A.J. Brown EATS Up 153 Yds & 2 TDs vs. Oakland | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Geometry Warrior

I’m so early for the first time lol


We need you to do this next week against the Texans.

Jacob Mittag

Best rookies in the NFL at this moment:
Offensive:A.J Brown
Defensive:Devin White


    Jacob Mittag offensive is Josh Jacobs

    Lexington Leffall

    Nick Bosa?

    Matt Perry

    Deebo Samuel is a weapon too

    Jaxon Rappuhn

    As much as I love AJ Brown, I do think that Josh Jacobs is probably the Offensive ROTY just because of how much the Raiders need to use him. AJ Brown and DK Metcalf are also in the conversation though. Defensive ROTY I believe should be Nick Bosa, but Devin Bush and Devin White are also right there.

Geometry Warrior

I like jokes

Geometry Warrior

Wanna hear a joke?

The patriots losing to the Bengals lol

    Geometry Warrior

    Or the Patriots not getting into the super bowl

    bruce lau

    Geometry Warrior yeah like that’ll happen LMAO 😂

Geometry Warrior

Ravens are the best in my opinion!


This kid is gonna be a star!

Justin Tague

Lol when I saw the stats of this game I thought that the titans signed Antonio brown because it said A. Brown. 😂 I was very confused.

Philip West

he looked injured at the end of the last play

I eat lightsabers Lol

Thanks Ryan, I’m going to the fantasy championship now!

josh posey

Needs the ball more to good not be getting more opportunities…


    You forgot the hoss that he shares the field with on the other side of the formation. Corey’s gotta get his touches too

    Cameron Maier

    @JacketsNest101 aj is leaps and bounds better

Austin Shempert

Hotty Toddy

Justus Miranda

I started Tannehill and brown on my fantasy team this week. Thanks guys

ricky king

Young TO

Michael A

So what happened to Corey Davis? Is he a bust now?


    Maybe if he move to another team, AJ number 1 now


He is a lot like Terrell Owens, just a little smaller. Great find for the Titans.

Ivan Gutiérrez

Rookie of the year.

16 JJ

Rebel for life!!


Titans have came alive since Tannehill was named the starter

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