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Moko shotah

Haven’t watched football in 3 years. I promised my best friend(a Chief’s Fan), that if KC actually gets to a Superbowl I’d watch football again. Well I’ll be damned…….

    Moko shotah

    @Jacob Stanietzky funny, that’s why I watched this. To see Mahomes in action, and get an idea of how in the hell the Chefs(not a typo)made it

    Moko shotah

    @Titus Ward with us? Who is us? NFL fans in general, or Chiefs fans? Since I’m already getting back into watching it with my best friend, I’ll tell you the same thing I told him this morning, since I was a lifelong Broncos fan……It’s really nice they’re having the Special Olympics in Miami this year Lol

    Minnesota SportsFan

    @Moko shotah Why’d you stop watching the NFL to begin with?

    D Man

    I haven’t Watched the NFL in 3 years also…most likely you and I have the same reason. No explanation needed it is YOUR CHOICE not to watch.


Chiefs are an amazing team man.. with all the Lamar hype everyone kinda forgot them but mahomes is still the best qb in the league rn. I’ll be rooting for them in the SB


    @Angela Slaughter brady is done. he’s last weeks news. put him out to pasture.

    Walter Solomon

    Lamar vs Mahomes is always fun to watch. I can the beginnings of a rivalry there since KC beat Baltimore a couple of times.

    Alex USTP

    @Mayer Amschel Rothschild i love russ i even have his jersey but hes not better than mahomes rn lol

Life Forms

When you realize Mahomes was not only the better QB, but damn near out performed the monster Henry at his own game. That’s how good Mahomes is, he’s on a different level and people need to understand that.

Also, huge shout out to Sammy Watkins. He knew Hill and Kelce were going to draw doubles all day and he took complete advantage of it. Every time KC needed a big play, there was Sammy with some acrobatic catch or clutch first down after first down. That Mahomes-Watkins bomb at the end really told the story of this game honestly.


    Mayer Amschel Rothschild
    Fair point
    I’m not saying Mahomes is currently better but I am saying he is very special

    Mayer Amschel Rothschild

    Oh yea I completely agree that Mahomes is an extremely special player. He’s got good football iq and is great at extending plays just like Wilson. Future first ballot HOF as long as he doesn’t get hurt.


    Mayer Amschel Rothschild 👍


    it helped that titans defense was making arm tackles the whole game (if you can even call it tackling)

    Blane be fishin

    rly gud prayur mahomes has played some of the best defenses in the league like the ravens and torched them. A good defensive line means nothing against him. He drops way back and rolls out just about every time anyways.

Luis Vazquez

Everyone: henry for 200 yds

Henry:69 yds

Mahomes: 59 yds


    Vincent Estrada

    Fishy Fabi exactly they didn’t give Henry the ball enough

Jack Wemply

Random fact:

Chiefs lost games to 3 AFC teams this year

(In order)

1. Colts
2. Texans
3. Titans

Patrick Mahomes has 3 playoff wins in career:

(In order)

1. Colts
3. Titans

    Jack Wemply

    @Brice Breaux I agree

    Jack Wemply

    @BlackMamba PG3D weakness and strength

    Matty Ice 2


    Look ma no clothes

    @Matty Ice 2
    Lol. Ikr

EaST CoAsT MaCHete

Mahomes is too good.

    Ron Dogg

    @Kave Jacobs and he likely wins that game if KC gets the ball first in OT..

    Then he’d definitely lay the hammer on the rams in the SB. And this is coming from a die hard eagles fan

    Zach p

    Number 31 on the 49ers……is way too good

Kavanaugh 13

Crazy to think the titans could’ve missed the playoffs. That was an amazing run by the titans.

+500 respect

    Blake T

    @shigsho to late you lost.

    Blake T

    @Harry Diaz yea, funny how the Ravens were expected to take it all..Titans had a great run..Go Chiefs!!

    BlackMamba PG3D

    Kavanaugh 13 a run that’s normally not made by a 9-7 wildcard team

Stryker HP

Since a kid I have been a Chiefs fan. Growing up in SC watching football with my grandfather. He was a big Chiefs fan but I don’t know why. So I became a Chiefs fan because of him.. Im 48 now and my family has no.connection to Kansas City. But I have been a fan all my life. So happy to see this.

    Drewan & Janicka Seymour

    Stryker HP hopefully KC could get the W for you and your grandfather!! 💪🏽


    I was raised in a 49ers family, so of course, we are all Niners fan. I have 4 brothers, and one of them was more of a Montana fan than a 49ers fan. When Joe Cool left to Kansas City, he followed. And for not wanting to be labeled as a bandwagon, he has stuck with the Chiefs ever since! We were both very happy watching the NFC and AFC championship games, yesterday. 2 weeks from now, he will be the only one wearing a Chiefs jersey when we watch the Super Bowl. Because of him, the Chiefs are my favorite AFC team. But I’m rooting for my Niners to take it all!


    I have been a chiefs fan for 50 years (this month). I remember watching Super Bowl IV and rooting for the Chiefs!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That day, I became a fan!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Luke Detering

    According to 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon, you probably do have connections to KC


All I heard all week was Chiefs will choke ,Titans will beat them …

    Low key Blunt

    BlackMamba PG3D everyone knew that the titans would not match up with the cheifs


    DynastyKit I already debunked this theory 😂


    @Jacob Hall You forget Heart, a big HEART

    joshua chevis

    San Francisco will don’t worry

Chikin nugets

Don’t forget who gave us home field advantage and a bye: the Miami dolphins.
Thank you dolphins.

    Morgz Is the best

    I love the dolphins now because of beating the pats


    Watch this https://youtu.be/W2QY9Bgso4g

    J M

    @Vinyl LP Reviews Would HAVE…not “would of…”

    Ademar Sandoval Moya

    @Jimbo Slice r.ce


Keep in mind Henry caught 2 passes for -8 yards in the second half. That means overall, Henry had negative yardage for the entire second half. To hold someone like Henry to negative yardage for two quarters is just unreal.

    jake scott

    @Dr. Kelp Yeah, he said that in his first reply.


    TheStapleGunKid you can’t line up and run when you’re behind, takes too much time. When Tennessee was not behind he was getting good yardage but they stopped running once they were down which made them one dimensional and easier to stop, since they couldn’t fool KC with play actions anymore.

    Vincent Estrada

    Mike Camelo Henry choked are you stupid if they ran the ball with him every play they would of won he’s the only reason they got that far

Brian Hum

Saying the only reason KC won was because they got out to a lead and forced Tennessee to throw rather than run Henry is being disingenuous and just trying to keep the narrative from last year going that KC’s defense isn’t good. The first half was played exactly how Tennessee wanted, the Chiefs still held him to under 3.9 YPC and won the half. Yes Henry’s a bruiser and wears D’s down later in the game but the KC D containing Henry for long enough is what allowed them to get that lead so the Titans had to go away from the run.

KC’s D played great, just as they have for a while now. Most people have just been too busy trying to slight them to notice and have given the offense all the credit.


    @Telltale Twotones https://youtu.be/NSc6tTeDOx8


    Agreed, read my comment^^ they were containing DH so they felt thru had to abort the run and put it in Ryans hands.

    Temple Slug

    Anyone who says that doesn’t understand football..


Chiefs gameplan: Hold Henry to under 100 yds and put the game into Tanehill’s hands✅✅✅

    Craig Carson

    @methus57 not really…when KC shut down Henry, Tannehill didnt step up….the last TD drive Tenn had where KC didnt play as aggressive is what made his stats look even respectable..he didnt play good when needed..he looked like what he is….a game manager


    It would be better if Marcus would be put in.


    Sin Fourten my point exactly


    Todd Bearden idiotic, holding the Ravens and the patriots both under 15 pts definitely isn’t mediocre 🤔🤔

    Leviatan West

    You’re right babyyyy


Hope Chief’s take it only because of Andy Reid and everything hes gne through great coach nonetheless

Rey Gomez

That last sack will be in that dudes head for a lifetime ….one hell of a way to enter the superbowl….

Georgie C

Man what a game and a memory I’ll never forget sharing with my dad! He’s been a Chiefs fan when Montana got traded in 93 I grew up and became a Chiefs fan because of my dad! I saw seasons of ups and downs but to be able to finally see our team win and see a Super Bowl with pops is gonna be awesome!! Let’s get it boys!! #chiefskingdom

    joe dean

    same here!

    Jr Aguilera

    Them Matt Cassel days were tough too !! Glad to see PM having the keys

    DRK lilharpbreezy

    jaylenboi nah chiefs will destroy them

    Georgie C

    Jr Aguilera tell me about it especially the 2-14 season before Andy came to save our franchise!

Cc Davis

Salute to the Titans for their effort. Chiefs y’all deserve this W especially after last year when the refs screwed y’all against the patriots now go that championship

    Chris Wagner

    Yup now the refs worked for them instead.

    Sir Mixalot

    Evidence. The Titans had a great season no disrespect whatsoever but after first quarter the Chiefs dominated. The P.I. call was legit if not why didn’t Vrabel challenge? Wasn’t a game where one call non call influenced outcome. Not even close to that. N.E. game last year had a critical phantom ‘roughing the princess’ call that was not challengable. The game went to O.T. and likely could have been won by KC in regulation missing that bogus roughing the passer that was completely fabricated and no where near a foul by any stretch of the imagination. You gotta dominate in an effort to disallow the refs to steer the game. I 100% believe these games are steered many times but I didn’t see that as a factor in this years AFCCG. Don’t take it any more serious than a reality tv show it is steered when all said and done.

    Bembo Jef

    @Vincent Estrada Titans need a second RB to bring some relief to Henry
    A RB with a more evasive play style
    Henry looked out of steam to push through the line which is his thing
    He barely reached the secondary in this game
    He was gassed and Vrabel knew it and tried to compensate with more passing play
    Titans did good but their main weapon was less efficient


    Thanks. But Dee fkn Ford screwed us. Not the refs for once.


I’m a chiefs fan. I’m have a lot of respect for the titans and I’m glad to see a team who started 1-4 almost make to the super bowl. +1000 respect



    Chris Wagner

    I’m still salty but damn if the Chiefs didnt find the points to push to break the Titans.

Dominus Limo

Finally a Super Bowl that doesn’t have the patriots

    Luke Detering

    I think the Patriots did every one a service by staying out of this superbowl

    Spicy Lemon

    The 49ers are still in though and they have lots of rings.

    Jeffery chamberlain

    we already beat those cheaters at home

    Gurvinder Parmar

    @no one Pat’s should be happy they faced the Titans..if they faced the Chiefs, they would have gotten blown out.

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Salute to the Titans for their effort. Chiefs y’all deserve this W especially after last year when the refs screwed y’all against the patriots now go that championship

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