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Philly Philly

YESSIR “Get that Money”

    Eric Nielsen

    Philly stop being everywhere

    Philly Philly

    @Eric Nielsen lol

    MVT Prod.

    Sup philly philly

    Philly Philly

    @MVT Prod. wassup?!

    German Ludwig

    Philly Philly I know Bruce!

SydlikGamingandComedy 2

“Get that Money”

Bruce Smith 2020


    SydlikGamingandComedy 2 that was Bruce Smith

    SydlikGamingandComedy 2

    HO5TILEBEAN 717- sorry I didn’t see the number. Thanks for the correction

    Will Hunter


    Ruben Ashlock

    I thought it was Terrell Davis


There go the refs blowing the calls again.
Even @ the Pro Bowl. Of course.

    James Travis

    Gotta stay consistent

Ian Patel

Over the shoulder for Lamar and Andrews was such a bad call

    VikingZ Productions

    Devante Parker should have been there

    Borie Seng

    @gueeds23 yeah he had missed all the over the shoulder throws even the catch haha

    Sherky Vang

    Ian Patel Why tf is Cordarelle Patterson in the hands Competition? Just cause you catch kick returns and punts don’t make you an elite in this round of skills smh 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

    Sherky Vang

    But Why tf is Cordarelle Patterson in the hands Competition? Just cause you catch kick returns and punts don’t make you an elite in this round of skills smh 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️


The drills comps are usually pretty fresh.
No energy this yr though.
They’re too cool for drill school.

Zach Miller

The NFC’s biggest problem was assuming that Cordarelle Patterson has hands.

    Namesaintsbest 13


    Namesaintsbest 13

    Micheal Thomas where is he?!?!?!?

    Vercingetorix king of the Arverni

    @Marc LeBlanc

    He did a hell of a lot more than return on special teams did you even watch the games? Dude was flying all over the place.

    Actively Lazy

    @Sidhartha Penalver Kirk Cousins is a pretty accurate passer

Stage Bandit

Mark Andrews over the shoulder catch shouldn’t have counted wtf 😂


The refs are even bad in the Skills challenge

    Angel Ibarra

    Ni’Quavius Walker suree

    Frank Jesus

    @Ni’Quavius Walker well yeah, the season will be over


    Frank Jesus he means he is not going to watch ever again

    Mike Marek

    @Ni’Quavius Walker bullshit

    Stone Cold

    They had money on this too.

Eric Crossley

Ight bro who put cordarelle Patterson in a hands competition


    Ak41 Kamara or maybe even Mike Evans would’ve been better than Patterson

    Chris Paul point god

    Where dhop

    Fôrtñïtê Šüçkß

    Eric Crossley it should have been golladay

    That Guy

    Frankie Nehilla he didn’t even make the pro bowl as a wide receiver so idk why he was even in this event

Sam Co

I get that Kirk wasn’t great, but Patterson must have oiled his hands before trying to catch

    Dèë Råmz

    Extra Butter


    To be fair, he made it as a kick returner, not a reciever

    Edwin Edu

    how was Kirk not great? he was toe to toe with Russell. Russell won the points but both of them displayed great competition


    @Edwin Edu that was in a different competition


    Kirk was throwing dots wtf you mean

Stan Lee

how rigged. refs giving lamar and andrews that over the shoulder throw.
not only that afc got two teammates working together!

    Joseph Petracek

    @Zebra Trading Patterson hasn’t been a Viking for years


    @Jaylock you don’t put spaces for subreddits ok boomer

    Matt White

    >Going on reddit

    Frankie Nehilla

    It’s also rigged because the nfc had to use Cordarelle Patterson

El Snail

Michael Thomas would have been too good for em


    JJRAYX9 not even close. Thomas just had the yards

    Matthew Mendel

    XnonZ he had the best catch percentage for a wr…


    @JJRAYX9 hopkins got much better hands then thomas hands down

    nate boureaux

    2pac Thomas had a way better catch percentage this season than Hopkins

    Ak41 Kamara

    He won last year

Jordan Cooley

Desaun Watson caught himself saying Landry has got the best hands in the league

Boy almost forgot about Deandre Hopkins

    Kendra Anonymous

    He actually said some of the best hands.


    @Kalebpierremusic i wouldn’t worry about a QB


    Actually it’s still Larry Fitzgerald and will always be Larry fitzgerald. He has less than 35 drops in his career. For perspective, both Chris cater and Jerry rice had over 70 drops in their first 10 seasons. Keenen Allen is the only current player on Larry’s drop pace.

    Digital Dino

    ray ray Thomas dropped out, didn’t specify

    Omar Awadeh

    D Hop is the best receiver in the league


Jarvis making everyone else look like amateurs.

    Sergio Moralez

    STAB 45 Davante is a better route runner tho 💯

    Caden Roberson

    OBJ should be out there

    Ryan Benson

    Caden Roberson if they had obj they would’ve lost

    I’m to Wavy

    Sergio Moralez he don’t have better hands

    Yo Yoyo

    Caden Roberson no he had such a terrible season tell me who the would replace


*How TF did the NFL think Patterson belonged in a “hands” competition???*

Hamish Murray

Jarvis Landry thinking “so this is what it’s like to have a good quarterback”


    Ikr…..he looked shocked as if he didn’t know good qbs really existed

Hasmine H. Cruz

Isn’t Patterson a kick returner? Why he in skills catching challenges



    Fôrtñïtê Šüçkß

    Hasmine H. Cruz it should have been golladay

    Slim 803


Christian Thao

where’s Adam Thielen when you need him

bb Bloodsaw

They should’ve had Russ and Michael thomas together like last year cause they won


    bb Bloodsaw mike dropped out

1k subs with trash vids?

NFL: We need one bad player
Cordell Patterson: I will step up

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