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Derp Man


Zeke Fan

Go cowboys

Big Ticket

Chassoin ain’t gon be there. We need to go Saftey1. Corner2. Edge3. WR.4. LB5.5. OLinbacjker Center7. Don’t at me. Lindsey Cash is the badddest.

    Big Ticket

    Bg3 DaPoeMc So how would you attack the draft? What are your picks per round?

    Big Ticket

    I’m taking a WR somewhere cause we only really got Gallup and Cooper. I think Gallup is the best player on the team. But Amari… can be… wishy washy. Let’s be honest.

    Big Ticket

    Equal Opportunity War Criminal I don’t think they would do that… especially since love going in the first broski… I gotta watch some Love tape.

    Big Ticket

    Deez Nuts First off. Great Name. You should run for office. Secondly, Center in the Second? We just drafted a guy last year in the 3rd. Plus we got looney and Conner Williams….. Yeah… Conner…. Williams.. he here too… I guess.

    Bg3 DaPoeMc

    Big Ticket corner , De , safety , DL , OL , WR , De !! I feel like we’ll be ok on receivers with cooper and Ca maybe pick up a free agent like Dez and I knw we have a couple on the practice squad

Gabriel Valles

I really like Nick Eatman’s mock draft. I especially love Duvernay because I’d take him without question if he’s there in the 3rd.

John Crabtree

They need cbs but are in a bad position to get cj Henderson they should try to trade down but no one may be willing to trade with them

Frye Daddy

Finally!!!Somebody named Kyle recognized the talent of Jauan Jennings & the type of football plyer he is.He will dominate for Dallas if they take him.I’m saying it now he will out play every other receiver except Jeudy & Lamb in his rookie year & will have a great career with multiple pro bowls!!!


Young to Washington and Simmons to NY… Yikes

    Steve McCoy

    notAsmodeus theyll still suck


    Steve McCoy hahah truuuuuuuu

Eddie Dartt

I think dollar she’ll get Dez Bryant back and use it as a number

Silver Ancient

Does anyone really ever pick up those Star magazines?




Nick has the best mock on yt, I wish we get everyone on his board!!!

Clash with James 1

I like Chaisson and Terrell Burgess. I think doubling up on CB is good too.

Chris Graham

They could end up w/Cb3 or Wr3 or DE 3

Equal Opportunity War Criminal

The Cowboys should draft QB Jordan Love, and trade away Dak, and his unrealistic salary demands.

Philip DuBeau


Philip DuBeau

broken neck

Philip DuBeau

and that turd DL

Gray Ghost

Justin Jefferson unless Henderson is somehow there.


trade dak

Ct Coleman

ZERO chance they take 3 offensive players in the 1st 4 rounds. These clowns are clueless.


AJ ALLEN is my pick if Chassoin is gone!

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