Drew Brees Breaks Peyton Manning’s All-Time Passing TD Record – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Rik Bhagwan

An all time great QB. And an even better person. I’ve been blessed to watch Drew Brees play. Congrats to an icon 🙌🙌

Uncle Quan

It’s amazing that we get to tell our kids we witnessed history 👏🏾

    Jon Collins

    How about tell them a better part of history rather than some guy throwing a football a bunch.


    BountyGate??? your 1 gifted SB ring is tarnished because the saints cheated

    Silver Is The Name

    JB911 well then let’s change that and bring home a ring the fair way the right way WHO DAT ⚜️

    Nathan Pack

    JB911 how tf did the saints cheat? You must be a Bucs, Falcons or panthers fan.

Staymelo7 V2


    GOAT 10


    proj ajs

    @GOAT 10 ik like isnt that illegal or something lol

    Jose Flores

    No they didn’t

    Original Name

    Jose Flores they did


What’s a 🐐 doing on the field with a helmet in shoulder pads?

    Intellectual One

    @Angel Valverde Im a realist who only speaks the truth. Don’t like truth? Don’t come to YouTube. I’m not the one to pander to your sensitive feelings and tell you everything will be sunshine and rainbows. If you don’t question everything and think with your own mind, even if that means going against the norm, then you truly are a brainless sheep.

    Omni Pepper

    Intellectual One nah you just a hater. Brees is still one of the best out of a dome and the best in a dome as well. In fact, he’s the most accurate qb in a stadium. If you want to say my sources are wrong without evidence because you can’t prove them wrong then okay, but you are wrong. You’re stats are basic and don’t show the full picture.

    And brees has a higher passer rating

    Omni Pepper

    Intellectual One actually why are we even arguing. Brees doesn’t know or care about you or what you think at all. He’ll always be a better man than you, so why bother trying to put him down.

    Adil Janjua

    @Intellectual One when you don’t have a life

    Zephyr IV

    Intellectual One brees owns every big record. He’s the goat. Pretty simple

I play Random games

Drew brees is arguably one of the greatest of all time

Today we witnessed history

    Emmanuel-John Turner

    @Russian Bot #19538532 They strive to make money, then win a championship. That’s how it should be and is most of the time. Championships really shouldn’t hold much weight when comparing players on success, at least not in team sports.

    t brooks

    Arguably? That’s Breesus no argument needed

    Aaron Rodgers

    haha am better

    Ben McMahon

    He’s is one of greatest for sure!

William Vaine

Video: has 50 comments
Me: can I see them
YouTube: No.

    The InvictusSamaritan

    William Vaine 😂

    bruce lau

    William Vaine YouTube acting up

Malik Billings-el

And he did it on Peyton’s old team damn🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    I H

    Peyton is a scumbag!


    @Esketit Esketit so you’re the stupid guy?

    Brandon Brooks

    And he broke the record by completing the TD pass…to his BACKUP QB.

    We do realize this, right???

Daddy SmokesYams

“TD pass 540 in the 504” I bet the announcer was waiting all night to say that 😂

Salute Drew Brees. Way too underrated

    Pistol grip

    Cory Conger New Orleans area code

    Tony Zheng

    Hope Belichick made Brees to the NFL top 100 all time list

    Andrew Underwood

    Zenigundam is… is this you not being a hater to the Saints, LSU, or any intellectual life? Zeni, can I call you Zeni? You’ve grown so much from recording girls without their knowledge in the back of the bus. Congrats on developing as a decent human being.

    ghost in the shell357

    Well in stats he’s the greatest of all time but I feel like 1 ring and 1 Superbowl appearance is just not enough he should should at least have two rings so we’ll see what happens at the end of the season


Why is sean Peyton’s face straight the first time it shows him

    George Gomez

    Cause there is still a game to be played and he probably grinned like hell when he drew that play up(pun intended)


    @George Gomez true

    Swamp Henly

    Coach is smiling on the inside.

Ima BiG BoI NoW

Imagine the refs called holding

    Jake From State Farm

    Eugene Rollins i must got alzheimers, cuz i don’t remember asking

    Turhan Henderson

    @Jake From State Farm that’s odd, you don’t have another comment.

    Puerto Rican Mapper_4

    The Pass Interference call at the end of the half was a shitty refball call
    He literally didn’t touch him, the guy got juked out.

    Pugile MoltoBene

    Like refs from Boston? The ones who wear Brady Jerseys in their off time?

Control Games

Like if Drew Brees going to the Hall Of Fame


    One ring vs a choke artist in the superbowl.. GOAT Brees (sarcasm)

    King Draco

    @Reaper1 obviously. That’s Peyton Manning he just passed with TDs. Look at his career passing yards and accuracy. He also got a ring. He is the definition of a first ballot HOFer

    King Draco

    @Rob Host you’re trolling lmfao


    First Ballot Hall of Famer right there

Patrick Jones

Man i hope he plays tor another few more years would love to see him make it to the 600 TD mark if it’s possible


    No thanks, hopefully him and Brady retire after this year, this is getting old zzz

Jayden Dailey

Who else got a Peyton Manning ad😂😂😂


And he did it when no one thought a player his size could. He did it in a town and organization that use to wear paper bags over their heads, that was a joke to many, and was coming off tragic in Katrina. He did it after no one wanted him because they thought he suffered a career ending injury on his throwing arm. This man open the door for QB’s like Russel Wilson. This man defeated all odds, and did the unthinkable. He’s my 🐐

    Brandon :D

    @NoctemAeternusMusic better watch your mouth about my Brady… He literally threw 8 TDS last week on my madden 03 game..


    The difference between him and Russel is that Russel is able to move out of the pocket, same with Kyler. Brees is a pocket passer, which even further proves a point that he’s one of the 🐐

    A & J Productions

    💯% the 🐐

    Blasian warrior

    Brandon 😀 aye fam I’m a pats fan to but give respect to my man Brees….. He’s out here reppin small QBs and giving hope to Saint’s fans

Ryan Shitzpatrick

How has he never won an mvp yet🤦🏽‍♂️


    Ryan Shitzpatrick unfortunately, he is playing/played in a generation that has Brady, Rodgers, and it had Manning. Even though he has had plenty of awesome seasons, those guys that I mentioned were better based off of records and/or statistics. There was a strong case for him and I think he should of got co-mvp


    The Brain, The Goat & The Bad Man exist


    robbed in 09


The dislikes are from all of Peyton Manning’s accounts

Who dat

    King Markbarry

    Russian Bot #19538532 and 2 super bowl losses

    King Markbarry

    C Babs wrong brees is better than manning what the hell you talking about

    C Babs

    King Markbarry that is laughable saints fans he I hate manning but he is definitely better than brees

    Turhan Henderson

    @C Babs Peyton was 10X better than Brees.. at any time they shared in the NFL 🧐 that will never ever be true.

    Michael Gutierrez

    I’m sure Manning is proud of Brees. He loves the Saints. He respects Drew as a competitor. As a die hard Peyton fan, I was looking forward to this. It warms my heart that Brees was the first to break this. No disrespect for that other guy in New England. But you know that history 😉

Headless Creator

I’m a Brady fan but damn Brees is an incredible player! Love seeing him succeed and I’ve always had so much respect for him.

    Is it Possible

    Headless Creator thx a lot. I love Brady too because Brady and Brees are alike in some ways. Their both humble, kind, competitive, good team players and are good quarterbacks in general. I have a lot of respect for Tom and I wish him and the Patriots the best of luck! Good day to you

I ate those food

I can’t believe we got Brady, Brees, and Manning all in one generation 🤯

    Bruce LeeRoy

    And Jay Cutler

    TreyJames 19

    @Da One don’t forget deshaun watson and Carson wentz

    TreyJames 19

    @Bruce LeeRoy and Tim Tebow

    Brandoon F

    and Romo Flacco and Sanchez… AMAZING

    Blasian warrior

    We’re all gonna be crying and sad when all of these legends retire


“Five-Four-O in the Five-O-Four” well said.

Jamie Craig

As a Colts fan, I just wanted to say I’m a Colts fan

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