Derrick Henry Full Season Highlights | NFL 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Derrick Henry Full Season Highlights | NFL 2019

Derrick Henry finishes a phenomenal year as the leading rusher in the NFL with 1,540 yards and 16 touchdowns in the regular season. Henry's monstrous post season logged him 446 yards and 3 touchdowns.

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Papa Newp

When it was posted 2 seconds ago 😍

Cameron Brander

Great job titans sorry it ended like that nice wheels Derrick Henry!

    German Santos

    YES! Derrick Henry and the Tennessee Titans were the number #6 seeded into the playoffs and this was like a Cinderella miracle. They came so close to going to the Super Bowl but came up short.

Emperor Palpatine

Chiefs played him really well today. Ironic that one of the worst running defenses did the best job of defending Henry in this postseason.


    Todd Patrick Mahomes is on offense genius

    Todd P

    ​@SuperFireX Only a moron would not get my comment.

    TTV- RIP-Noobs

    they tried to put the game in tannehill hands and he only had like 17 carries

    Chaotic Echo

    That’s what happens when u only have one super weapon

LIL Cl00rox

That man is dangerous

Steven Nacino

Best RB in the league. Don’t worry titan fans you will come back next year coming from a Seahawks fan.

    Reppin Seattle 79

    It amazes me how fast he is for such a big dude. Its like if Shaq in his prime was a runningback.

connor miller

Give him his money. He’s an absolute monster!

Carlos Guzman

congrats chiefs wish you guys luck on the SB also on 49ers or Packers who ever wins it’s gonna be a good game!!!

    Donovan Broadway

    Carlos Guzman Debo Samuel mudered just someone😂😂😂

JL 21

If he has another beast game against the chiefs he would’ve gotten 2k

Mike Lopez

Hopefully he goes best mode like this again next year.


Sorry on that loss Titans. Y’all pulled off a memorable run. Shame, people are clowning Henry for not hitting 100 yards… bunch of no lives

Kirk Moore

Sorry it ended so soon but the Oilers have a foundation to build on next year….

Nicholas Hebert

We praise you King Henry

OG Nemesis

This guy is the best running back in the league

Ijt The best

Derick Henry was a beast all season. Props for that

Go hawks

Living Like Larry

Titans had a tough lost but proved all the haters wrong by making it one game shy of the super bowl

Hopefully this ain’t a one time thing


To those of us fortunate enough to have drafted Derrick Henry in fantasy this year, from all us we all say THANK YOU!

Sports 311

This man was the new BEAST MODE this year


when you realize he gots more tds than most qbs this season

God's Sun_1

5:53 one of the best runs I’ve ever seen.

meron Kesete

He needs more help to win SB Rings but King Henry a LEGENDARY Player in the making Love from above and around the World. Top 3 RB in the NFL.

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