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Imagine getting destroyed at home with only 2 games left at your stadium


    the supermanisalive You win a RING , then come see us, mkayy…. lol 😂

    Titan fan is hilarious…

    the supermanisalive

    @SuperOmnicron no… yall hilarious… you salty because we put yall to bed after halftime.

    Jacrispie Jackson

    Mitt Obama doesn’t matter. We stole your playoffs chances from you in your own stadium that you were 5-0 in this season or 5-1 don’t matter point still stands. Who cares if y’all hold the all time lead that doesn’t matter for this season and those wins didn’t take y’all anywhere so who cares

    Jacrispie Jackson

    Victor Castillo y’all haven’t won a super bowl in 35 years😂😂😂not something to brag about


Derrick and tannehill playing like mvps and aj. Brown rookie of the year

    DC Crazy52

    Addison Peek Well DK is a big impact, but in terms of numbers and yards per catch. AJ is certainly a bigger impact. I honestly expect DK to be closer to 1,000 this year, but Russ does have other great receivers.

    DC Crazy52

    Devonta Draper Tannehill could be a comeback player of the year based on his team trading him, being put as a backup, & only to comeback and put his team back in playoff conversations.

    Tannehill wasn’t “good” last year. He’s already putting up better numbers in his 7 games this year, than he did last year throwing for only 1,979 in 11 games.

    Gregory Gibson

    @Stephen Brady not just because they beat the raiders the have been good overall.

    Jacrispie Jackson

    Lil Nog ops has the highest passer rating, second highest completion percentage, highest scoring offense, highest red zone efficiency. So why would he not be mvp?

Evil Duck

Its crazy how this team went from 2-4 to 8-5 Titans look like a serious threat in the AFC

    Angel Cadena

    @Mike Hill beat them when they’re at least 75% healthy LMAO then talk. Y’all are so in over ur heads LOL

    Mike Hill

    @Angel Cadena I’ve come to realize their are some people you can never over come due to their feelings and lack of knowledge. Thank you for making realize you are of those people. Good day.

    anonymous anonymous

    @Brendan Gibson I’m surprised they are that good without Luck

    Angel Cadena

    @Mike Hill lol. Just stay away from football dumb kid LMAO it’s not meant for u

    Mike Hill

    @Angel Cadena ok mom

Blackthorn 461

First half raiders: 21 titans: 21

Second half raiders: 0 titans: 21

I guess the raiders in the second half realized that they need to keep playing like the have the past 2 games


    Only thing niners are known for is starting that bs kneeling during the national anthem. Lol. Keep holding your L. “nObOdy lOsIng oN mY sIdE” 😂 stfu you’re cringey af


    GENESIS yeah sure raider fan. I bet y’all thought you were going to win a ring your last year in Oakland. Your whole team and fan base is cringe. Stay mad lil guy! 🤦‍♂️😂😂😂


    As a Steelers fan I think Niners fans are the second most toxic after Cowboys fans.
    Raider Nation >>> Whatever they have in SF

    The Cobra

    Carr gave up in the second half


The Titans look scary, they’ve been stomping teams out since Mariota got benched


    @fisher foster if Titans have to come to KC,I think they leave with an L

    Chaz Claxton

    @Cole Pratt he had great players around him he just had philbin and….gase. happy for tannehill and wish wed have kept him with flores running the show now.

    Cameron Maier

    @carsonc29 we beat them last 4 times

    the supermanisalive

    @fisher foster “brutal schedule”? texans and saints not brutal.

    Jacrispie Jackson

    jamie rowe we beat the pats last year and they have a way worse team this year so I think we’d win

George Ferrera

I can definitely see Tennessee Winning their division


    @Dee09 Motivation Yea we knew this was going to be a Dub. But we got sum serious Heat next week.

    Sjsjzejeitdzjakkjsksj Dnxhrjrjddj

    julio guzman what are you talking about

    Ryan Woods



    all they have to do is beat the texans once

    David Tucker

    @salamipitza No they have to beat them twice. If they split, it’s still a tie and Texans win the tiebreaker. The only way a split would work is if the Titans beat the Saints and the Texans lose to the Bucks.

Epic Sans Gaming

Tannegoat deserves 120mil for that hit he gave after the pick

    Mike Que

    I had to re watch it a few times cause I couldn’t believe that was him. What a solid hit that was.

    BAMA 2019


    James Sailors

    One of the best QB hits I’ve ever seen. Big man can down.

    Kaleb I.R.

    @Joe O’Malley When do you see ANY player lay a hit like that after an interception? Could this be one of the only times in history that a qb’s stock has gone up after a pick?

Sarcastic DF40

Titans are unironically a scary team now.

    Erik Lerström

    @T85 no… but it doesnt make you _scary_

    the supermanisalive

    @T85 ppl just hating on the titans, we beat the chiefs, we can beat the saint’s.


    @the supermanisalive We can beat anyone in the NFL if we play up to our standards…I guarantee Chiefs Patriots and Ravens don’t want to play us in the playoffs especially the Patriots and chiefs because for one we have the chiefs number and we destroyed the Patriots last season so yeah…

    Dan Raiders Warriors Sharks Giants

    @K The man LMAO clearly you dont watch the Raiders actually play to think there was a chance of that BEFORE this game.


Was tannenhill that good and the dolphins that bad? And that Mariota was that bad while the Titans were good? Hmm

    me jr

    As a Dolphin fan I will let you know right now don’t get your hopes up concerning Tannykill.

    Colonel Reb

    Pretty much

    the supermanisalive

    @David Isaacson salty mariota fan 😂😂😂

    the supermanisalive

    @me jr salty lol


Ryan Tannehill never had a chance with the Dolphins. This is what he’s capable of with an NFL roster 💯

    Jacrispie Jackson

    Adam Perry mariota had some of the highest completion % in our franchise tf you talking about. And he lost all his confidence and feeling comfortable in the pocket because he had to play with 8+ injuries because the line let him get sacked 20 times a game

    Vets Junk Removal

    @carsonc29 hes above average with flashes of greatness. That 91 yard TD pass was on the money off his back foot while almost being sacked for a safety. A lot of nfl QBs either get sacked, or throw a int in that situation


    Not the roster but coaching staff. Miami always has good players with HORRIBLE coaching and decision making


    That and the lack of a o-line. The O-line is Miami’s biggest downfall player wise

Derek Lewis

If Titans had started Tannehill at the start of the season what would our record be? 11-2 probably.

    Jacrispie Jackson

    Derek Lewis or if the line blocked and the play calling was this good at the beginning of the season. People who don’t watch the games don’t realize that we literally didn’t have a line while Marcus was playing and they used him as a scapegoat to play ryan

    Jacrispie Jackson

    keith christman he played good enough to win we only lost those games from missed field goals. If our kicker didn’t miss field goals we’d be at least 10-3 and Marcus never would’ve got benched because our record would be good

    Vets Junk Removal

    @Jay Savage Cutler never took Tannehills job. Tanny was out with a torn ACL

    Vets Junk Removal

    @Jacrispie Jackson it’s the same line now. Tannehill is calling out who’s rushing the QB and making sure the line knows who to block. His field vision is also top notch, which is why he always finds the open reciever quick. Not to mention his deep balls are perfectly in stride

    Jacrispie Jackson

    Vets Junk Removal you’re clearly biased or delusional if you think the line hasn’t improved. Saffold hasn’t been giving up sacks because he’s gotten more used to our system and the other lineman. Lewan has cleaned up his penalty’s. They’ve improved you can’t say they’re only better cus tannehill tells them who to guard. They’re lineman they know who to guard it’s kinda their job

Cody VonRosenberg

Tannehill gonna catch himself a drug test after that tackle😂

    SMASHER 87



    Most QB’s would not but Tann had to get his partial mistake back. That was a mean hit. I do hope the big lineman is OK. Blindside, speed and impact, gots ta hurt. Wicked fvkn hit tho. Smkn dem doobies.


    Lmao brooo

    al al

    It’s called determination, unlike the cheat Brady last week.

    Glory Hole


Alex Burgett

Titans aren’t messing around

Daniel Touchstone

I think it’s safe to say that Henry has finally established himself as one of the premiere backs in the nfl this year


    @Ryan Williams no

    Ryan Williams

    Mike really he has had some monster games he has gotta b a top 5 candidate at least

    Daniel Touchstone

    I wouldn’t go that far we all know who gonna win that Lamar Jackson

    cjb cjb

    Daniel Touchstone he’s been that lol foh

Queefyqueefster Mcqueef

Tannehill turned into Brian Urlacher when he threw that Interception.

Joe O'Malley

As a Dolphins fan, I still pull for Tannehill. Good to see him doing good things with Tennessee.

    Giovanni Diaz

    Joe O’Malley same I hope they have a nice playoff run


    Me too big DOLFAN criticized RT17 a lot but still loved him


    Joe O’Malley Thanks bro I hope your Phins do good from here on out! #TitanUp

SN Drag Race

Henry deserves more recognition. He’s a top 5 RB.

    Jacrispie Jackson

    SN Drag Race top 1*. Second most yards, most touchdowns, most yards after contact , had over 150 yards in 3 straight games

Kerry Howard

I can live with that pick Tannehill threw when he makes a tackle like he did!!!!

    Johnny Bell

    All day long Marcus would never do that

Titan up

Breaking news: Titans move Ryan Tannehill to linebacker

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