Patrick Mahomes Carries Chiefs to the Super Bowl | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Patrick Mahomes Carries Chiefs to the Super Bowl | NFL 2019 Highlights

Patrick Mahomes carries the Chiefs to Super Bowl 54 with 294 passing yards and three touchdowns. He added another 53 yards and a touchdown on the ground. The Tennessee Titans take on the Kansas City Chiefs during the NFL 2019 postseason's AFC Championship Game.

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Bryan Lindsay

Kareem Hunt: It should’ve been me

    Rio_ S550

    Hope he’s back in KC next year

    Matty Baseball

    You can say it should have been them last year and he cost his team.

    Ricardo Masvidal

    Whatever happened to Kareem Hunt? He got released right for kicking that women

    Dezmond Official

    Lmaoo Dolph Ziggler meme


Gotta give props to the titans for the beating the pats and the ravens on the road, congrats chiefs

    Aaron Michael

    Can’t be mad at a season like that! TitanUp

    Zack Hayes

    Aaron Michael titan up! Another full season of Henry and Tannehill coming up


    Why, they still are losers …doesn’t matter what order it comes in.. a loser is a loser….


    Thanks for doing our dirty work


Patrick mahomes is the new goat


MaHomeboy taking his talents to South Beach Miami…

    Kermit La Pew

    “I’m going to take my talents to South Beach and… join the Miami Dolphins”

    Op C

    @Ahmir Ahmir ik, when I read it I thought of something LeBron said when he joined the heat

    Brandyn Cozad

    Saying F you on the way out with a wink and a smile?

    Ahmir Ahmir

    @Op C That definitely makes sense. 😂

Sahar Aruk Bissong

The chiefs defense shut down Derrick Henry…let that sink in

    Sahar Aruk Bissong

    @Jeremiah Dominguez quit whining on yt and enjoy the win man, no need for negativity.

    Ms. Sharon

    @Jeremiah Dominguez jesus, get your Midol from your purse and calm down.

    Jake Minder

    Sahar Aruk Bissong you gotta love the D


Congratulations to The Chiefs and Chiefs Nation. That Team is high powered!!! I’m rooting for them in The SB!!  #TITANUP

    Living Life

    Your Titans gave up on the run game way too soon. Stopped doing what got them there!

    Rio_ S550

    Chiefs Kingdom

    First Name Last Name

    That should be a hell of a Super Bowl

    Ms. Sharon

    Chiefs Kingdom, not nation.


Titans fan since day one, proud of what did this year…

    Mike James

    Great run. They need to get Henry to work on pass downs. Sucks to see best player on sidelines 3rd and +5 or trailing late.


    ONLY ON WEEKENDS, The Titans picked the exact right time to get hot, and when a team gets hot, they are dangerous. I thought they would win again, as they got off to another hot start. The Chiefs however, cannot afford to go down against the Niners early, like they did the last 2 weeks.


    @SAGENATOR1 always gotta have people that know nothing about football make ignorant remarks. Hay Sage who’s your favorite team? Probably was New England they lost then Baltimore they lost so now you are all about KC.

Ben Moon

Titans have had a good season.

    The Egganator

    A surprising season fot sure

    Keisa black

    How 9-7

Khamde Pak

Chiefs: We have an Army!

Titans: we have “King” Henry!

Me: that got dethroned


    @Get to the CHOPPAAA yeah i know. Last year they were a penalty away from going. I can’t count on my team to even make it to the championship lmao. Im a dallas fan

    Get to the CHOPPAAA

    Blazingnate1234 I feel ya. I’m a Texans/titans fan. We won’t ever get there. At least Romos out there reppin Dallas in the booth. Guy kills it as a broadcaster.


    @Get to the CHOPPAAA I like romo more then Prescott. Only problem was he was made of glass. I miss the romo and dez connection. But it is what it is. Im hoping we can do better with our new coaching staff. Titans did shock me this year though. They played great and beat two top teams back to back

    Get to the CHOPPAAA

    Blazingnate1234 dez getting hurt when he joined the saints was such a dagger. If jerry will let mike coach they might improve some.


Congrats Chiefs on the win, and Titans fans you guys had one hell of a season. Overall a good game.

    Care Harris

    Jesee Right


    Care Harris left



Oliver Guthrie

Let’s go I’m soooo happy 😭😭😭 50 years in the making baby.

    patrick mahomes Is the goat

    Steve Owens someone’s a titans fan lol

    Mr_ Whale_Milker_Jr

    patrick mahomes Is the goat ikr

    Shelly Weiers

    Oliver now if green bay can win it will be the two teams that played in super bowl 1 wouldn’t that be cool


I’m a Broncos fan but I got mad respect for Mahomes. Also, the Titans had an amazing run! 🔥🔥🔥

    Dustin Lewis

    I LOVE our QB!


    @Dustin Lewis its like that simpsons meme about world without lawyers but with Patriots instead of lawyers. everyone is happy no matter who wins the AFC

    Jaylen K

    True that

Alexis Sánchez

Big up the Titans though. Nobody expected them to get this far at all

    football highlights

    Csokops10 i do

    Op C

    @Csokops10 hehe go to Europe you’ll hear his name everywhere


    @Op C exactly, these NFL fans probably think that’s his actual name 🤦🏾‍♂️😂😂😂😂

    Huey Newton

    @Op C He’s actually correct, im going to agree with him.

Devil’s Advocate

Titans Fans: We have a Hulk!
Chiefs Fans: We have Iron Man!

    Care Harris

    Devil’s Advocate Ahhhhhh😂😂


I’ve waited 50 years. I’m crying. Wish my pop was here. We are both Chiefs fans.


    @Josh Snow right on man. Happy Monday

    Drug Peclo

    Yall taking that L patty gonna be dizzy all game

    Keira Gunther

    Prayers 🙏


    Drug Peclo fog post on some 49ers comments you just salty

    Lindsay Wilmoth

    My father loved watching the chiefs and I lost him on January 5th so he won’t get to see them go to the Superbowl. Hopefully heaven has a big screen that will show the super bowl.

Lord Momin



    Lord Momin CHIEFS!!!!

    Brody Hill

    “I fucken love this guy!”


    Kelce goat

Todd P

Mahomes is a once in a lifetime player.

    Todd P

    @PopeTX28 Gotcha. At first I misread your comment.


    He is a god tier talent

    Todd P

    Londonps So glad he’s on the Chiefs.


    Todd P you guys are lucky enjoy him he’s young. I’m from Boston so we had Brady but this dude is another type of animal

Sports Fan until the end

Titans ain’t no fukn joke! Congrats on a good year Titans.

– Chiefs fan –

    Care Harris

    Sports Fan until the end ya they were both really good teams

Aerus Ph.D.

Max Kellerman climaxed so hard watching this game.

    B Eazy336

    He’s the greatest player I’ve ever seeeeeen

Young Kills

I’m in awe of this guy never seen anything like him in the entire era of the NFL If he wins he will be not only MVP but SUPERBOWL MVP and Champion in first 2 years ..Wow!

    World of Soulcalibur

    first 3 years

    Ngolo Ronde

    @World of Soulcalibur first 2 years as a starter


    Young Kills Almost made it to the Super Bowl in his first starting year too, the man is insane

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