Meet the Bucs 2021 Draft Class | First Look – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Meet the Bucs 2021 Draft Class | First Look

Meet the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2021 Draft Class featuring Joe Tryon, Kyle Trask, Robert Hainsey, Jaelon Darden, K.J. Britt, Chris Wilcox and Grant Stuard.
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KingSean Gosa Reply

First lol

Cobra Ranger Reply


KingSean Gosa Reply

First lol

Coach Jackson Reply

Let’s Go Bucs

Golden Eagle Reply

This was a good draft class and I’m excited to see what they can do Go Bucs!!

    Werner Foerster Reply

    @Mark Douglas
    Have you looked at the O-line depth chart lately??

    Werner Foerster Reply

    1. Josh Wells: undrafted free agent
    Brad Seaton: 7th round draft pick
    Nick Leverett: undrafted FA
    Aaron Stinnie: undrafted FA
    Donell Stanley: undrafted FA, cut by Dolphins
    2. Donovan Smith led the league in penalties and was 7th in most sacks allowed.
    3. Bucs are trying to re-sign Blaine Gabbard, and Ryan Griffin was just resigned so, yeah, Trask was not needed. Why do you need 4 QBs??

    4. Gotta try and make the team better _this year_ not 4 years down the road – strike while the iron is hot. Chiefs got better – Bucs did not.

    Christian Mendoza Reply

    @Werner Foerster this must not be your team because you really don’t seem to like seeing people succeed.
    They brought every starter back and then drafted for depth , which means later on if you don’t have the correct knowledge to understand

    Werner Foerster Reply

    @Christian Mendoza
    Look, no offense but you seem like a casual Sunday rah rah fan … no problem, just stay in your lane and try not to embarrass yourself any further

    Christian Mendoza Reply

    @Werner Foerster also the minute you say no offense , is when you’re trying to bring an offense to someone

Tiffany Green Reply

Welcome to the Bucs guys

Let’s gooooooooooo

Mark Douglas Reply


Dark Star Reply

TB12 as your starting QB + bringing back every single starter on both sides of the ball from a dominating Superbowl = least stressful draft ever!!

Justin Gardner Reply

I think Trask will surprise people. He took heat as a bad pick but not every QB can be Mahomes. If we don’t take the best of the next tier now , then what’s the plan? If you look Mond, Mills went right after him so the QB run was happening.
If something happens to Brady and hes no longer, then what? He is going to be 44. Auction the farm in a year or two for a top 5 guy who has a 20% chance of planning out ? One thing that Track does that I’ve not seen too many do, stay in the pocket with walls closing in on him. Most guys have happy feet and want to bail and use that athleticism. He will give guys a chance to get open and he’s accurate downfield. Also his arm strength is at least average its not BELOW average. I think his processing ability and fearlessness to stay in there is key. That’s one of the traits Brady had until the knee injury. Same as all the older good NFL QBs.

My favorite pick though is Darden!! I was in the minority in wanting a WR, he brings an element we don’t have. He doesn’t have Miller’s straight line speed but still fast.Its the quick, cutting ability and skill set to go across the middle as well as outside that I love. This guy leaves acls ,mcls on the field. He was top 5 in every single category including #2 in TDs ( D Smith) and YAC!!

Hainsey I liked as a guy being overlooked except I wanted Meinerz bad. I thought he was a no brainer Buccaneer. Small school ,nasty brawler played interior where our free agents are. Many had mocked at 64, where initially I thought hed be gone. So to be there at 96? Thought this is no brainer like JOK when Cle moved up. I’ve had to remind myself I did like Hainsey and he has ability to play Tackle for this year if needed in a pinch.
Oddly enough , Tryon who at one point I did want possibly at 32, scares me the most. I got to thinking not Regan Upshaw for older Bucs fans. A 250-260 lb power edge guy never developed much in the arsenal and Upshaw went 11th? He has ability to drop better than Upshaw and right now in 2021 we don’t have a viable #3 at edge rusher.
You know sometimes a team or GM gets heat for certain picks but sometimes the ” class” isn’t good. In some instances it may not matter who a team had taken because nobody really panned out. We need special teams guys too. Ryan Smith left, so as fans we need to remember that. Maybe Tryon, Britt, Wilcox help in that area as well as Darden maybe being a return guy.

Kawe'a Akuna Reply


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