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Jimmy G Leads 49ers 89-Yd Scoring Drive

Jimmy Garoppolo leads the 49ers on an 89-yard touchdown drive. The Green Bay Packers take on the San Francisco 49ers during the 2019 NFL postseason's NFC Championship Game.

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Jaime Garcia

If the Niners do end up winning this game the NFL and Fox should let Joe Montana be a guest commentator for the Super Bowl

    Joseph Dodson

    Plus his last team was the chiefs

    Mark Symbala

    you played for the Cardinals

    Big Law LLC

    Nick Bosa another🏈💪🦍South Florida product is wreaking havoc. And who remember the old Joe Montana 🎮games.

    Landon Meyer

    And Jerry Rice the sideline reporter


    Because he played with both teams.

Jake Sam

Who’s here after the titans blew a 17 to 7 lead to the chiefs?

    Ok Boomer

    Andyroo 😮 titans suck

    Gabriel Vergara San Martín

    That’s not a leading worth of laughing at.

    Ok Boomer

    Andyroo 😮 at least my packers have won a super bowl. Super Bowls don’t even matter tho but overall the titans are a failed franchise


    @LeeTravius Mckay yea me too. I was excited the Bills came back. Felt bad for Houston and Warren Moon. Warren deserved a ring.


    houston blew a 24 point lead in a couple of minutes, never forget that lol


All those “experts” that picked the Packers must be sweating right now 😂


    98% of the experts picked the niners 🤣🤣

    Lemont Martin

    @Jacob Morin we all would be waiting on it sucker!!

    Rajae Jones

    William Kats III no cause I’m right

Lamajay Williams

Aaron Rodgers 1-5 NFC championship

    Wilfry 95

    Norwood Robins well yeah but that’s against Peyton Manning and Rodgers has lost so many nfc playoffs against not terrible qbs but definitely not amazing and remember Rodgers was supposed to be the new “GOAT”

    Norwood Robins

    @Wilfry 95 Rodgers 30 out of 36 over 300 yards a 2 tds pack defence is solely to blame 4 lose

    Daniel Lawler

    @Norwood Robins you win as a team you lose as a team.

    Wilfry 95

    Norwood Robins he also threw 2 ints

    Joe Correia

    @neetrab speaking of humble, you can get Astroneer for $19.99 on humble bundle

LeeTravius Mckay

They ran the ball on 3rd and 8 😲

    Joe Correia



    Read the blitz ❤💛


    @Alex Smith More like a good run team, they have been doing this to anyone and they dont even have a top 5 RB in the league, impressivr stuff.

    Alex Smith

    @eoe123321 well they have 3 very good RBs. But the Packers run defense was always terrible this season too.

Sho Sho

Everyone who said it’s rigged, but that’s not gonna happen. 😂😂

    Dillan Artis

    Sho Sho the NFL did this because they know people be saying it’s rigged and wanted to add the 49ers as an example


    Rigged for the Packers. Biggest frauds this entire season. They should easily be 6-10.

The Fuzzy Pickle

Damn Rodgers about to get dropped by state farm like a sack of taters

    Tom Smith

    @Anthony Arena 310 yards 2 td 1 int 83% comp against the best/2nd best d in the league in the NFC champ with literally no pass prot. damn declining

    Anthony Arena

    @Tom Smith his offense didnt put up a single point in the first half. Forget stats. The niners D started to let up. If the offense is even just respectable in the first half its a different game. Also a good amount of those pressures were overloads, qb is suppose to find the hot route and he didnt nor did he adjust the protection. He knew going in he wasnt going to have a lot of time. He is just as at fault as the offensive line, its the qbs job to adjust the protections and he did a horrible job today

    Tom Smith

    @Anthony Arena Yes, ***his offense*** the GB Packers are dogshit. And wtf do you mean forget stats? He played literally as well as any other QB would and better given the same conditions. Also, there was never a hot route. They showed his perspective on every one of those plays and every receiver was covered. You can’t “adjust” the protection if the players are literally just outmatched. Just stop trying to talk football. This is why everyone hates the Packers and their fans.


    @Joshua Johnson keep dreaming buuubah

Worldstar 2.0

“They still haven’t played anybody”


    They said the same thing b4 the eagles won the SB. Yeah… some of you said it too.

    5xNFLMVP PeytonManning

    @Anthony Arena 9ers will win as a “TEAM”

    Nick Johnson

    Packers aren’t anybody, but we all know the Niners are the best team in the NFL

    Jimbo 03

    Game still going on and y’all already counting the cheese pushers out

    Most complete memelord in the World

    @Jimbo 03 this comment aged terribly


Seahawks would have given the Niners a better game. The Packers didn’t deserve that first round bye and it’s showing.

Alex Smith

End zone: “Could somebody pass me the Mostert?”
Packers: “Gotchu fam.”

gogetit 500

Looks like it’ll be Chiefs vs 49ers this Superbowl

    J.M.R Guy

    gogetit 500 true

    Lemont Martin

    Just what I been saying since day 1

    Y E E T

    If we can hold the packers to 0 points which looks like will then yes, it’ll be Chiefs Niners Super Bowl


    the montana bowl

    Placebo Gaming

    49ers won



Robert Schwartzback

Packers lasting about as long as Donald Cerrone did last night. It’s ova.

    GeekFreek Monster

    No one No one and still the same lol

    Arlen Specter

    @Kurt James the only thing that is fake is that waistline of yours that you slim down with a girdle

    Mark Oliver

    Nice work Allison Rodgers

    Curtis Ray

    49er fans right now are celebrating their trip to the super bowl by shitting on the sidewalks. Go 49er fans

Sanity Est


    Donny NDonnyG

    And that’s without their starting center Weston Richburg

    Anton Yopp

    This is why alot of people doubted Jimmy. But NFL is a team game and they didn’t need him to win the NFC Championship. 72 yds passing wasn’t it. Wow that’s embarrassing for packers. Sucked in hahahah

Andres Uribe

Arron Rodgers: ‘We’ll be ready for them next time we see them’

27-0 halftime niners lead

    Placebo Gaming


zonex productions

Rodgers is no longer in.his prime his done

    Joseph Dodson

    Well that offense just let aaron do what he wanted now he’s in more of a Brady offense the goat.

    HungryForWater FX

    If you blame Rodgers because of this, then you’re absolutely deluded and ignorant to how football works.


    Jimmy G is here to put him out of his misery

    Fernado Grifaldo

    HungryForWater FX I don’t blame it on Rodgers 49s just has an unstoppable defense and tonight it really showed.

    Joseph Dodson

    This game was just like the falcons game after they beat the cowboys

marc dewon

49ers: “I’ma beat you to sleep”

Packers: 😴

    Diane Thornton

    marc dewon ima???

    The British Empire

    Diane Thornton Ok boomer.

Rara Maya

🔴 Live now here 👉 « telegra.ph/dgbawrfb-01-20?San-Francisco-49ers-vs-Green-Bay-Packers-01-20 »

    Joe Correia


Ken Goldsby

Thank you San Francisco from Bears Nation the NFL has been Cheating for the packers all year long

    Mar Blox

    Woo are Bears.???

    Un Redacted

    @Mar Blox the team that passed on Watson and Mahomes because the GM liked Trubiskys 20 year old toyota.

    CG Gamez


Landon Meyer

I thought I turned on the NFC Championship but my tv must’ve just been playing the recording of week 12

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