Thomas One-Handed Catch Sets Up Brees Tying Manning’s TD Record – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Thomas One-Handed Catch Sets Up Brees Tying Manning’s TD Record

Michael Thomas makes an incredible one-handed catch that leads to Drew Brees tying Peyton Manning's all-time passing TD record. The Indianapolis Colts take on the New Orleans Saints during Week 15 of the 2019 NFL season.

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wavy jr

#1 WR this season

    Connor Bergeron

    @CHIEIFS ALL THE WAY nah don’t listen to him. Look at the numbers..Thomas is on a whole different level from everyone else


    Turhan Henderson

    @abrahm edp he’ll always have better moments, MAYBE. It’s not guaranteed that when everyone is retired, he’ll be the best of the bunch. He does probably have the best tackling ability of them though, lol.

    Nam Nguyen

    Jamir Bingham

    Lol y’all smoking rocks Julio on gets yards lol not TDs he’s not even a red zone threat anymore lol not to mention he dropped some of the most important passes that would have secured the falcons a playoff spot remember that? lol the best receivers get yards and TDs not to mention have a high catching rate

King James

That was so beautiful, watching the game now.


Thomas is one of the more solid WRs in the game and very consistent.


    @CHIEIFS ALL THE WAY He’s already got the best stats ever through any four years of football.


    @CHIEIFS ALL THE WAY Who the hell is “MOhomes”?


    @JBryan314 lol I know

    Nam Nguyen


    What an understatement.. “one of the more solid” lol

Alfie The doggo

There has been a lot of record setting this season.

But I only know 2


Michael Thomas is my favorite player and I’m a saints fan


    Green wall tree I don’t play fortnite

    Turhan Henderson

    @Y2Kelly04 take an “s” out.


    @Y2Kelly04 wat did I spell wrong?

    Levi Findely

    Josh 97 lol 😆

Marcela Valdez


Cameron Vlogs 24/7

Who’s better

Like=micheal Thomas

Comment=Odell Beckham jr

    Harry Porter


    Yolo Games ZR

    OBJ is WAY better

    Nam Nguyen

Control Games

Like if drew brees going to the hall of fame

    Cameron Santiago

    @Ghost. kind of got a point… most of career played in a dome… visits south florida a year, Atlanta (another dome), and Carolina isnt ever get snowy conditions. Also plays for an extremely offensive head coach, that has forced him to throw for many yards because of horrid defenses. Regardless, stats dont lie

    Dr. Phil Vlogs

    Control Games no doubt


    @da boat gamer its harder to throw when the wind is blowing and its snowing.

    Nam Nguyen


What’s funnier is that he tied the record against the Colts

cmoney zhen

Imagine breaking the record again Manning’s former team



    Ace Bold

    Denver was his last team

    Jasper Bitero Bohol

    Ace Bold he said former team not last team

    Stevy Luv

    But i know Peyton manning is happy & dissapointed at the same time

Greg Hadfield

“He might need to change it to ‘best_hands_in_the_business’ “
* *clever laugh* *

I’m sure that’ll stick

    Mr Beast

    Yes it will


    He’s a boomer, cut him some slack.


Can someone draw out how this happened?

FDB Panda

People who disliked are the ones who can’t make the catch

I’m joking

    Sara Knox

    No, you right

ThatGuy Alex

Tre’Quan Smith is just helping brees get all time records. Last year it was yards, this year it’s TDS

Leo Jones

It seems every time Brees makes history it goes to trequan


    Trequan was a rookie last year

    Turhan Henderson

    @Y2Kelly04 yes. When Brees broke the all time passing record. Again.


    @Turhan Henderson no, he threw it to Josh Hill to break the record

    Turhan Henderson

    @Y2Kelly04 on the TD pass? Because no one’s argued the guy who said it was Tre’Quan.

Brian Maduku

“hOpKinS iS tHe bESt wR” yeah OK

Mateo Seymour

The guy who caught the TD (Tre’Quan Smith) is the same guy who caught Brees TD pass last year to give him the record for all-time passing yards


NEWSFLASH Drew Brees has the record

Lord of Autism

Michael Thomas be like 💪🏿🗿💪🏿

a b

If he’s not the best quarterback ever, then I don’t know who is. So underrated.


    Brees should have at least 3 rings and at least two MVP awards. MVP voters robbed him in 2009 and 2011. Marcus Williams robbed him of a SB in 2017 and the refs robbed him in 2018.

    Kevin Durant

    First name tom last name brady

    a b

    @Kevin Durant pfff. He sucks. He’ll always be pick 199 in my eyes. Belicheck is the real 🐐

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