Hodges on Week 15 loss to Bills: ‘The ball didn’t bounce our way’ | Pittsburgh Steelers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

if you got a good gameplan stick to it & execute it at a high level. don’t go rogue when your coach tells you to clock it.

John Bruce

Offense just can’t score points. There really isn’t much more to it. Duck had a bad night, so did the coaches and the punter. The offense hasn’t scored 30 in any game. 2 games to go or it will be the first time since 1971.


    John Bruce their offense is terminal.


This is the first time he was scary and very stiff, i think he need a game like this to grow up and be a better player, the next two games are literaly finals… let´s go Steelers!!


    Ken Cranston So would you consider the 49ers defense a weak defense? Cause mason played better against them than most qbs.


    ben13221 true but duck did play a very good


    ben13221 I think the difference is Duck Hodges Almost won against One of the best defenses Rudolph almost lost to one of the worst


    DuskThunder9 Rudolph almost won against a better defense


    DuskThunder9 can’t consider throwing 4 picks as “Duck” almost winning. It was the defense and Connor almost winning. Rudolph played the 49ers IN San Francisco down to the last possession. Much better than what duck did 😂

Brian Erney

Sucks without ben Roethlisberger but need stop throwing interceptions

    Byron AE

    @Hacker Killer big Ben wasn’t all that good this year… He had like one td in the 6 quarters (?) he played, similar to what they are able to do now

    Hacker Killer

    Byron AE dismiss the fact that he played the best defense in the NFL. At best these quarterbacks are doing ok? There is no denying that Big Ben is significantly better than Rudolph + Duck combined

    Jamal Thomas

    @Hacker Killer They trashed the run game and had Duck put the ball up way more than he should have


    Byron AE Ben had the elbow injury nagging him, I wouldn’t put too much stock in the first game and a half from this year, we’ll see about next year

    Marc Derogatis


Bravo Kilo Kilo

Learn from your mistakes. Don’t quack under pressure. Steeler Nation has your back. Go get them 🦆

    Jburrow SMM

    Figures that fans would turn the second Duck had a bad game. Pathetic.

    Amario Wade

    Davio Coury 49ers is the best defense we faced this year and (Mason played) but didn’t fold under pressure like Duck. This guy struggles to crack 200 yards passing on a consistent basis and haven’t had a multiple td game yet 🤦🏾‍♂️

    Amario Wade

    Jburrow SMM never was a fan I always thought our coaches should’ve stuck with Mason. This game was by far a worse QB performance than mason vs CLE. Fans would’ve booed mason outta the stadium if he played like this 🤦🏾‍♂️ the only reason y’all don’t is because of his Cinderella like story and catchy nickname 🤷🏾‍♂️ Mason is the better qb clearly

    Jburrow SMM

    @Amario Wade if you want 10 yard sacks instead of throwaways that’s your business. However I do believe the better long term qb is Rudolph. He needs some fine tuning.

    Marc Derogatis

    lmao no quacking or throwing up ducks

Indigo God

New offensive coordinator is beeded

    Anthony C.

    I agree. Randy needs to go

    Philip Connolly

    Did you see the look Ben gave Fiegler at the end of the game .He wasn’t pleased with his play calling at all.

    Davio Coury

    The plays calling is horrible I think that’s why we lost the games. We need a new oc.



    B S

    Can blame Ben for having Fichtner.

Moe Fitzgerald

I love how duck has been playing but one thing I noticed for the first time today about missing Ben is his presnap awareness his ability to audible based on the defense and his late game/game winning decision making


    that stuff takes time to develop at this level I remember when Ben couldn’t do presnap reads very well

    Moe Fitzgerald

    @187nags correct I’m just saying that’s something vital we’re missing


    Moe Fitzgerald yeah they haven’t given him the privilege to audible out of bad plays pre-snap..

    George of the Jungle

    B Stanley took the words from my mouth. Duck doesn’t have the clout to “audible” yet, no permission. However, I did see one instance in the Buffalo game where he did appear to audible once.

Kelvin Gibson

Im still a duck Hodges Fan he played his first bad game this just his 4th damn start he will start play good against the jets

    Ken Cranston

    It’s hard to play good running for your life every 2/3 downs. Then the 4th down punts were terrible more often than not.

    Big Ben #7hunnit #Rapist #ABisMyBihh

    Ya Boi mason legit had to be scrambling every play and do check downs because the OL couldn’t block when he had time to throw it he’d be accurate

    Ya Boi

    Big Ben #7hunnit #Rapist #ABisMyBihh Mason can’t read defenses.

    Big Ben #7hunnit #Rapist #ABisMyBihh

    Ya Boi yes he can like I said anyone who doesn’t have time throw is always gonna make mistakes.

    Ya Boi

    Big Ben #7hunnit #Rapist #ABisMyBihh
    It’s pretty well known that he can’t. He can’t make the right adjustments and protection reads pre-snap. And can’t say it’s cause he’s second string, they’re taught that too before playing. This is his second year too. You could say the same thing you’re saying right now about Hodges last night too.
    Our O-Line is fine, it doesn’t help when you have the best defense in the league trying to eat you up every play lol

Michael Clyburn

Duck threw some bad passes. Also, I realize that I’m am just sitting on the couch, but he needs to anticipate pocket pressure and get out of there…😑


    That’s what I wanted him to do!
    Run with it like he’d been doing when needed! Aside from that ! We’ve over used that wild cat crap! My coach T played his self this game.
    Still Steelers! 🙆🏾‍♂️😤

Short Lifespan

I really wish he would have looked at his second read. James Washington was wide open for the tying touchdown. Ben would have looked at Cain with his eyes to throw off the safety then just throw it to James. But duck is not even any string of QB he’s a practice squad qb so I can’t hold that against him I can tell he can be good he throws like rivers with a fast release now if he can’t make good reads and read a defense better he can be Ben’s successor.

Robert Rohde

I bet Duck plays very well next week! That is a very defense he played against! He will bounce back!

SteelersGoingFor 7

The saints or the Texans will beat the titans. And the ravens will rest everyone week 17. We got this.

    Marc Derogatis

    It should fall our way , but they need to play better offense . No more wildcat


    Your right but that was the best defense in league at jets we will win guaranteed and ravens will sit all starters so we should win out

Nell m

Run the dam ball u have a lead play to your strength interceptions and wild cat fumbles Jesus

Octavio Bustillos

Washington was wide open for the touchdown pass when hodges passed it to cain who had double man coverage for the 3rd or 4th interception.

    Jamal Thomas

    He didnt scan the field that play. He was suppose to look the saftey off then hit Washington, but he locked in on Cain. He will learn

    Ya Boi

    Jamal Thomas Also was under heavy pressure from the edges. Didn’t have enough time to get his reads


    Ya Boi nah, he released the ball way too late


    He a rookie and he had dudes pressuring him. It’s gonna happen.

    Shauna Bond

    How is he suppose to do anything when he under pressure with everyone blitzing

J.J. Barrientes

He made some rookie mistakes as a qb.. take responsibility, learn from your mistakes, and move on, go Steelers (:


The game was lost the moment the Steelers went wildcat. It reeked of early desperation and was blood to a shark. The Offensive Gameplan was absolutely horrendous and set Duck and the Offense up to fail. I get that Buffalo has a great Defense, but to play right into their hands is appalling.

Buffalo knew the Steelers had no confidence in Duck and were intimidated by their Defense, so from the word go, they kept attacking and stacking the box, and being super aggressive with no reason to play the Steelers honest. The Steelers had absolutely no confidence in their quarterback to make plays, how can you expect the quarterback to? They literally turned Duck into Mason Rudolph last night.

Regardless of who is under center from here on, Randy Fichtner needs to be shown the door as early as possible next season.

Kyle Scott

As a raven fan I’m actually going to defend this guy cmon this is this guys first loss he a rookie for God sake did you not see Lamar Jackson in the playoffs now look at him so stand by the rookie be positive half of you commentors never even played pop warner let a lone high school footballl smh

    Zy Zy



    Kyle Scott naw bro /mr. ravens!
    Use to trophies 🏆 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 mane.
    Black Duck good doe!
    My coach got to dam cute wit dat wildcat shi#
    Steelers Nation go take this year however it ends!
    Hard to expect a 🏆 wit NO…. 7, No 26! And no 84 all at the same dam time!
    We….. I think 🤔 just looking for hope!
    Hoping now to get to 10-6 and at least a playoff birth!

reyes roberts

Give him a break. His first year in and his first game against a phenomenal defense. That’s why the bills defense is ranked 2.

Geovany Lizarraga

Inexperienced QB, that’s all. He’s learning.

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