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Giovanni Carbajal

Damn everyone is a delusional cowboy fan. Even the NFL


    @Phoenix Comments gonna be funny if they do get passed it 😂


    @Phoenix Comments even funnier if they make it all the way to the Superbowl with a losing record


    Anas Hussain if the cowgirls play like they did they will beat Seattle who got blown out by the rams which they just blew out. 49ners are overrated they lost to the falcons. 😂 pats fan.

    Anas Hussain

    Y Z I’ll give u that but just make it clear everyone is hyping the cowboys cuz if one game all the games the 9ers lost they were last second close losses

CnG 1

*Has one good game * this guy makes this video

    Allen Robinson

    CnG 1 Zekes had a good career try again

xxLoyal Creaturexx

they win one game and now you guys act like they finna go to the super bowl….i dont understand!!!!


    xxLoyal Creaturexx we the cowboys no you understand?

    xxLoyal Creaturexx

    NotNuvo i really dont cause you guys arent that good….

htxtexans 713

😂😂😂 here comes the delusional cowboys fanbase again


    htxtexans 713 we don’t breakdown you realize we get sick of people like tbh


    Blitz 745 🤡🤡🤡🤡

    Blitz 745

    @NotNuvo i don’t know why you think i’m a clown i mean the cowboys only impressive win so far has been against the rams

    Blitz 745

    @NotNuvo but whatever keep being delusional

Chad Chadson

I can’t wait to see these comments in 6 weeks 😮

    Lava LifeGuard

    @gor9027 go take a 3rd grade refresher course in grammar, hossfly!


    How is that even bad grammar? Its completely coherent and gets the damn point across. They’re not that good and are lucky their division is a joke.

    Lord Tepes

    @gor9027 because you included a word that made your first sentence a run-on sentence, and instead of saying even, it should be any with a comma before so.

Matthew Jefferson

Damn yall got 7 wins chill

    Mr Sharpe

    Matthew Jefferson exactly and my niners Lise one game now we aren’t contenders lol

Chris W

They gon run right into a exit LMAO


    Exactly 💯😂😂 😂😂 😂

    Jerry Junior

    Chris W What is up with you stupid Chiefs fans coming for my team? What have we done to you? Focus on beating New England…

    Jerry Junior

    Hamzah Y What’s so funny? You CHUMPS are an embarrassment right now.

    Lava LifeGuard

    @Jerry Junior F you liberal POS

Yo Yo

😂😂and lose in the wildcard 😂😂😂Im ready to laugh at them

    Jake Chavez



    @Ashton Marshall one and done if they make playoffs 🤷‍♂️

    Josh Friedman

    @Ashton Marshall What about this mediocre team tells you they will make noise in the playoffs? The only decent team they beat were the underachieving Rams.

    Xoitic Fluids

    Your capping right how do you not know about nfl your trolling Haha you better be




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Jersey World

What type of grammar went into this title

Jason Richardson

😆 ooooooo they beat the lams

Tech Unboxing Videos

I would like to see them make a run, but I wouldn’t bet any money on it. You never know what you’re going to get from them, they are not consistent

    Kyle Farmer


Americas Team

We haven’t even clinched yet chill 😂💀

    It's yah boyKe

    Americas Team bro he sees something in us if we keep playing like this we could go on a run.



    bob brown

    Americas Team there 2 games left they. better than eagles.


    Bad Roses we can easily beat the hawks and the Niners we literally do every year

    Noah - Clips

    LegendKiller645 kinda when our team shows talent

Jacob Klein

Let me just tell you now, no one cares. That’s why I’m dippin 27 seconds into the vid


    Jacob Klein 862 of those likes care

Anoop Pillai

If they play their best, sure. Great team, elite talent in spots.
They are ridiculously inconsistent though.


This dude just repeated the same sayings over and over again lol

First Name Last Name

Just like that he jinxed us lol about to lose out

D Bail

Skip Bayless’s secret persona

Jon Davis

Very surprised the colts are getting worked like that with Darius Lennid

SSPark 101

Because Jason Garrett finally got his head out of his a$$ lol no he didn’t he still sucks

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