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Hector Rodriguez

We need to score more points

    Mark ODay

    Decent team with room for growth and bringing in anyone at this point ? This aint Madden

    Dylan Anderson

    We actually do not need to correct more points, 21 was enough to win.

    David Rodriguez

    We just need to keep winning


    are you guys forgetting that the bears are the #4 defense? i’m glad we scored 21

Jim Bucket

Each week he shoved two more big pinches in his dip.

    Jim Bucket


Jose Guzman

Helluvaa win don’t care what the critics say!!👍👍11-3

    Ana R.

    True a win is a win. But packers need to be more aggressive bcuz we will have to score more if we face 49ers again.

    Ask About Socialism/ Ask About Inequality

    to be fair they are way more aggressive on 4th than years past

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    @Ana R. actually I think that if our D improve against the run and Klay action pass we should be able to cause 49ers O trouble

Greg B

Did the Packers ever get a 1st down in the 4 th quarter?

    kokokokokoko quinto

    Greg B that’s packer football baby !

Michelle Ezeugo


Mike Rupp

Its a win only

Joseph Marsala

The game was close because you stopped coaching after half way through the 3rd quarter. .Great teams don’t sit on the ball …

    Jay Heidemann

    Joseph Marsala
    I agree. For whatever reason, when they have had chances to put games away, they don’t do it. I kept thinking to myself as I watched the 3rd and 4 or 5 at around the 2 minute mark and the 3rd down at about the 13 minute mark. I was thinking….if that’s Sean Payton with Brees, they throw a quick safe pass to move the chains and keep the drive going to eat clock and possibly get points at the 13 minute mark and to run out the clock certainly at the 2 minute mark. But everybody in the stadium knew they were going to run 3 straight times. 11-3 is great and so is the win. One can never apologize for winning. But, that said, if that continues to be the approach in the playoffs, those aren’t going to be teams at or under .500. The Vikings did to the Chargers what the Chargers did to the Packers….out there! Last I saw, it was 39-10!! I watch the Seahawks, Saints and Niners and they play 60 minutes of aggressive football on both sides of the ball. They don’t let up on bad teams and let them hang around. They put them away. Lafleur is going to learn the hard way if he keeps up that “foot off the gas” approach. There was a 10 minute TOP difference today….against the Bears!!

    Nick Garofalo

    Jay Heidemann niners and saints lost to the falcons, anything can happen bro. I do agree though that we have to finish out games better and step on the other teams throat when we have the chance.

    Jay Heidemann

    Nick Garofalo
    Indeed Nick, anything can happen. Your point is well taken about the Falcons beating the Niners and the Saints. That said however, most all the rest of their wins are of fairly convincing fashion. They go for the throat as you suggested.

Bob Mohr

For Christ sakes give the guy a break we’re 11-3 who cares how we got there. We are the number 2 seed. Enjoy it fools!!!!

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    Bob Mohr hopefully (but very unlikely) the saints loses tonight vs colts.
    Go Pack Go!!!!


    Break….???? They got some from the refs or they lose…got a break vs KC Caro MN Det Chi by facing them early..refs gave them the Set game..they have been getting breaks all year…worst 11-3 team I’ve ever seen…1 & done in the playoffs..

    kokokokokoko quinto

    1perfectstrangerr I don’t agree with your analysis.the only game we we’re given was the Detroit game but I do agree we are probably gonna be 1 and done, I hope we fall assbackwards into the 1st or 2nd seat tho

Steven Benedict

Need to play to win when we are up vs playing to not lose. Keep the throttle down and do what you did to get ahead.

    El-Jay Em

    They need to keep developing multiple ways to win so they become more dominant against a wider variety of teams!?

Odd Creations


    benny robinson

    it’s just positive karma and lucky bounces they haven’t gotten the past several years

David Rodriguez

Idc if we win every game by 1 just keep winning baby

Gary Posthuma

Got to stand on the throttle

Kyle Schmidt

I am wondering if the Bears are who they thought they were?

Jon Marsh

whatever it takes, however it gets done….get the W. thats all that matters

Aaron Osborne

Packers are gonna be a story come January playoff Aaron Rodgers is a little different 😏

    AlmightyyPack 1

    Aaron Osborne hopefully 🤞


Does he chew tobacco?sure looks like it to me

777d7777 777d7777

Go Pack Go!!!!


21-3 and they cant hold it…??? He should be fired…!!!! His ANEMIC..hand off to Jones up the middle and throw a 40 yd incomplete pass to Adams and punt…offense is a JOKE….they will be 1 & done in the playoffs…they did every thing they could to give the game away…and thats coaching….


    this is the stupidest thing I will read all week

Urban Self Sufficiency

So many couch coaches in this chat. What’s your coaching record?

    Edward Cranium

    I’m undefeated this year!

Jacob Miller

Does he have a bunch of chew in his mouth?

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