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Shahrukh Sahibzada

Thank you to all of the Patriots Organization and Staff for all of the things y’all have done for us for almost 2 decades.

Jacob Brown

Thank you Brady for everything you done for us

    Salazar Payne

    @RafaelRBLX – have you heard the news? The Patriots just lost to the Dolphins, and then lost to a wild-card team. Just want to bring you up to speed.
    *takes another sip of beer and uploads Brady’s last throw ever* *breaks out tissue and lotion*

    Roxann Athey

    @Salazar Payne damn somebody never got attention at home💀


    @Salazar Payne He is still coming back next season tho.

    A A

    @Salazar Payne Tom Brady sexually arouses you? Interesting.

    Big White Duck

    Salazar Payne it’s not Brady’s fault your dad beats you after every pats loss


It’s sad to see that when he finally steps up (that cliff people are talking about hasn’t arrived and he hasn’t neared it either) in the playoffs and begins throwing well-placed and hard balls – and making correct reads – and then seeing playcalling and lack of discipline from teammates cost the game. In no way shape or form should the blame from this loss be pinned on Brady, and yes, QBs miss throws, in fact, he did as well. But the team effort just wasn’t enough and it’s clear that a below-average receiving core just isn’t enough come playoffs. Sadly Max Kellermann will blame Brady for this game, not that that’s new or anything, when it’s team inadequacy.


    13 points on offense isn’t great


    Other than the rbs, nobody played great.

    Too Sweaty

    Cheaster what about in the end zone has less then 1% to make it happen with 5 sec left cmon u can’t blame him

Dean Solano

Tom Brady , thank you for a lot of great football , he’s still has a lot of juice left . Don’t see him retiring, not now any way . He has 6 super bowl rings who else has or do you think can accomplish that really . He gives credit do where credits do ! Great job Tom .

Chosen One

I hear all this bullshit about the Dynasty is over, the team did the best they could with what they had!!! Thanks Patriots for the season and look forward to Next season!!!!! Patriotsnation4life!!!!!!

Jamea Douglas

We ride or die with you Tom Brady , Long live the goat

    Cesar Raudales

    YES SIR!

    Salazar Payne

    @Jamea Douglas – I just gotta say. Watching Brady lose to the Dolphins and then the wild-card back-to-back…AT HOME. .. ……..

    Sorry… I’m jerking off right now and I’m having a hard time typing…
    Anyways, where was I? Oh yeah! It was pretty kind of nice to watch. Thanks for the shitshow boys 😘

    Jamea Douglas

    Brady didn’t have a good offense this season , White and Edelman that is all the weapons

    Occidental Savage

    Salazar Payne I have a feeling you are not very successful in real life. Most Patriots haters are not.

    Jamea Douglas

    @Occidental Savage your a idiot

Robin’ Hood Rookie

I stand with my Patriots 💯 let the haters have their field day

    MVP Material

    @Franklin Clinton You talk about a grammar but have an edited comment and roleplaying as a video game character lmao

    Dragonic Overlord The End

    Amen. Let the children cry happiness and enjoy themselves. We’ll be back

    5xNFLMVP PeytonManning

    @Franklin Clinton Oh so you also joined the 9er bandwagon


    Robin’ Hood Rookie preach my guy we’re heartbroken but it is what it is let the mofo haters have their 10 second happiness will be back better stronger next year! 💯🙏😔

Mike Curialle

At 43 best quarterback in the league hands down

    Michael Toland

    Mike Curialle are you serious ?

    TSS Exclusive

    Mike Curialle definitely not the best in the league. People are way more successful than him this season. He is the best of all time though

    SmithN' Wesson

    He is not the best right now. Not at all. Hes one of the greatest ever to do it but hes slowed down. Its time the Pats worry about their future and stop trying to scrape out “just 1 more” with Tom. They should trade up for. Justin Herbert or Tua

    A E



    Uhh.. *of all time* you mean. Currently, he isn’t anywhere near the best.

Mac 26.2

Even in defeat Tom is a gentleman. Respect.

    A E

    He makes up for Belichick—- in the gentleman loss dept

Hitman Battlelands YT

“pretty unlikely” – Brady ain’t done yet


If he stays with us it would be a miracle


This team went 12-4 with no Andrews, no Develin, no Gronk, no Trent Brown and a revolving door at WR. Reload

    Nick Bales

    @Big White Duck Hope you aren’t serious

    5xNFLMVP PeytonManning

    The defense went 12-4

    Big White Duck

    @zr1sparky1 harry was great he missed 8 weeks and with no chemistry played great.


    Should’ve kept Antonio Brown


    Big White Duck
    Harry played great? Are you stupid or fucking blind? After being out for 8 weeks he couldn’t learn the playbook better? Meyers went undrafted and outperformed Harry. So please stfu before you say something moronic again

Edoardo Fusco Femiano

Retirement? “Pretty unlikely!”. This is all I care right now. Go Pats!


    Edoardo Fusco Femiano Hes playing somewhere else

    pisko 21

    he have to tell them that he need dome elite receivers


    You missed the “hopefully unlikely” after that


    I don’t think he’d want to go out on a loss more like a super bowl win like Gronk

    pisko 21

    @Mike I think hell play 1 more year and they’ll give him more weapons

Grave Digger

In Brady after game interview he clearly wants to return next year as a Patriot, no question about it. And sputtering offense this year is not solely on Brady, he had aging players around him who time and again dropped balls, as they did today. I see Kraft re-signing Brady to another one year contract and bringing in one big name receiver with speed, maybe a couple more pieces in on offense to better support Brady and Kraft and Brady will show everyone the dynasty has not ended, plus it would give Brady’s backup one more year to develop under one of the all time greats, and that alone may be enough of a reason to bring Brady back for one more year.

    Opposite George

    Grave Digger He ain’t leaving

    Google User

    OBJ really wants to join patriots.

Joshua Bozek

Damn it sucks that there season is over but I am still happy as a patriots fan

    TSS Exclusive

    Joshua Bozek bandwagon

    Joshua Bozek

    TSS Exclusive how am I a bandwagon the patriots is the only team I cheer for and it has been that way sense I was born

    Greg Arius

    They will suck now. I’m so glad.


    Hard to be mad when you were in the super bowl the past 3 years and won 2 of them


McDaniels let him down badly tonight

    4 Eyed Animation

    The receiving corp was so weak all season

R Martini

Love him or hate but Your never gonna see this again 20 yrs, 9 Superbowls, and 6 wins, 30 play off wins!! They don’t call him the GOAT for nothing!! ❤❤

Danno GNR88

He sounds choked up everytime he answers these leaving/retirement questions. It would break my heart if he leaves for another team 😪

Aryan Khirwadkar

People who blame Edelman need to calm down. He and Brady have carried this offence all season long

    scott costello

    No pass.he was awful

    slick rick

    Nah he dropped a crucial pass its on him but we still love jules


    Edelman lead the league in drops this year. I’m not going to be hard on him though he was double covered and injured all year

    slick rick

    The chemistry was off this year bc when Gronk called it quits they knew they were in trouble. Bill never addressed it and took it seriously. Also when Isiah Wynn got hurt they let Newhouse ride LT longer than they shoulda. The blame on this season looking and ending the way it did is on Bill, Josh Mcdaniels and Robert Kraft.


    slick rick
    That’s stupid. They’ve rarely had a full season or completed a season with Gronk. And you can’t replace Gronk, it’s nearly impossible. They did make moves to acquire a solid talent in Sanu though. As for the TE position, it was solid. A great blocking group which fits their run heavy offense. It’s stupid of you to say that Brady statistically being among the worst QBs in the league is a result of the coaching staff. It’s idiotic. The Patriots are 5th in drops, NE receivers on average have the lowest separation yards of any team in the league. Amongst the lowest in YPG and YPP. Brady has had his worst statistical season in over a decade and the eye test matches. For as “focused” as you think he looks, he’s overthrowing players far more frequently than years before. How can you blame Bill for this after the amazing defensive showing this season with a bunch of old role players, it was amazing coaching job by Bill. Check yourself before making stupid conclusions like you just did. Moron


When I watched Brady take over from Bledsoe I said, “this guy is incredible”; twenty years later and I feel the same. I hope he plays for the Pats next season, he is still a very good QB.

    Alex DeLarge

    Nowadays, people are only mesmerized by cheap tricks and one-off explosive plays. That’s why fans flocked to Mahomes as the second coming when, fundamentally, he’s nothing special.

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