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RIP Juice

0:10 oooh my man Wilson with the shades

    justin time

    Watch out…he dangeruss!

    RIP Juice

    justin time 😂


    It’s so the DBs can’t see where he’s looking I think.


Imagine being as good as these guys

    William Ryan

    @OhioState Buckeyes believe

    Payton Thornberry

    @OhioState Buckeyes Don’t listen to these fools bro

    Bruh Gaming

    @OhioState Buckeyes I wanna be in Alabama or Illinois


    OhioState Buckeyes what position you play?

    Your One Black Friend Who Gave you the N Word Pass

    @OhioState Buckeyes Wait, how in middle school but in 9th grade?

Aaditt Rishi

This was actually a fun event to watch

    Jason R.

    Aaditt Rishi I agree, I think they should rework the numbers and holes a little, they were basically going for those 3’s the entire time

    Pan Pan

    The skills showdown is awesome

    The game is awful

    TheBlazikenBro BOI

    Jason R. Like maybe make those 1s so they go elsewhere

    Cory Lee

    Not with those camera switches!! Throw…switch camera….throw…..switch camera…..jesus.

Triple AAbdi

This is one of the best pro bowl challenges I’ve ever seen

    llboxedyou -

    From Boyce Davis – please support the Legacy Football Michigan Eastside 2020 fundraiser:


    Triple AAbdi it would be better if it was moving targets and both DBs had to work to cover them, then it wouldn’t just be throwing it to the corner every single time 😂

    marquise carr

    Said the same thing


    I used to love the moving targets qb challenge

Teal Town

Gilmore and Fitzpatrick are a nasty duo

    WCRQ Insanity

    @Nephric Im talking about right now.I would take Wilson over Mahomes but its pretty close.Tney both play very similarly but Wilson has made 2 super bowls and won one.Mahomes has only made one.If they both were tied in the playoff category I would say they are pretty much the same.

    6rofoni 5lim

    Gilmore to PIT confirmed

    O Gomez

    @WCRQ Insanity Wilson’s defense won him the first SB, and he cost his team the second SB. Mahomes missed a trip his first year starting by the wire, and his arm took them to this one. To be fair Wilson would probably dominate with weapons like Mahomes has too.

    Dustin Wilson

    Russ is a beast

    OldSchool RuneScape Content - RSChrisG

    @WCRQ Insanity mahomes is in his own leauge russel is number 2 atm imo but the gap is large.

Jamen Steindel

Quenton Nelson: I got em! I got em!


I still want a WR vs DB event


    Facts 1v1’s best match ups but lol I feel like that’ll start beef 😭

    Mr. Walk Down

    SnuckleBuckle they do this in high school all the time it makes no sense that they don’t do it in the pro bowl it’s stupid to not have this as an event. I feel like they know a lot of people would get exposed. I feel like Odell would take a lot of ankles

    Mr. Walk Down

    VeryOK 🤦🏾‍♂️do you play football how in the hell can you injury yourself in a 1v1 when it’s just the wr and dB on the field ?

    Mr. Walk Down

    A. P. You have to be trying to hurt somebody in a 1v1 if anybody gets injured

    6rofoni 5lim

    9/10 TimesMyCommentsROffensive julio 1v1 with any DB favors Julio

KP23daGOAT 1

They should have done for the last round the qb’s try to pick off the cb’s

    Connie B


    Cook Jones

    @N Figueroa learn* nice try clown


    Waste of time

    UnpricedPrawn 70

    Cook Jones that’s what he said lmao

hehe xd

It’s weird seeing a patriots player at the pro bowl

    ricky v

    hehe xd Get used to it lmao

    first/m /last

    Jaylock loved it


    That whole city of Boston cheats if it’s not football it’s baseball.

    Max 43

    @Blade Runner that is such an innovative name. How old are you? At least childish.

    MVT Prod.


Bob Sulivan

Lmao Looks Like They are Playing Goalie


    basically waht the position is. look up tre white goalie academy

    Rahim Joseph

    Also soccer goalkeeper

    Jesse Rdo

    Bob Sulivan yeah I played goalkeeper in soccer my whole life middle school and elementary I wonder how I would do now as a DB if I start my freshman year in football 🏈

Ricardo Masvidal

This is more fun then the actual pro bowl game.

    Cracker-Barrel:Kid 55


    Dan M

    @Bernard Johnson [Robert] Edwards was chosen by the New England Patriots in the first round of the 1998 NFL Draft. He rushed for 1,115 yards for the Patriots in the 1998 National Football League season, before blowing out his knee at an NFL rookie flag football game in Hawaii during Pro Bowl week.

    Wade's Football Mania


    Gal A.I Prod



Russ can really put some heat on it

Marcelo C

Every challenge involving throw footballs, wilson will own it.

    Cole Barnes

    Marcelo C gonna have to move the point board 70 yards away then

    A Fucking Bird

    That’s our QB! 💚💙

David James

Imagine jameis Winston doing this

    Mooney’s Outdoors

    500 yards* idc what you say

    Mexican Power



    Hits every 5 pointer, but throws so many picks that it evens out

    Ric H

    @Colin Petti Jameis has more yards than every other QB this year, not just Rodgers. Also has more Turnovers than every other QB…LOL

    Mr. Eric

    He’d finish with exactly zero

henry ha

Wow Wilson was the only one to get the 5 pointer and he did it twice

    The Rideshare Foodie

    He’s also the only one who started with two interceptions lol

    Borie Seng

    @The Rideshare Foodie and STILL ended with the most points of all QBs its not how you start its how you finish lol

    Borie Seng

    @James Miller AND what he do in The playoffs ? 1 and done he had the ultimate team with the MOST prowbowlers and couldn’t find away to win coming off a bye too smh. Yeah tell him to keep running give a team a full year of tape and you can neutralize a player. One of the best pass blocking teams and still takes off for the run ?

    6rofoni 5lim

    James Miller he won’t even be top 10 in passing touchdowns next season plus 1200 rushing shows he’s the best rb out there🤡

Vaios Fitsilis

Russell Wilson could probably take that small 5pt hole to the playoffs

    Austin Hill

    Honestly he was insane but he just lost too many points on the interceptions

    Donald Trump Jr. X

    @Austin Hill He still scored the most too

    HelpfulPuffin19 9

    Vaios Fitsilis I’m kinda dumb and don’t get the joke. Are you talking bout super bowl 49 where five points would have won them the game or the game against the packers over a week ago where they lost by 5. (Or is it something completely different?)


    @HelpfulPuffin19 9 Its a joke based on the fact the Wilson has absolutely carried the Hawks the last few years


    @HelpfulPuffin19 9 its because his team isnt great and he makes his receivers look really good with nice ball placement. He hit that tiny little target worth 5 points pretty easily.

jay the man

Russell’s accuracy level: infinity

    DatChargers Fan



    Edwin Edu Russ had more points in both competitions but ok

    The Rideshare Foodie

    My man started with two picks and should have ended with three interceptions, that’s not the definition of infinity my man lol

    Jay Holm 623

    KMaark Kirk was good too. Just bc Russell was better doesn’t mean Kirk wasn’t good. Lol it’s kinda like how the regular season went too

Jason Arceo

Lamar Jackson looks like his mom made him come to the event

    O Gomez

    @Afrika Rising if we watched the same pro bowl, Lamar didnt show up either.

    Ugochukwu Anthony

    lol them ravens boys got punched in the mouth

    Joey J

    Captain hecker…cousins isn’t high maybe the black ones are high on their job

    Adrien Yb

    @Joey J W


Russell showing why he’s one of the most accurate quarterbacks in the league


    Along with Kirk Cousins


    Kirk Cousins has some of the best accuracy in the league but I’m disappointed in his performance lmao


    @MAKAVELIxxCODExRED he makes bad decisions.


    madhatten00 still accurate, just no where close at all to the word “clutch”


She rude “you can take them off now” 😭😭💔

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