Josh Allen Highlights vs. Steelers | NFL 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Josh Allen Highlights vs. Steelers | NFL 2019

Josh Allen completed the night with 139 passing yards and 1 touchdown. The Buffalo Bills take on the Pittsburgh Steelers during Week 15 of the 2019 NFL season.

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I love my quarterback

    Stephen Marks

    You should, with those Dan Marino like games he putting up LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOOLOLOL


    @Stephen Marks LOLOLOLOL because you can’t be a fan of someone who’s not amazing.


Go bills

Kazi420 SB52


Kenneth Teng

He will be very good in a few years

    PV Pike Mence

    He already is imo

    Phin Attack

    He has improved on everything. His decision making is much improved. Doesn’t risk throwing to covered receivers until he has to, those 2 deep shots to Smoke in the 4th. I’m not worried about his accuracy anymore or that interception. He just needs to work on making quicker decisions like getting rid of the ball, when to leave the pocket and when to tuck it and run. Other than that, I don’t care what anyone says, I want him as our future QB

    Go Bills!!

    God Emperor Pepe

    He needs to work on his precision and placement. Can’t be putting massive intensity on short passes. That’s how the ball flys in the air. Once he address his weaknesses, he’ll be a mega threat.


    He also needs to really really learn how to hold onto the ball with 2 hands. His fumbling is a issue. Besides that he is the future for the bills!


    @Phin Attack the one thing you need is a #1 wr on offense


Bunch of drops from the Bills WRS

Sports 311

He had a solid game tonight. And he’s only gonna get better in the next few years

    Jo Br

    I like more when he decided to run without doubting, he used to get 15+ yards per carry… now maybe he tries to make the pass every time, even when its a short one, and when he finally decides to run is kind of reluctant to go faster… I’d ask him to recover his old self (about his rushing determination). Anyway he’s still improving in many other ways and very fun to watch!

    ray ray mccloud II

    @Jo Br bro i agree like when cam heyward got him he like hesitated last year he would just make up his mind and run but this year i like him more

Sam Co

To be fair both Buffalo and Pittsburgh have top 5 defenses so it really came down to not making mistakes and keeping your team in the game, Josh did that better and as such won the game

SteelersGoingFor 7

Mason “Daddy Tomlin, Duck killed us too!! Can I throw again?”

    American Sports Fan

    Mason Rudolphs lips are bigger than my dog

Webster Kollie

Devin Hodges was just flexin his inner Jameis Winston

    Josiah O'Connor

    such a underrated comment


    It’s more Jay Cutler

    The InvictusSamaritan

    Webster Kollie at least Winston can throw almost 500 yards and 4 more touchdowns lol

    CoolCat 33


Yo Yo

Now hopefully they take the division away from those cheaters

    Terran Henry

    Yo Yo last time he played them he looked like Nathan Peterman haha


    They need Miami to beat them on the road for the first time in forever. So yeah they’re screwed there. The Browns game was too costly.

    The InvictusSamaritan

    Terran Henry that was the first game Tom Brady looked like Nathan Peterman too though lol.

    Terran Henry

    The InvictusSamaritan did brady throw 4 picks? No

Joey Jamison

Is it just me or are there others who derive some sort of sick, twisted satisfaction at watching the Pittsburgh Steelers lose like that???

    Denny Kern

    No, it’s not just you, there are a large number of us who enjoy watching the Steelers (and even more so their fans reaction to) lose to a team they had completely misjudged. Not as much fun as watching the Cleveland Steamers getting treated like a prison newbie in the shower, but fun none the less.

    Harry Mills

    @Denny Kern : Buffalo’s had some good teams and some bad luck for a long time, dating back to the SB Parcells stole from Levy. They’ve fielded some dominant defensive units that just weren’t quite deep enough a number of times in the last 10 years. My Chiefs stole a couple wins from them, despite getting bullied. As a Chiefs fan, I was hoping Josh Allen was going to come out a year early, so we could steal him on Day 2 of the draft. Then KC traded with BUFFALO for Patrick Mahomes! LOL!

    Then Buffalo got Josh Allen, and it was like the scales were balanced. NFL arm and good mobility for such a big man.

Phin Attack

Playoff bound baybeh baybehhhhhh!!!!!

Comedian Moe Brown

Bills mafia

Buffalo Bills Fan India

My Qb 💙

Hardwork1994 !

Not a great game but did what he had to agianst an elite defense on the road with the playoffs on the line on primetime
Say what you want haters but he’s only getting better and he’s been better than the “golden boys” Darnold assfield and Rosen


I swear bills WRs hands are made of stones. Wasn’t as bad as last week. But geez

    bravo 12n

    If the dropped passes were caught, Allen would have had 250yds and 2tds easily

ray ray mccloud II

gotta get bigger receivers man no one is over 6 foot i think he would benefit

Hobo Kin

It might not have been pretty, but Allen managed to beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh– a place where the Bills haven’t won since 1993 and only ONCE in the past 45 years! The Bills coaching staff has limited Allen to shorter passes to build up his game experience and confidence and in turn they have been blessed to have them lead the team to the playoffs. If Allen can solve his downfield accuracy issues he will be a very dangerous player for years to come.

Gavinator 15

The guys gonna throw for 20+ tds and 3,000 yards and run for 500+ yds 10+ rushing tds with a winning season, I’d say that’s a pretty good second year for Allen

Michael Grant

I want to see josh Allen highlights after he beat the New England patriots on Saturday

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