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Thomas Gerber Reply

Duck has just outplayed the last two first overall draft picks in back to back weeks.

    DuskThunder9 Reply

    Ryan Maul yeah he had a better passing rating

    DuskThunder9 Reply

    aaron wasielewski um why

    DeShaun Johnson Reply

    ramyanathaniel but what about ducks performance against the browns

    OTK_Tempted Reply

    OkayNiceOne Overrated : have a higher opinion of (someone or something) than is deserved. Devlin Hodges is not as good as people( like you ) think. He has played 2 of the worst teams in the nfl and a division rival. This isnโ€™t an impressive feat by any stretch of imagination . He made it to the nfl did he not?

Josue Tejada Reply

The AFC Wildcard gets more exciting every week

    The Go Getter Reply

    I wonder what the odds are for the Steelers to win the Superbowl? Big payout if you’re a betting man! #thedarkhorse

    Jump Street24 Reply

    @Bagel Master i dont see titans wining 2 out of 3 of them games tho.

    Jump Street24 Reply

    @The Go Getter ๐Ÿ˜† Long/big chances but we can definitely dream or live that reality ๐Ÿ˜†

    Thomas May Reply

    Josue Tejada titans and bills

    Carol Koach Reply

    Go Steelers


Cardinals never disappoint me when it comes down to tanking, we are tank bowl champions for a reason, watch out Bengals and Giants we coming for you ๐Ÿ˜‹ btw GG Steelers and good luck making it to the playoffs

    ะฒะพะปะบ Reply

    Pix Burgh pop

    Paul Leineweber Reply

    @Freddy Sanchez but today once again he performed poorly

    billy fraiser Reply

    Cardinals also have the most fair-weather fans. Just look at that crowd, unreal.

    Rod Reply


    Garfield Bishop Reply


Harrison Rodgers Reply

Like if Duck>Mason

    Rod Reply


    AJ Reply

    @Oliver McCall I wouldn’t go that far but I like your spirit!! Go Steelers!

    ChiefsNation Reply

    Oliver McCall delusional

    Jeff hufana Reply

    I don’t have favorites

    Jeff hufana Reply

    Only authentic fans don’t choose which is better

The Punisher Reply

Bruh was this a steeler home game?

    T J Reply

    Jodeci ray Taylor I was on vacation in Cancun at a sports bar when Pittsburgh played Cincinnati at the end of September and the Hispanics were going crazy over Pittsburgh. The entire staff was watching the game and knew everything about the Steelers, it was crazy!

    Shon Seibert Reply

    @David Reynolds Hell yes cause Santa n all the elves are Steelers fans…….lol

    MrT SteelersFan1223 Reply

    @breez0 anytime a guy has Legend and GOAT in your name means you have to be awesome!

    Jay Tee Reply

    @Larry Legend is a GOAT amazing bro!

Angry Non-Hispanic White Straight Male Reply

It’s nice to have 10 home games in a single season, thank you LA and Arizona.

    rumich hg Reply

    @Matthew Wilmarth i do and id never leave

    OjTheJuiceBoy Reply

    Matthew Schaefer in California there are a lot of 49ers losers

    Jace F. Reply

    @Ross Aiello I live in NC and half of the people in my area moved here from Pittsburgh. My dad included. XD

Cam Spr Reply

Sounds like there are more Steeler fans than Cardinal fans in AZ.

    Fake celebrity news Reply

    Yeah man, the Steelers bandwagon runs thick out here in Arizona.

    friendly Jew Reply

    @Fake celebrity news for real. Can’t tell you how many fukcs at work wear their hats. Even fuks who can bearly speak a lick of English wear them ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚ “los esss–steele’rs”

    Alexia Sebastian Reply

    @Stephen Gilding yeah and the Bengals fans are up there too. I moved to cincy 5 years ago from Pittsburgh and when we play the Bengals its 50-50 fan wise every year. And I’m being generous. But I really cant blame the Bengal fans they have the absolute worst owner in sports history.

    m1k3y c Reply

    I heard people sold their tickets to make more money then they are worth to the Steeler fans

dorian reece Reply

Pittsburgh defense is really something else, Props to joe Haden today

    Not Me But You Reply

    @Nelson Jackson ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘โคโคโคโคโค

    Im Klebby Reply

    zyzz zyzz yeah cuz Fitz and Kirk are so trash.. what are you? Brain dead?

    d_e_v_i_ n Reply

    Vegano Smitty no he donโ€™t dumbo

    Ancapistan Will RIse Reply

    Vegano must be a Bumgals fan, lol.

Kupo Stiltzkin Reply

Diontae Johnson had a hell of a game

    Devin Pendergast Reply

    Iโ€™ve always had a good feeling bout him

    Eric Willingham Reply

    He cuts on a freaking dime!

    Daniel Novosad Reply

    Kupo Stiltzkin very much so!

    Andre Holton Reply

    I smell a team of the week card๐Ÿ˜‚

Missions Glory Reply

Let’s not forget that the Patriots are 0-3 against winning teams and have lost the last 3/4 games. Yes it’s such a beautiful month for football

    Leo Roberts Reply

    Missions Glory ๐Ÿ˜‚

    Patrick Johnson Reply

    We all know tom bradys playing days are coming to an end!!!

    MR. EyEopener Reply

    Then you’ll complain about them after they go right back to another super bowl you people are funny๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    William Wright Reply

    steelers were terrible in that matchup and then they were 0-1 so technically they were a losing team

Andy Z Reply

This “new” team is all Coach Tomlin.

    Alex B Reply

    @3kidsnwifey yeah admit before this year I was a Tomlin hater he’s definitely got my vote for Coach of the year

    Antonio Fowler Reply

    @Scott Berg that was on berry, he is to unpredictable.

    Pour Baby Reply

    @deVyn I didnt

    Patrick Bossome Reply

    I think it was called a fake punt. Berry said in an interview after the game that it was called off by someone on the field. He didnโ€™t hear it, so he still ran like it was a fake.

    triple h sucks and so does nxtay Reply

    @reyes roberts and i want you to retire from YouTube and life

Moss Linden Reply

Imagine playing at home and the crowd is rooting for the other team smh

    AirSoft123 Reply

    Basically the Giants since 2017

    John Thomas Reply

    @BmoreBirds Nest Thats happened with almost every team that went their this year tho. Steelers had 80% of the stadium filled when they played their.

    Also Its like this pretty much every single away game for Steelers lol Its on sports center all the time. Talking about Steeler Nation taking over the home teams stadium again lol

    Justin DeLeon Reply

    Basically either LA team

    Darryl Reply

    Theyโ€™re rooting for a team that beat them in the super bowl too smh

    GiJokester 69 Reply

    This happens in San Diego too lolllll when they were in SD now theyโ€™re in LA

ddawgg23 Reply

Somehow the injury-plagued 2019 Steelers team has a better record through 13 games than last year’s team.

    Animelytical Reply

    @Tom Witner he’s not literally a crybaby, but him and his mouth are a problem

    EdmacZ Reply


    Days of our Steelers makes a difference.

    ddawgg23 Reply

    Ray Lat They were favored to lose many of the games that they won and the Colts came into the Steelers game at 5-2 and collapsed afterwards.

    Tom Witner Reply


    Yeah he opens his mouth a little too much and makes comments that he probably shouldn’t but I don’t think he’s earned the label of crybaby or drama queen. If he is one of those then idk what you’d call some other guys in the league lol.

Zachary Wheeler Reply

Johnson is gonna be a star already shines as of now.

    MansaRA Reply

    you’re right ainโ€™t nobody scared of them bums lol Steelers rank in the bottom half of passing offense simmer down it was the cardinals everybody do that to them

    Fred Leeland Reply

    @MansaRA being at the bottom of passing doesn’t mean a thing if you are winning

    Walter Paddick Reply

    @MansaRA Week after week the haters gonna hate…and Steelers win.

    you're right Reply

    @MansaRA nobody was scared of 6th rounder AB either and Santonio Holmes, and Emmanuel Sanders, and Mike Wallace. Steelers made them great and feared. The list is endless. Steelers have a well known track record of making great WRs

RealBlessed Reply

Steelers are always at home even when they away. SteelerNation

    Not Me But You Reply


    DuskThunder9 Reply



Lmao I thought the steelers didnโ€™t get home field advantage this week

    you're right Reply

    There’s a strong Steelers crowd everywhere, but this was a takeover.


    you’re right fr lol


    you’re right same in LA against the chargers

FourOne Two Reply

Cain is sneaky good. Someone in the Steelers organization has an eye for WRs

    Jump Street24 Reply

    He passed away, but the new guy is doing good now, we definitely started slow/ qb play. Even Ben because of injury.

    Virginia Cavs Reply

    @Jump Street24 who passed away

    RetroZay Reply

    Virginia Cavs ig the guy who looks for wr

    Occasional Wearer of Hats Reply

    @Virginia Cavs Darryl Drake, who was our WR coach, passed away a few days after our first preseason game.

Grape Ape Reply

Colts, โ€œwe have the worst 4th down attempt in NFL history.โ€
Steelers โ€œhold my ic light.โ€

    David Reply

    Explanation after the game was whoever was the signal caller behind the
    center for the punt saw the defense the Cardinals had and called off the
    fake punt, but our punter didn’t hear the call…so he was the only one
    going with the fake.

    8balln8 killingu65 Reply

    This was a very sloppy win for the Steelers

    Michael Richardson Reply

    I’m a steelers fan but damn that was funny

    Darius Reply

    @8balln8 killingu65 A win’s a win, especially for a team as injured as the Steelers are right now. It’s always harder for the Steelers to beat bad teams than it is for them to beat good ones (with the exception of the Patriots). The fact that this team is 8-5 is pretty damn amazing.

Thalles Howard Reply

Dionte Johnson is becoming to be a pretty good draft pick.

The Venz Reply

Beginning of the year: Fire Tomlin
Now: Tomlin deserves coach of the year.

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