Devin McCourty: “I love these guys in this locker room” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Keith Jubilee

It’s sad.

Paul Baratta

Thanks boys for another exciting season…

Anthony Jacquez

I’m crying I’m so sad thanks for the season it was a good year you don’t win everything love you pats next year Tom will have that 7th ring

    Mister Arroz


Charly Gr. v.L.

👍👍🏈 Devin, true friends are recognized in defeats ….
Many thanks for this season.
The small outpost of fans is already looking forward to the new season.
We wish you and your team mates =>> Have a good recovery time.

Grave Digger

In Brady after game interview he clearly wants to return next year as a Patriot, no question about it. And sputtering offense this year is not solely on Brady, he had aging players around him who time and again dropped balls, as they did today. I see Kraft re-signing Brady to another one year contract and bringing in one big name receiver with speed, maybe a couple more pieces in on offense to better support Brady and Kraft and Brady will show everyone the dynasty has not ended, plus it would give Brady’s backup one more year to develop under one of the all time greats, and that alone may be enough of a reason to bring Brady back for one more year.

Juan Luengo



Hopefully Tom and bill stay

Even though it’s almost confirmed that mcdaneiels is leaving 😔

    mike brown

    NoobMaster59 good his play calling has been iffy this year like wtf are the tosses to sony

    ai Spadez

    The only one were losing would be josh mcDaniels. Bill and his son are secure after we saw them get rid of mat patrica and bill took over the defense coordinating

Jacob Grow

I feel bad for Devin McCourty

Det Oumthongvichith

New England Patriots nation keeps your heads up high.. That is part off playing sports u can’t wins every years. Come back next season stronger. Go Pats # Next Season.!!!!!!

Mark Kinney

This lost is solely on Belachek!
His player and trade decisions this year have been extremely suspect. He should have put a better supporting cast around our quarterback. After the Bennett trade, you could see in Brady’s face that he knew his fight was greater than he could’ve imagined. There was no WR separation the whole night.

    David Rivera

    Mark Kinney not only that but Julian Edelman dropped an important pass on 3rd and 6 which could either result in a FG or TD. The defense was stellar but offense ruined everything


ZERO weapons on offense and a play caller that SUCKS!

    Ralph Bansale

    More so the lack of weapons on offense. Defenses knew over the course of the season that white and Edelman were the only 2 reliable targets for Brady. Sanu and Dorsett can’t create separation consistently. Meyers and Harry are rookies, but I think if Harry was healthy from the start he might’ve developed better chemistry with Brady during the soft part of their schedule

    Kurt Kokayne

    Ralph Bansale I agree about Harry but Meyers really had no business on the roster. He is a practice squad player

Scarecrow music5

Losing to the Miami Dolphins = EVERYONE knew they’d lose this one. Period.

    Soy Papi

    Scarecrow music5 let’s go dolphins 🐬🐬🐬

Sean Clark

Death of a dynasty is bull 💩.. a couple of off-season moves and they’re right back to being a Superbowl contender/ favorite. #Bringbradyback


Losing Chung was huge. As soon as he left the game they started attacking the back-up and we all know how it worked out.

Big Travis

I’m thinking that we will see
Some more of the NE D leaving thru free agency this offseason, Bellichik isn’t gonna pay for top talent and never has

Shandog southwest

I think the pats are happy at some point even the winner gets tied lol 😂😂😂


We Love You Devin McCourty #32! Appreciate everything you’ve done for our team over the last 9 seasons…..please come back for one last Hoorah!


All else aside, very good job representing your team at a hard time!!

Amber Brown

Yes the Mac twins we be back

ai Spadez

The year devin is refering to were we didnt finish was 2015 sb 50 when the broncos beat us in paytons last run cryed that day….

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