Around the Locker Room vs. Bills: ‘We didn’t play to the best of our abilities’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
secret agent Zachary of San Jose Boston Partsch

So we might be able to beat the Jets and we got to think about andwe might be able to make the playoffs if we can win those last two games we’ll have to see what happens but I hope that we don’t get in Ian eagle on the Steelers and Jets game I really do not want to get him I hope that we get Tom mcarthy

    mikey leuthe

    secret agent Zachary of San Jose Boston Partsch Well if we win next week and the titans lose against the saints we clinch the playoffs

    secret agent Zachary of San Jose Boston Partsch

    @mikey leuthe I hope that New Orleans will actually win over the Titans that’s all I’m going to say


Defense played great.
Duck did play poorly but holy crap!! O-line was just putrid.

    Frank V.

    Everyone but Felier looked like crap


I love juju smith shuster sooooo much

    Frank V.

    He should of been out there…

John Peverill

This effort is a direct reflection of the coach. He is a bonehead. The moment was too big for him and his team.

    Randy Farley

    John Peverill, Really man!!! You are going to blame Tomlin for this lost. Every time we loose game every body wants to fire the coach or the QB, but if we had won the game,you like others would have praised him.our QB just didn’t do enough to win the game,Tomlin has done a hell of Job getting us this far.

    KiingSiimbaaa YT

    Randy Farley preach

    Steve Kosak

    Dumb or blind ?I think your both

    Cory Sewell

    Dude something is wrong with you Steelers are 8-5 with a chance for the playoffs with a rookie QB, rookie WR, second year WR no JuJu limited Connor and we had 5 turnovers and the defense only gave up 17 points bad day at the office. Tomlin is a great coach just gotta make plays.

    Steven Enno

    You must not pay attention to stats… statistically tomlin is better than every coach now and 20 years ago with the exception of Cheatriots


It hurts me to see the defense taking blame for this. This might be the worst offensive line play I’ve seen in years.

    Frank V.

    Foster and Pouncey…. got manhandled. Embarrassing

    Jesse LeBlanc

    Yes some of the oline need to be upgraded pro bowl = popularity contest you know who you are Steelers front office start trimming the fat

    Hugo González

    Agree, we turned the ball 5 fucking times and the defense only gave them 17 points the defense is not the problem

tfcollect 26

You know, as upset about this loss l was. I can not be too hard. Duck is a Rookie 4th string undrafted QB. He’s had a good run thus far. I think this was the type of game he needed to be in. He needed this experience, this wake up call of sorts. This should hopefully get him more in tuned and sharpen his skill more. He had a bad game, most do at some point.
But, the defense seems to be taking on the blame to themselves. The offense is to blame for this one. The Offense can not continue to lean on the Defense to win games.
They are going to get a grilling tuesday.
Im still ridinf for my BlacknYellow.


    @Mike Cox I’m sure that wasn’t the game plan going in Mike. And what the guy above says is also very wrong. The defense did indeed fail to give the Duck a manageable game. I think the bad call playing was on the defense side of the line. I went into this game believing that the key to victory was the Steelers excellent D vs the Bills mediocre O line. Josh Allen has a tendency to get shook under heavy defensive pressure, and the Steeler defense failed to provide that. They played cover 4 and rushed only 4 in passing downs. They should have went with their ears pinned back and overwhelmed the Bills O line. But instead the sack machine could only produce one sack and very little pressure. But I do agree that Hodges should never have been allowed to air it out so much versus the Bills D. Bottom line is the Steelers blew it in every phase of the game, offense, defense and special teams, they look completely unprepared.

    Steven Enno

    studentofsweetscience WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?? our defense gave him multiple opportunities to score in the red zone! Did you even watch???

Frank V.

Where were you Bud?? You wanna get paid right????

Randy Farley

Every body wants to blame the coach, or a certain player or what ever!!! We had several changes to win this game, but our Offense just couldn’t make it happen, it’s hard to loose a game like this when we could have won, but it pisses me off that every time we loose everyone wants to point the blame on some one, STEELERS ALL THE WAY, WIN OR LOOSE))))

    KiingSiimbaaa YT

    *Lose, I totally agree tho

    Steven Enno

    Every loss. I’m putting on our offense/online coaching

Joseph Perez

Juju finna come back and go crazy!

KiingSiimbaaa YT

I watched this whole game and I’m truly let down by Ducks decision making when throwing passes… he could have connected with Washington to tie the game but he didn’t have the right reads.. it’s alright tho, next season we’ll be back better!

    II S H O C K II

    KiingSiimbaaa YT we still got the 6th seed if we win next week and titans lose we clinch the 6th seed

    KiingSiimbaaa YT

    II S H O C K II that’s great

    Edgar Castillo

    thats why they give him a conservative gameplan. He “killed” us last night. Rudolph is a better qb than duck except the mobility.

    II S H O C K II

    Edgar Castillo they both need a lot of work


Target James Washington if all else fails he’ll go up and get it

Daniel Cardona

Time to take our frustrations out on the Jets

Mike Cox

We fail to adjust the offense to the personnel we currently have, they install the same game plan for Duck that is tailored for Big Ben. The team needs to be a physical run and play action unit sprinkled in with deep shots downfield in my opinion.

Kilburns Kreations

Duck needs to go to Washington more often, he was open many times. Duck needs to settle down but get the ball out quicker, several short passes can get the job done. Sorry Watts, I love your speed but you need to settle down, and to my favorite veteran ( I can’t spell or say your name) , but no more knee shake. Love watching you guys 💕

    Steven Enno

    Kilburns Kreations you saw that too, huh



Marc Derogatis

Need to do better next week against the Jets , all is must win now !

Short Lifespan

Man only if he saw Washington open for the tying touchdown

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