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Patrick Mahomes Stuns Patriots in Foxborough | NFL 2019 Highlights

Patrick Mahomes lead the Chiefs over Brady and the Pats with nearly 300 yards passing and 1 touchdown. The Kansas City Chiefs take on the New England Patriots during Week 14 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Emperor Palpatine Reply

Show the refs highlights

    niall1102 Reply

    well they’re trained to throw a flag if they ever see something against the rule book, they screwed the chiefs just as much as the pats

    Antonio Labaš Reply

    @Justin Dement “Fraud” with 6 Super Bowl rings.

    Bostonsolos Reply

    @laitis vi not like the Patriots got screwed or anything…

    laitis vi Reply

    @Bostonsolos like KC got screwed in last years AFC championship game after edelman muffled the punt..?

    Marvin M. McIntyre Reply

    Even if they got the touchdown with the reciever. The would have been down by 3 points or 2 if they would have gone for 2 point conversion and got it. Plus even if though they get touchdown. The Pat’s were still 1st and goal. Guys just face it they just lost.

MRTUPAC 28 Reply

Patrik said don’t forget about me when the playoffs come.

    Trevor Thompson Reply

    Day Be Trippin damn, so Mahomes didn’t nearly double Brady’s total passing yards? Y’all got blasted

    Day Be Trippin Reply

    @Trevor Thompson I’m not a pats fan but you still can’t say anything over the fact that I just said bradys offense is worse than mahomes, you keep going over it and they only lost by 7 that’s not getting blasted

    Trevor Thompson Reply

    Day Be Trippin I thought Brady was the goat? Y’all wanna take credit for Brady and bellicheck making average receivers and players look “exceptional” throughout the years lol Now he has no offense? Blasted at home ending a 21 game win streak. Mahomes outplayed Brady.

    Day Be Trippin Reply

    @Trevor Thompson do you not know what blasting somebody is? Are you dumb? 😂 blasting someone means blowing them out

    Trevor Thompson Reply

    Day Be Trippin Patriots we’re playing catch up the entire game, TB played like mediocre, and Chiefs ended a 22 game Patriots home win-streak.. I’d say that qualifies as a Blast.

gls600 Reply

Oh no. My Bears will have a must win game with the Chiefs in two weeks.

    Trevor Thompson Reply

    Joe Joe bears are 💩

    shane Reply

    @Joe Joe :() trubisky is garbage

    Hailu Beyero Reply

    @Joe Joe you are a kid. Grow up.

Kexin Reply

Mahomes isn’t putting up the numbers he used to lately. What’s going on. 😐

    Phillip Sherman Reply

    It’s all about the defense. When the Chiefs defense isn’t forcing the Mahomes to take risks, he doesn’t take as many shots down the field, cross body throws, no look throws, etc. When the defense holds, Mahomes holds back to avoid unnecessary interceptions.

    Christopher Graves Reply

    @Marsha Quinn you are not injured when you cross those lines

    Marsha Quinn Reply

    @Whiplash95 he was trying to get them to start rolling

    Breakglass Dawkins Reply


    Breakglass Dawkins Reply

    Looks at Mahomes history. In games he doesn’t throw for 3,4, or more touchdowns, the cheifs normally win. I prefer wins vs 500 yard, 6td loses.

The Gamer 91 Reply

The result was one year too late.

El-ahrairah Reply

The Pats defense, i’d call legit now. I still would not consider it the best in the NFL as ESPN loves to do. But.. top 10. That mixed with their very questionable offense, i don’t see them going anywhere. In fact, i think they’ll end up as a wild card and being knocked out week one.

    Hermit620 Reply

    Pats fan, no goggles. Agreed. This offense sucks, and it’s all on Bill Belichick. He is a crappy GM, which I’ve been saying for years and getting screamed at for in New England. Horrible draft picks, bums like Sony Michelle and n’keal Harry, wasted first-round picks for 1 year players, like Brandin Cooks. The offensive line sucks, the skill players suck, and the only reliable player for Tom Brady is 33 years old and getting crushed every game

Transit 8 Reply


    IVORY123100 Reply

    You mean .. Someone going into Foxboro and stuffing a sock in The Patriots mouth ???

    memeboi Reply


#ADcarriesLeBron #LeBronMissedThePlayoffsWithoutAD Reply

Mahomes’ 2nd and 25 + 3rd and 15 conversions changed the pace of the game, truly a young 🐐

    Mike James Reply

    Brady could never

I’m jooking Reply

The chiefs D really stepped up this game

    I’m jooking Reply

    Sean JonPaul Foster nah. The patriots have not been stopped this season the way the chiefs did today

    Hailu Beyero Reply

    @Sean JonPaul Foster don’t whine. They lost the game. Take it !

    Day Be Trippin Reply

    @I’m jooking you clearly haven’t been watching any patriots games this season then if you think that

    Christopher Graves Reply

    @I’m jooking dude what games have you’ve been watching…cause the Pat’s offense stinks this year and if you think your d is decent cause of this you are sadly mistaken

    Hermit620 Reply

    Bro, the Patriots are not able to score on anyone this year.

Chris Piper Reply

: )

Chris McKee Reply

From all of Ravens nation: thank you Chiefs.

    Shayna Hanes Reply

    From chiefs kingdom : ur welcome

David arruda Reply

Who thinks that if a rematch happens in the playoffs that KC has Ne’s # ?

    Neil Cabe Reply

    Blocked punt and kelce fumble helped them a ton

John Brown Reply


Ron Nickels Reply


Jeff Cavaliere Bulking Police Reply

Officials stun Patriots with two blown calls on scoring plays

    Hailu Beyero Reply

    They lost the game. Take it.

David Rosales Reply

The Evil Cheating reign is finally coming to an end good game Chiefs 😎👍

    your huckleberry Reply

    Kansas city Missouri was a city before Kansas was a state… Chiefs are in Missouri.

    David Rosales Reply

    @your huckleberry Ha Ha u know I mean the Chiefs

Slim is chillin Reply

The throw to Hardman was beautiful. He had a number of crazy throws in this game, considering he was also being hit late on every throw.

christine freeman Reply


    Chris Paul point god Reply

    Don’t worry he still got good ol’e julian edelman

Scrap lover Reply

Patrick mahomes’ wife sent mssg to pats fans after the W

    Breakglass Dawkins Reply

    Mahomes isn’t married. Just the chick he’s banging

Breakglass Dawkins Reply

To anybody upset about the missed touchdown, just remember. The Patriots still had 1st and goal on the 3 yard line and could not punch it in

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