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How ironic though, we finally have a good defence and it’s for nothing

    Lazer Rocket



    @Arturo Ramirez speaking facts with all that you mentioned Good Organization no loosing season in years this Jessica has no clue what she’s talking about

    John S

    Hardly for nothing. They’re still in serious contention for a playoff spot, in spite of the loss. I find it cool how good the defense is. They are definitely more than entertaining to watch. Nobody got taken out of the game for injuries that I know of. Still in business.

    Luke Faulkner

    @John S I agree

    Marc Derogatis

    yep so true

Infinite Strength

We got to build our offense

    Marco Antonio Flores

    Infinite, probably, but, if Pittsburgh has twoo or three good receivers, twoo good running back, why not have more results?, why don’t get more touchdowns?, i think that offensive coach is not as good as the personel in the field.

John Bruce

Proud of the way this team has fought. Mason and Duck did the best they could with what they had to work with. All those fans wishing Ben would retire probably hope he can play five more years now. Looking forward to this year being over. Too bad, defense has been the best it’s been in a decade.

Clem Amesquita

CLONE ben 🧔🧔🧔🧔

Marathon Mogul_

I miss Ben



    Malik ElcoSS454


    Malik ElcoSS454

    Marathon Mogul; I believe missing Rudolph, Bell & JuJu Smith which were Steelers most deadly offense weapons

    Short Horror

    Malik ElcoSS454 And Brown

Austin Novak

Let’s hope to win at Jets and hope that Titans will fall to the saints next week to clinch the playoffs

    Brandon Vore

    We have to win twice

    Austin Novak

    Or Tennessee lose twice

Clem Amesquita

Throw in coach Mike Tomlin to play receiver next week

    FourOne Two

    Or QB 😥

    ninja rocket



let’s talk about how shitty pounceys snaps have been this season. idk if it’s because he’s used to snapping to Ben or what, but it has been off. it obviously is not a significant factor in a loss but it can play a part in one to some degree. like the wildcat fumble.

    Steelers Nation

    Yess ASAP

    OSCAR m.p

    Duck 🦆 🔫 is trash 🗑 period

    Amario Wade

    OSCAR m.p exactly let’s address the elephant in the room 🤷🏾‍♂️ Mason should be the starter


    @Amario Wade haha that is definitely not the elephant in the room

    Kamen Brown

    @H-sGrace SavedMe nah i think keep barron at LB, It brings speed and coverage advantage on TEs & RBS out the backfield, what we need to do is release one of our safeties & sign a talented Free Agent such as D.J. Swearinger or Eric Berry

Clark Kent

Gotta love Mike Tomlin

Tim !

Third string QB… Run the Ball 70% with some safe pass plays created for his style play…. NO WILD CAT…

    Greg Lockard

    Lol I’m not talking about you in particular, but just us Steelers fans in general. We don’t know what we want. One game, Randy decides to play the pass game nice and easy, and everyone was like “Fire Randy, he doesn’t let the qb go down the field and be aggressive” And what happened yesterday? Randy lets his qb be aggressive and now people are like “Duck isn’t ready Randy. Why did you call such difficult and aggressive plays for him” We are never satisfied

    Vinny Oddo

    The run game is not good enough to do that

    kaseem abdullah

    @Greg Lockard Our execution and attention to detail is at a very low state. We got away with it for a time because we had AB and Bell. It starts with the snap. I dont get it. Pouncey is killing us. Then our inability to stop the pass rush should more sloppy play.

    Clark Kent

    Quack, quack.
    Yens suck!

    Kamen Brown

    @Greg Lockard I get what you’re saying but its more about adjustments with our fans, we want Randy to realize.. Ok pass not effective we’re going to run this game… or Ok run not effective, we’re going to pass… Randy doesn’t have the in-game adjustment skills to run offense, he will just keep forcing something that obviously isn’t working.

The Guru

Run the ball more. Commit to the run, no more tricks

Dmeads 56

Good thing everyone behind the Steelers in the playoff hunt also lost (Colts play Saints tomorrow) so I’m not as upset as I normally would’ve been, but we must beat the Jets and hope the Titans lose out.

    Virgin Pussy Slayer

    Dmeads 56 or win the next two and regardless who wins out we’ll still win the tie breaker and be in

    Ezequiel Preza

    Titians are going against the saints next week

FourOne Two

Offense is so bad it’s painful. They don’t need to be good or even average with this D. They just need to not be a disaster.

    Marco Antonio Flores

    Yeah, it’s true, Randy Fichtnner, is limited, as offensive coach, i think that Pittsburgh may play better in offensive with other offenssive coach, and if Tomlin selected at this, Tomlin should be changed as head coach.


    Marco Antonio Flores huge overreaction. It’s funny how much people overreact after a loss. Do you not see what Tomlin has done is every over aspect of the game and season? Come on now.

    Marco Antonio Flores

    @BigmomaJLG, this is that i had been thinking before, includding on twoo or three games invictory, not now, or, who select offensdive coach?, isn’t bad, but could be better.


    @Marco Antonio Flores tomlin should be coach of the year. Hes gotten us almost to the playoffs on injured personnel young guys, and 3rd string offensive players. If anyone needs to be replaced its randy fichner.

    Marco Antonio Flores

    @Tanker365 Probably, but he has selected bad, other coaches, in example, Randy Fichtnner, i think, could do more.

Nola Anderson

I think it’s time that we can all climb off of Hodges’ jock and return to having realistic expectations of a rookie 4th string QB who is tasked with piloting a good team (without their best WR being healthy).

Los Lara

Go Steelers I’m still a die hard fan! For what we have we’ve made something happen with a forth string qb

Anthony C.

GET RID OF RANDY!!!!!!! (our oc)

    D Raines


    Davio Coury

    Yes please

    Imjust Dogshit

    Randy fecal matter.what a nerd

    Amario Wade

    Bench Duck 🤷🏾‍♂️

ninja rocket

Come on James Washington was wide open

    Chevy Guy

    Exactly, Duck threw into double coverage twice on the left side and got picked. Washington was open on the right side both times and Duck didn’t see him. Game should have atleast gone to overtime. Ducks gonna be ok, he’s learning. Bill’s pass rush was awesome last night.

    Steelers Nation

    A few times to

    Amario Wade

    Chevy Guy we gotta bench Duck before he blows our chances of reaching the playoffs 🤷🏾‍♂️


Fire Ben’s best friend next season and bring in an NFL-caliber OC.

Fichtner is an absolute disease on this staff.

    Chevy Guy

    They need to bring in Wisenhunt to run the offense if he is still available.


This just in. The Duck was in the locker room when he tossed a towel to teammate Johnson. It was also intercepted


Problem is once we get into the playoffs we domt just magically make it the super bowl and win lol. We gotta beat playoff teams and good ones at that. t
This offense will NEVER be able to beat a good defense if it keeps playing the way it has been as you saw last night buffalo was too much for our young QB.

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