Aaron Rodgers recaps Sunday’s win over the Chicago Bears & details playoff chances – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Aaron Rodgers is a beast

Jon 66

I don’t care what the rest of the NFL or commentators say. This team has a lot of talent and can win a lot of different ways. Defense can get turnovers hold teams in the red zone the offense has a run game and Aaron Rogers. They’re 11-3 for a reason.

    Jubei Yang

    @juan9500 That’s what you think and it’s not reality. That’s why they play the game!!!!


    @069 squidward I mean in the detriot game, it was annoying seeing the refs make terrible calls, but that was the only time the refs have determined the outcome of a packers game, yeah they made some calls in Green bay’s favor in other games too, but everyone ignores the calls that go in the opposing team’s favor because that’s the narrative now with the Green Bay Packers.


    @juan9500 Bruh they beat the chiefs this year IN arrowhead, I don’t know why everyone glosses over that.


    @JimBobWay They beat the Chiefs WITHOUT PATRICK MAHOMES BRO!! If packers play the Chiefs with Mahomes, packers don’t have a chance


    @juan9500 So what’s your excuse for the vikings then? Or the colts and texans? The cheifs lost at home with mahomes to the colts and texans! Matt Moore is a beastly back up and He played amazing vs all 3 teams he played against,Broncos, Packers, and Vikings.

Kiasia Johnson


Football Addict

Rodgers a QB who has toyed with the bears since 2009 GG pack respect from a bears fan

    River W


    Mark ODay

    Talked to my Bears fan buddy as the game unfolded see we can be civil to eachother😀

    Ian M

    Yeah, aaron Rodgers owns us smh


    I respect that, also it seems like us packers and bears fans have been pretty chill towards eachother.

Joshua Peterson

Aaron sounds like I feel as a Packer fan.


Did he just yeet dear lord

    aaron berhane

    Colaws the cringe 😂

    Yoshibro 456

    Time stamp plz


    Yoshibro 456 2:36

    Yoshibro 456

    @mp517q Thank you

Phillip H.

we should sign janorice jenkins to complete our secondary if hes still available

    Ana R.

    @aaron berhane agreed 100% kings gotta go.

    Tad Somato

    He’s a talent, but I dunno

    Only 2x

    aaron berhane why would we cut Kevin king 🤦🏾‍♂️

    The real Mclovin

    Only 2x he gets beat consistently the main reason we can get off the field on 3rd downs

    Joshua Gilbert

    Only 2x ikr It doesn’t make sense

Trenton Blackwelder

“Yeet” – Aaron Rodgers 2019

    tammy steves

    Shout out to the Realists !

TheRealJovan 9lyfe

Think they’re saving their best stuff for the playoffs

    Trevon Suggs

    TheRealJovan 9lyfe hopefully

    Robert Bish

    Long as we get the bye week-

    Jeff Irish

    @Robert Bish no. We don’t want a bye week. We want the engine running

Ask About Socialism/ Ask About Inequality

Whoever that first guy who asked a question has asked BS bait questions all season long and frankly I am sure the entire team is sick of them

    Alvino Lopez

    Virginia Salvatierra that’s not Aaron Nagler


    Definitely not nagler.


    JaE MossBerG yeah, I couldn’t tell what he said either

    Colonel Kitty

    @JaE MossBerG “How does 11 wins feel or does performance kind of (overshadow) that?”

Bryxn Sxpreme

no one :
absolutely no one:

Amahd Cole

Best qb of all time

Hector Rodriguez

What Aaron Rodgers said three months ago in September we need to score more points


    Hector Rodriguez Yo Hector R E L A X. 😂

Charles Moy

My guy Aaron Rodgers just say yeet

    josh r

    When does he say yeet?

AnthonyTheMVP & AMV

I loved it when he said “yeet” 😂

Packersfan 12

I like this year team we can win so much different ways unlike in the past when Rodgers had to play perfect to even have a chance to win.


    Packersfan 12 Facts, but I’d like more points. 🏈 Rodgers is the man

Daniel Miller

His football IQ is off the charts


Go Pack Go. We’re closing out 2019 strong and starting 2020 stronger.

Daniel Cha

7-1 at home. if the winner of NFC west loses in divisional round the playoffs can go through lambeau, and i like those odds

Chi Raq

Every week and even with every W I feel like Aaron is getting a bigger chip on his shoulder and really wants to prove to the world that this team is legit. Not all of us but some of us have definitely been a little skeptical but hearing him be hundred percent honest on everything and isnt ducking no questions it just gives me confidence

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