Dodgeball: 2020 Pro Bowl Skills Showdown – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
WittyBanter 96

Why not make this the main event of the pro bowl at this point?

    Drew Baker



    WittyBanter 96 I think I’d prefer that 😂

Doritos 5

This is more important than the actual game

    Miguel Gomez


    Gonk Droids

    True best part of pro bowl week

Brady Haley

So when are y’all gonna tell EA madden to be better?


    @Dustin H Facts


    It’s EA. This is what they do and have been doing forever. There’s a reason they lost a ton of money last year

    Leah Browning

    LANDRY is the MAN!!


Jarvis Landry is actually the best dodge ball player of all time that was sick

    David Steck

    Landry doesn’t have an arm and Not hard to catch when they all throw like school girls. Try playing dodgeball with mlb players

    Cooked Juice

    I mean I’m better 🤷🏽‍♂️ but gg

    Rogue Wookiee

    Jarvis dominated the dodge ball game a few years back too

Anna - I love sex :* TAP ON MY PHOTO:*

We should replace the actual game with more of these fun activities

    Solomon the wise

    I’d love to start making dodgeball a profession.


    Solomon the wise it is


Madden is gonna have to increase Landry’s catching even more.


    Facts he needs to be xfactor

    clikkie xx

    3lement2010 ofcourse I do, look at mine 🙂


    3lement2010 he deserves X factor

    It’s Jamal_1

    They need to increase cam Heyward catching and throwing power


Someone should make a petition to add a dodge ball game mode to madden…

    Undank Kiddo

    Nah they gotta add more packs to make money off of


    They can’t even make the football work.

    Michael Nicholson

    They added it to 2k and it’s garbage 😂

    Ricj 27

    Gabriel Anderson 😂😂😂😂😂😭😭

    Paul Smith

    Facts make Jarvis a 99 overall in that lol


Not gonna lie, this Pro Bowl feeling low key lit for me

    Ryan Pelopero

    Dooky this is every Pro Bowl. It’s lit like this every year

    Tyler Frederick

    It’s cause you know Kenny g is there

    Ski Nin3thr33

    John Doe duhhh smart guy

Matt Barker

Jarvis Landry’s Madden rating just skyrocketed.


    But he was already a force tho :/



    Matt Barker

    Jarvis Landry > Odell Beckham Jr

Matthew Mack

5:14 anyone else notice Davante just start juggling 😂

    Cam Newton

    he was trying to troll jarvis but ended up losing lol

    Dxpressed Soulz

    @BV3 he did.

    Dionte Poke

    Yeah lol

    Tumbo Tumbo

    Matthew Mack oooooköölöö

    My HighnesS



5:15 Lmao did y’all see Davante just start juggling in the middle of the game 😂

    Kobe Is The Goat

    Harambe 🐐🧀

    Sergio Moralez


    Shaun Murphy

    Miss you harambe

Small Dog

This was a good idea whoever thought of this

Tyler L

every other player on the afc team in game two:aight imma head out
Jarvis Landry:Fine, ill do it myself

    Patrick Star

    Nick Chubb

    Jake 0429



    Don’t do nick Chubb like that bro

Swa Sho

4:42 I always wondered why Wide Outs don’t just do this every dodgeball game. They practice year round catching not dodging lol

    Srikar Mylavarapu

    Ski Nin3thr33 I am not saying the receivers aren’t skilled. They are absurdly skilled, best receivers in the world etc. let’s put it this way, if gloves had no appreciable impact, then there would be some number of players that didn’t wear them. Every player that has to catch something wears gloves— at least 90 percent.
    The gloves are a tool that help them do their job better— just like cleats are a tool that let you have traction on grass. You can’t cut as hard with sneakers on grass as you can with cleats. The cleats help you so your job better. I forgot the article but they said the silicone on gloves today gives a 20% grip improvement

    Amari Cooper

    Shut up

    Flippy 117

    Ski Nin3thr33 no, odells catch was impossible without gloves. You have zero catching experience if you don’t understand that. You can’t catch a 40 mph deep ball falling backwards with 3 fingers where your hand doesn’t even go around the ball. With any receiver experience you can make wild one hand catches with a good pair of gloves, especially when nfl players play with like 600$ gloves lol.

    Flippy 117

    Srikar Mylavarapu I feel like it’s more then that on one handed catches. Gloves are basically the reason anyone can get one hand snags when the ball is thrown at an NFL quarterback speed. Otherwise barehand you can’t just close half your hand around the ball way out from your body and hope to hold onto it.

ILoveHiphop DCYoungFly

Jarvis Landry destroys at this every year

Aqua Man

damn Jarvis the goat, literally gives the balls away and then catches 3 in a row

    Dylan Poster

    Derek Castaneda if he touched them and dropped them, he would have been out🙃

    Derek Castaneda

    Dylan Poster again you should watch it again or even a third time. He dropped two balls to catch the third one.

    Dylan Poster

    Derek Castaneda oh you meant he dropped them from his own hands, I thought you meant he dropped ones that were thrown at him

    Derek Castaneda

    Dylan Poster it’s ok I’m just a big cowboys fan. And it hurt that Smith got out at the end by Jarvis.


Jarvis Landry’s Catch Rating in Madden: *Yes*

axel renteria

I like how they’re narrating a dodgeball game


Announcers: “Yeah, everybody knows the rules, its classic dodgeball!”

Announcers 5 minutes later: *silently panicking as a **_deflected ball_** gets caught*


    johngojohngo hahahahaha

Kingston Duhon

2 vs 1 the nfc thinks they won. Jarvis Landry: I like those odds

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