Around the NFL Sunday Week 15 Reaction Show – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Lasagna Cat

Why does the replay ALWAYS have the beginning cut off?

    Wild James D

    Yeah if you want the whole show you have to download the podcast 🤷🏼‍♂️

    Lasagna Cat

    @Wild James D I always listen to the point that wasn’t cut off, and then just watch the video version from there


its because oakland is a city of blue collar hard working fans, thats why even when our team was a joke we would never give up hope, no fans like the nation

    Yo Yo

    I notice the same thing with Detroit and Cleveland, all of them have faithful fans no matter how hard it’s been for them


    Difference is those 2 franchises have been mediocre since the 70s, raiders had the best winning percentage in league history until the 2003 season, 3 Superbowl wins, 5 appearances. So we haven’t had it the worst overall lol

    Ozamataz Buckshank

    Raiders, browns, lions and bills fans are the most hardcore. I live in the Seattle area and they’re pretty passionate as well


    And stabbers! Don’t paint that crowd like it’s all good!

    Dylan Piazza



Any Detroit fans still here?

    nate k

    Angry Lions Fan here 😡


    Unfortunately 😥


Awkward at 55

Patrick O'Connor

Good Show, I like the wealth of knowledge. Bills Fan here, we rarely show up for the playoffs but we are here in 2019-2020 !!!


    I’m a Pats fan and I think it’s great! I’ve always preferred it when our division mates are good. You guys have earned it this year and you don’t have to wait for another team to get you in. See you next week. An awesome game!

Slim is chillin

Where’s the time stamp guy?

Random Reece

This show reminds me of the old football local tv shows in the 90’s 😑


dis show rawks

Gregory Hammond

STOP the run and they’ll win!

Tyler Carter

I have been a fan for 3 years. This is the first time this popped up on YouTube.


    Same 😂


Isn’t that Jeremy Bergman the worm eating kid from Kicking & Screaming?! Love that movie

Griff __14988941

How do the 49ers ALMOST completely ruin their “tough stretch” against the Packers Ravens Saints where they go 2-1 & look like heavy Superbowl faves?

Lose at home to the 4-9 Falcons & now concerns about a sketchy & injury depleted secondary.

Yup. These are the kinda games you love to see your team lose 2 weeks from the playoffs…


Oof, no time stamps..?

Also, Bergman was great.

Dylan Piazza

at least once a week theres a huge production error, never ceases to amaze me how they havent hired someone competent. show is always fantastic otherwise

Chikin nugets

Broncos@cheifs is at 50:30

Sahar Aruk Bissong

time stamps for y’all
2:52 texans vs titans
8:51 rams vs cowboys
16:21 eagles vs redskins
22:13 patriots vs bengals
31:06 falcons vs 49ers
39:03 bears vs packers
45:15 vikings vs chargers
50:29 broncos vs chiefs
56:26 browns vs cardinals
1:04:13 seahawks vs panthers
1:09:06 bucs vs lions
1:14:56 giants vs dolphins
1:18:37 jags vs raiders
1:29:03 2 minute drill
1:31:46 bills vs steelers

    Chet B.


James McCaul

Loved the behind the scenes footage when they didn’t know the camera was still on them. More of that please.

James McCaul

Good job Dan didn’t read out Nick’s phone number out loud.


lol pats video tapping to beat Bengals is like a wrestler taking PED to beat a quadriplegic. its more comedy than crime!

Rebby Sang

chiefs destroyed the broncos 10th time getting double digit wins

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