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The Irsay Family and the Colts Introduce Kicking the Stigma

The Indianapolis Colts and the Irsay family has launched Kicking the Stigma, a comprehensive initiative to raise awareness about mental health disorders and to remove the shame and stigma too often associated with these illnesses.

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Ed Reply

Let’s go coltss

Lex D'Alene Reply

Jimmy Irsay AKA Soul Brotha!!

Lildicholas Reply

God I love this team, feels good knowing your ownership is full of genuinely kind people that actually care about their community and team and not just money and success in the league. GO COLTS!

peoplevsradio317 Reply

Great Owner. Colts fans are lucky. Jim is Real.

Stephan Hayes Reply

We’re here for football.
That is all.

Stephen Irons Reply

This is awesome man.

Eightyoneduce Reply

Kalen has been there and went threw it all. I know exactly how she feels when her family suffers from addiction or a mental illness. If you know her story at all its truly inspirational. Thank you all this mans so much to me personally.

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