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Kicking the Stigma on Good Morning Football

Indianapolis Colts Owner/Vice Chair Kalen Jackson and linebacker Darius Leonard joined Good Morning Football to help kick off the team's Kicking The Stigma initiative.

The Colts and the Irsay family has launched Kicking the Stigma, a comprehensive initiative to raise awareness about mental health disorders and to remove the shame and stigma too often associated with these illnesses.

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King Greg Reply

First. Let’s go Colts.

Leonard Harmon Reply

Very noteworthy endeavor; we all need someone. Thanks folks in memorial of Kyle Harmon 10/23/87 – 7/13/2015. Gone too early.

dabney offermein Reply

Very happy that the COLTS have started this initiative. It really is a pervasive condition affecting so many people. It’s very relatable and an amazing thing they are doing. And they speak so well about it. Bravo!!!

Randal Smith Reply

I’m happy to be a Colts fan!

Eightyoneduce Reply

Darius Leonard means so much to the city of Indianapolis… Me an hundreds of thousands of people look up to him and everything he dose. Lots of people will be reaching out to help other simply because he dose. What a leader 53 is.. Love him to death

Tamiya Robinson Reply

Can’t be even happier To Have This Young Man On My Colts Team

Will Brench Reply

Hes the heart of the team

Alyosha Reply

This is awesome, and let’s get psychedelic assisted therapy destigmatized and FDA approved as well.

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