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Mr. Sauce

When the bum team gets a participation TD at the end…..


    SpeedMasters I almost lost because of that touchdown lmao

    Arsenio Buck

    It’s been happening all season. Garbage time yards and TD’s. Patriots, about 5 games almost every weekend to make it seem like the game was close but never was. Grrr


    Colts score a TD: Saints: Aww bless their hearts~

    Epic Penis

    Bridgewater wouldn’t have conceded that TD


Probably wouldn’t be on most people’s top-5 QB list, but he’s definitely on mine. Congrats Drew Brees! You are a true GOAT!


    @I H Bounty Gate doesn’t help him at all, and the saints weren’t the only team to target the best players…

    Tatey Ambrose

    Definitely NUMBER ONE on my list, and I am not even a Saints fan; my opinion is completely unbiased. (See my post above.) There are 22 starters on every football team (not including special teams) and many coaches, all of whom contribute to how good a team is in the end. Good or bad, quarterbacks get most of the blame when they play for inferior teams and most of the credit when they play for good teams. But if one examines ONLY the QB play, I am telling you, Brees is the best QB who’s ever played.

    Epic Penis

    @I H In two of Peyton’s MVP seasons Brees was a clearly better QB than him. That’s how much this award is worth

    Shawn Cruse

    @I H bountygate still? the Ravens defense literally bashed their way to a SB win with a similar system in 2000. He was runner up 4x for MVP. in 2009 he lost to Peyton Manning, whom he not only had better numbers then, but he beat in the SB. He was robbed for sure that year. The other 3 are debatable. I don’t think he’s the GOAT but he’s in the discussion for top 5-7 – all can agree with that


Number ☝🏽 QB All Time !
Broke All QB Records ! &
Two Records In One Game 🤦🏽‍♂️

    Shannon Pace

    @David Russell I’m sorry, I thought whole teams win the Superbowl. Don’t they give everyone on the team a ring? That sounds like a team stat not a quarterback stat.

    Colin Barlow

    DeadMoNeyProductions BP Brees has more with more. But still a higher completion %

    DeadMoNeyProductions BP

    Colin Barlow yes but Shannon and skip just made a great point I never thought of. Brees not only has 160 more pass attempts but he’s doing it in a dome perfect weather conditions all year. Way more attempts, way more interceptions only 3 more touchdowns in easy playing conditions while brady is constantly playing in the cold and wind

    Colin Barlow

    DeadMoNeyProductions BP every QB plays better in a dome

    DeadMoNeyProductions BP

    @Colin Barlow yea thats the point. Brees plays most of his games in domes and brady plays most of his games in bad weather. great point shannon sharpe made that i forgot

TSM_Dfrosty 7

As a Carolina Panther fan, I got mad respect for Brees despite taking L’s from this man, he’s the GOAT in my opinion and deserves one more super bowl win before he hangs up his jersey


    Bro, why would he retire even if he won a ring this year? He’s still playing at an extremely elite level and I don’t see him slowing down

    The InvictusSamaritan

    PuppyTube Brees signed a 2 year deal just to get a ring because that 2017 team showed a lot of promise. Plus while he was out those 5 games he probably spent more time with his kids than usual and at especially 40 years old you like it more than football. It’s completely reasonable if Brees retires after this season.

    V Coolin504

    @Zenigundam yeah fam on the money# the haterd for the south is heavy i mean the whole south not just New Orleans

    Carmack Sanderson

    I’m in the same boat as you, OP. As a Panthers fan, I love Brees but hate the Saints

CGM Show

29 for 30???? Wtf is this madden lol i mean wow

    The InvictusSamaritan

    Chips Aloe personally I always have perfect percentage games with over 20 attempts, I’m a nerd that loves perfect passer ratings.

    Chips Aloe

    @Colin Barlow its either that or something like 2/10 100 yards at times. you get those lucky streaks and thats about it

    Just Jug

    My thoughts exactly 😂


    I have played at least 100 games since I’ve had it I have never done that.

    The Killer Channel

    I completed 30/30 in madden on all madden

Abdul Koroma

The fact that this man was told he would never be able to throw a football again still baffles me


    No one within 100 feet of Drew Brees was ever stupid enough to tell him that. Immediately after the surgery Dr. Andrews was giving him encouragement because he knew his rehab would go better if he started it off with some uplifting words.


    Chargers gave up on Drew way too soon. Rivers has been a very good QB over the years but he is not HOF like Drew.

    Daniel Alveo

    Some doctors don’t know squad.

    David Bailey

    @encinobalboa I always thought the same thing about the Chargers giving up on Brees. Rivers is a great QB, Brees is an elite QB.

El R.

Drew Brees breaking more records, all time passing TD record, team Saints dominating both offense and defense. Good win.

Bob Sacamano

The Eagle’s WR’s need to watch this 😂

    Branded McGowan

    What receivers?lol


I came here to see Drew’s one incomplete pass. Everything else was perfect.

    Til Schöngarth

    and actually it was better that the pass was imcomplete, the saints would have lost yards on that play


Drew Brees’ astrological sign happens to Capricorn, in other words, the goat.


Breaking the record in the most Drew Brees way. More TDs than incompletions Hahahaha 🐐🐐🐐

Some call me Chunky

Sean Peyton like
You have done well my young apprentice

Ethan Hamby

It’s crazy that he set the pass TD record and the single game completion % record in one game! Drew Brees you da man


    Ethan Hamby imagine if the back didn’t stop short on his check down

    Light Yagami

    @aSickSpartan yeah that would have been wild 💀💀

Jimmy Roberts

Awesome night, awesome career. Austin Westlake High School is forever grateful to you for helping bring us our only state championship. Austin and Westlake love you Drew. You’ve done us so proud. Go Saints.

    Pete Kondolios

    He is a great man and a great QB


Drew Brees is literally just the best


Imagine Brees, Brady & Manning Battling in the AFC🔥

7th Day Calvinist

One of the most, IF NOT, the most legendary QB performance of all time. Caught up, tied, and broke the all time TD record and while also smashing the pass % record in a game on the same night.
One of the GOATs ladies and gentlemen, enjoy it while it lasts.

    B Wheels

    7th Day Calvinist yup and people will just sweep this under the rug let it be Rodgers tho


Crazy thought…He will be breaking his own TDs record every time he scores a TD!😅

    Epic Penis

    He’s already breaking the yards record every time he throws a pass for positive gain, and the completions record every time he completes a pass

Charles L Jones

I’ll be damned if Michael Thomas won’t one day catch 25 passes in one game.


0:01 “Could be a night where you pound Murray against this front.”

Sean Payton: “Allow me to introduce myself.”

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