Bill Belichick after end of 2019 season: “We appreciate our fans” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Although this is a very upsetting loss to Pats Nation, but in the end we gave it our all but came up short. Now it’s time to move on and look forward to the 2020 season.

Brady Babineau

Win or lose patriots for life

    Travis Hill

    Brady Babineau yessir and the bruins are looking for redemption for the Stanley cup! And the Celtics will make a deep playoff run in the meantime. Title town is far from over!

    Ben V

    Im assuming you mean “Patriots since 2001” I don’t believe fans of the Patriots existed before 2001 but I could be wrong. Pretty sure I’m right though.

    Travis Hill

    Ben V that’s not fair when I’m 19 years old dude. That’s like people being bulls fans in the 90’s they grew up with the dynasty. I did the same

    Brady Babineau

    Ben V well to be fair you gotta point because I was born in 2005.

What Up Gangstaaa

When they signed AB and I watched the first game against the Steelers, I thought it was going to be such a fun season to watch and a good chance they’d repeat. And then AB was released and it was hard to watch from there. Even though they were 8-0, you could just see that they didn’t have enough offensive weapons.

    Elliott Portlock

    I agree with you however I think that it won’t be AB coming but OBJ because I feel the chemistry between the two would be spectacular for that offensive

    Darius Williams

    Oh my god that’s exactly how I felt too.. especially when we first got brown

    Elliott Portlock

    @Darius Williams yeah but I don’t think he leave the Patriots just yet if so that would be a terrible way to go out as the GOAT in my opinion but I hope he stay and if he does stay I would like to see him play with Edelman and AB or OBJ one last time before he finally does retire

    Popeyes Chicken Sandwich


    Cris Lee

    What Up Gangstaaa defense dominance kind of collapsed at the end of the year … added to that the inept offense with lack of deep threat receivers

Littleone Forever

How the hell people going to out this on brady the receivers couldnt catch a cold and the defense got demolished by henry 205 yards but they still will say is bradys fault smh

    Big White Duck

    Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Brady lost all his strength cause his six rings are weighing him down

    Big White Duck

    Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Tua is a quitter he couldn’t even stay in the game and ran off the field like a sore loser. We’re taking Trevor LaWrence

    Popeyes Chicken Sandwich


    Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

    @Big White Duck THEY BOTH TRASH LIKE BRADY!! 😂😂

    Cris Lee

    Pretty much sums it up, If you allow 180+ rush yards to your opponent, i think most of the time you will lose the football game, nuff said

Bojangles Addict

Where on to getting OBJ in the offseasons.

    AKG Smoove

    Sports Nut your team must didn’t make the playoffs again this year 🤔

    Sports Nut

    AKG Smoove my team is on a buy, dumb dumb. Try again sad Patriots fan.

    Amber Brown

    Getting obj and gronk coming back home ah yeah letting je11 get back healthy 2020 is our year

    NE Playbook

    Sports Nut bye*


    Brady is not “gone” and if they don’t get OBJ or any other good receivers they’ll get someone good in the draft


Julian Edelman’s drop was huge, probably have to be considered a “choke.” The ball was right on him, the pass wasn’t coming in with too much velocity, and there was no defender, and it cost a crucial first down..


    Sassonic Ball don’t lie. The Cheating, and all the performance enhancing drugs caught up to him, and Tom Brady. It’s OVER.

    Tech Time

    @PROVEN KNOWLEDGE not enough cheating in the world to make a dynasty as great as the Patriots. Just excuses from other teams and their fans

    James C

    JE11 🤣


    @1perfectstrangerr I don’t think Rodgers gets unfair treatment. I don’t sense that at all. In fact many elevated him as a greater Packer than Favre after only like five seasons as a starter…

    joe smith


Frank Castle

Lineman being downfield cost a 40 yard gain. Big difference.


Gronk was the biggest loss to this team.

    Scarecrow music5

    Imagine him watching the game – the last two games – what he really thought – drinking a beer.

    Daniel Miranda

    @Cris Lee I really don’t want Gronk to come back. His injury history is too severe.

    He’s 30 now … if he takes care of himself, he just might avoid being in crippling pain in his later years. But if he tries to play one more NFL season, I think he will get broken beyond repair.

    Nathaniel Kerns

    Also Develin, Andrews, Chung, McCourty… all huge losses. If we had Develin and Andrews we probably punch it in on that goal line attempt, if Chung doesn’t go down he probably covers that guy that got the first TD for the Titans, that was just horrible coverage by the replacement. With McCourty, JC Jackson, and Gilmore in man we can run our run-heavy defense all game instead of just 1st down in the second half, a couple less Titan 1st downs and I think that game goes the other way. Injuries were huge this year.

    Mike Youngblood

    His blocking was and the decoy factor. Also, Chris Hogan was a reliable pass catcher who Brady trusted.

    Shane H

    mtrujillo1973 Get used to losing more🤣😂🤣

Damien Garrett

Offensive line needs to tighten up and need receivers

Paul Baratta

Another exciting season…we can’t take this all for granted…thanks Bill!

Al D

Emperor Palpatine goes back to the drawing board.

    Paul Williams

    Al D lmao 🤣

Mr Pan

I wore my Brady jersey home with pride tonight. Thanks for everything, Coach Belichick. We can’t win ’em all. The Empire strikes back next year, as usual.

    Mr Pan

    @Big Truck Med Rv haha ok cool! I’ll certainly come back next year to confirm your excellent prediction that a 20 year dynasty would end from one failed season.

    Scarecrow music5

    Buffalo Bills look more promising next year, sad to say.
    They have to figure out how to beat the Dolphins next year.

    Big Truck Med Rv

    @Mr Pan well the dynasty as we know it is over. That doesn’t mean they won’t make the playoffs. After all they are in the afc least. However, things will get significantly harder from here on out. Brady is a free agent and most likely won’t be back in NE. Josh McDaniels is also looking to leave. Which means Beli will have to go with an unproven qb and coordinator. Alot of people seem to forget since Brady took such low pay that he literally kept everyone from taking market value with the promise to win championships. That is no longer the case and now Beli will have to deal with free agency in a much different way…. meaning the patriots will be no different from any other team and will never string together multiple superbowls ever again and be the victims of the salary cap and free agency like everyone else. Even if TB stays, he is no longer an elite qb and it’s very hard to win championships with mediocre qb in this day in age of the nfl.

    Big Truck Med Rv

    @Scarecrow music5 yeah right. It had to end sometime.

    Big Truck Med Rv

    I know alot of people will say the patriots won 6 superbowls because of Brady. I agree with that. But it’s not about his clutch play…its about TB buying into a winning culture and sacrificing pay to build this culture and getting everyone else to buy in. TB has had an unprecedented 14 top-10 scoring defenses in his career, has played in one of the worst divisions in football. Which has literally guaranteed them first round bye and in most cases home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Not that much of an advantage? Then why does TB have a losing record in the playoffs on the road? Not only will they not be able to build the team like they want but the Bills are showing signs of life. All this taken as a whole spells this dynasty is over.

Camran Brown

Gotta love bill that made me laugh him saying it has not been pretty thin around here as he is sitting on 6 rings and 6 super bowl trophies lol

    VonAllen Sports


    Tommy Schutte

    I was thinking the same thing before he said it

    Mike Youngblood

    That was a legit response from the cyborg.

Justine Cook

I wouldn’t be that mad considering the way they played the entire season. Chalk this up, get TB some weapons and come back stronger than ever. When you get spoiled with 11 years worth of victories, it’s a hard pill to swallow. I get that but we ain’t done yet! Go Patriots!

    Scarecrow music5

    Like the Celtics after Larry Bird retired.

    James C

    Brady coming back stronger next year 🤣

    ai Spadez

    Justine Cook u know football 😁

    Justine Cook

    Scarecrow music5 omg that’s definitely a blast from the past

    Justine Cook

    ai Spadez Yessir!

Rwby baebae

Haven’t heard too much about “thin” around here,maybe you feel differently. Classic Bill.

    Scarecrow music5

    Bill’s hair is thin. Look in the mirror Bill. It happens to us all ha ha.

    Scott L

    Haha…. yeah, he seemed really defensive there.

Jason G

Didn’t give Brady any weapons this year.


    I’m sorry but isn’t TB12 Praised for taking no names and making them elite?? That excuse is the biggest cop out imo……. For years the pats steam rolled thru teams with a better receiving core then them……. Nothing lasts forever….. And thats what it comes down to…

    simple jack

    @JUDAH BINYISREAL yeah as long as the no names are capable of catching. You can’t make someone hold on to a ball that’s thrown to them. The pats offensive line is in shambles. In bradys worst year with no offensive help. Hes managed to get his team to the playoffs with a 12-4 record. At the beginning of the year when he had Gordon for a minute and AB for a day. with a half healthy edleman. They were 8-0. Think what you want. Brady will be back next year. And people will be left crying again. Waiting on the cliff lol


    @simple jack ijs dont use him not having any weapons as an excuse for their season…… He can still play….. My point is dont make excuses because y’all don’t give any team whose lost them 3xcuses despite obvious calls blown in past time

    simple jack

    @JUDAH BINYISREAL im talking about reasons why their offense wasn’t great this year. Im not making excuses. Blown calls is a part of football. No team is safe from it. Calls have gone against the pats just as much. 9 superbowls with 6 wins doesn’t come from a couple bad calls. And why would pats fans make excuses for other teams. That don’t make sense


    @simple jack you making a strong mans argument😂😂😂😂 their accolades are already set…. So all that’s null n void concerning their season….. Brady still the goat……. Ijs besides winning the big game he’s always made no names elite…. So dont use the he has no weapons to shadow the fact this year he didn’t look like the Brady we all know……. Its like a speed demon that never been pulled over….. But the one time he does his excuse is its an emergency….. And I’m not saying you in particular are making the excuse but other pats fans crying about it….. And a far left narrative could be tom getting payback from the Philly sb since Bill sabbatoged that game….who knows if Brady gets the last laugh……js bro

Paradoxical Joy

He’s having Cincinnati flashbacks.

Randy Porter

As opposed to “I would like to congratulate Coach Vrabel and the Titans, for a great game.”

Chiefs Kingdom

Does this mean that all you “lifelong” Pats fans will go back to being a fan of the team you were rooting for before the patriots were winning?


    Chiefs Kingdom OWNED! 😂

    juice dogg

    No, but I will be rooting for the Chiefs to lose. 💯


    @Chiefs Kingdom Bruh, the dynasty has been around for 20 years. There are literally 18-year old marines out there fighting for our country, and some of them are NFL, if not Patriot fans. They are literal life-long fans.

    When a dynasty has been around for THIS long, it’s hard to call fans bandwagons, lmao. Real bandwagon fans are those who jumped on and left ship when the Legion of Boom imploded, or all the new “Chiefs fans” after Mahomes threw for 50 tubs last year.

    Chiefs Kingdom

    cyp i know 49ers fans that became Patriots fans in the early 2000s. Before Tom Brady came along they were one of the worst winning percentage of sports franchises and had one of the lowest fan bases. I can’t speak for other Chiefs fans but I haven’t missed a game since 1987.

    Chiefs Kingdom

    juice dogg 🍺

alex Garton

He seems like he will only answer intelligent gameplay questions. And avoids everything else

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