Stephen Jones on 105.3 The Fan | 4/17/20 | Dallas Cowboys 2020 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Stephen Jones on 105.3 The Fan | 4/17/20 | Dallas Cowboys 2020

Stephen Jones joins the 105.3 The Fan sharing his thoughts on the upcoming NFL Draft, the potential return of DE Randy Gregory, the recent signing on DE/OLB Aldon Smith and more.

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Marc Felix


Marc Felix

Why post a video without checking it.. cmon DC media

Martin Hinojosa

It keeps repeating.

Scott Millam

Please check your videos before posting.


Obviously ment for dak


Is this mind control lol

    Frye Daddy

    Thanks for that my man!

s drak

If you can’t post a video properly then don’t post it at all.

s drak

Dak going to make this dummy pay. Talk about a management team that has totally blown the most important position negotiation. Dumdums AND Dak going to make them pay.


You’ve been punk’d!

Chase Dyer

Am I trippin?

Frye Daddy

What the hell is this??Does anybody in quality control/post production not check this rubbish before they upload it & make sure the visual & audio is working.As well as the content not being put on a loop.Must have been a fan of Chris Angel who’s laughing at us all screaming Mindfreak in his moms night gown eating a bowl of fruitloops in her downstairs basement in front of his computer!!

Brian Waller

12:40 of the same 45 second clip lol

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