!

    Joseph Blasioli

    they even have blue collars on their jerseys

Vegano Smitty

Where are the Steeler fanboys now? Lol

    Argi Hispanic American

    @Isaac A BS. I saw so many Steeler fans talking about how the Bills haven’t won in 20 years… how the color rush this and that. 😂😂

    Isaac A

    Argi Hispanic American what? Never heard that, mostly all the cocky fans, but the real fans stay true and appreciate this season, because it could have gone downhill fast

    Argi Hispanic American

    @Isaac A Fair enough. GG

    isaih Marcel

    You lose some and win some. We still have a chance. I mean I still thinks it’s gonna be ravens vs niners in super bowl

Robert Spaulding

Lol the way he rolled on his head out of frustration lmao looking like jakjak

Justin Credible

Thanks Bills defence, I won in fantasy thanks to you! Thanks for the 21 points! 💪🏻😁

Hypr Jay

Can we please appreciate that casual front flip roll at 4:43 by the receiver.

Osaji Obi

Bills made the duck quack.

joe smith

Edmunds is a monster

    Brian Mucha

    And he just getting good, think of that!


    Which one? Mlb for the bills? If so he’s bin a monster for 2 years already.

    RIFKIN 666

    Finally he get his just due

    RIFKIN 666

    @xPositivityx right since day 1 he been a good MLB

    The Way

    joe smith kid is gonna be a star

Peter Ineleo

This person in my league was losing their playoff by around 18 points and they only had the Bills Defense left to get some points from…they ended up winning their playoff by half a point lol and no I was neither the winner or loser

    The Way

    Peter Ineleo that’s an epic fantasy win

    Brandon Ohara

    Ya I have Buffalo’s defense and they gave me 19 fantasy points. But too bad for me im in the consolation bracket this season so it doesn’t really matter hahaha 😔

Martez Brown

Tre’davious white is a beast 💪

    Alfred Jones

    Best db

    Space Ghost Skaduwee's Perspective

    LSU product right there!!!

    jack pit

    Stephon Gillmore a beast lol bills fans

    Alfred Jones

    @jack pit lk

    Brandon Ohara

    @jack pit debatable but damn do I wish they kept him in Buffalo lol
    Can you imagined Gillmore and White on the same team? Ohhh boy

thomas falzone

That is the Bill’s Defense I live for. You all stepped up in a hard game and balled the f*** out. Let’s go Playoff time

Anthony Holliday

Sounds like a Bills home game

x_EpicGabriel_x Andrade

This is the best I’ve ever seen the bills defense stick up for themselves.
since 2017.

x_EpicGabriel_x Andrade

This is the best I’ve ever seen the bills defense stick up for themselves.
since 2017.

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