Predicting 2020 NFL Draft Day 1 Trades – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Liam Pawl

I think that Kermit the frog will go 2 in the draft

    The Dark Knight

    He was the super bowl MVP

    Butterd Toast

    I was drafted in 69

    Woah Lookatmydrip

    Kermit the Frog was not SB MVP, he is an all time mvp

    Zece Princess

    @Woah Lookatmydrip

    josh nkegbe

    @Unicorn YT Patrick Mahomes

Scotty Snags

Like and your team will draft the player you want

    Scotty Snags

    ҒIRΣ yessir

    Colton Henry

    Raiders are either getting lamb or Jeudy

    Zece Princess



    Come panthers I hope they get isaiah Simmons


    I don’t even think Ravens are going to get jeudy or ceedee even if we wanted to do I’m not going to like

Shrihan Vijay

Can’t wait till the Bengals screw up and auto draft a kicker 😂😂

    Zethan 1145

    Abdulplays I’m a Cardinals fan and the last time we were in the playoffs was 2015 and now look at us so u can’t say crap about being loya

    Zece Princess

    @Zethan 1145

    Zece Princess

    @Hassan Baluch

    Kameron Jones

    Shrihan Vijay lol your a redskins fan you don’t have the right to make any jokes about anybody 😂

    Zethan 1145

    Zece Princess Dude again why would I want to watch this!?!?

Esketit Esketit

Wherever tua goes I’m going

    Tacoz are 4 Life

    Maybe My G well if someone trades up for him…

    Maybe My G

    Tacoz are 4 Life they would have to give someone really good up for him cause the dolphins need a QB.

    Logan Conway

    Maybe My G what is that supposed to mean? 😂 if the chargers move up to 4 Miami doesn’t get tua.

    Zece Princess

    @Logan Conway

    Logan Conway

    Zece Princess Thanks for the mortal kombat

Tarun Kari

Me: Can I see?
YouTube: Naw I’m good

    Bon Paoi


Joe Night Owl

Again with this mock draft

NOob KiD

Where my G men

    Yeetus Fetus

    NOob KiD yesssir we takin simmons

Thanos snap NO U

I think patrick gwaysdjiski huatuiop lll goes 1st overall seems like the next qusaghy guh jumiopskiy


    Thanos snap NO U 😂

    insan3 russ1an69

    Huh… what the hell😂😂

    Bon Paoi



Where ever Okudah and Simmons go I have to be apart of their fan base unless the cowboys trade up

    Zethan 1145

    Dallas Mems Nah Okudah or trade back


    Zethan 1145 I honestly would like to see the cardinals in the Super Bowl their capable with their talent this year yeah fitz needs a ring before he retires

    Zethan 1145

    SteadyCheetah That’s why we need Lamb or Simmons

    Zece Princess

    @Zethan 1145

    Zethan 1145

    Zece Princess And I need this why!!!?!?!?!

Zach Weitzman

I didn’t see OBJ to the Vikings so it’s invalid

    Austin 123

    Diggs trade was reported as lies too. And he was traded 3 days later. Don’t say its invalid just yet

    Derek Schmitz

    No to OBJ to Vikings. We don’t want that nut case. Heck trade him to Packers

    Bon Paoi


Tim’s Hot Takes

Did Burleson just call the Lions “safe” at CB after trading Slay and signing Trufant?🤨


    Amani Oruwariye was graded as the lions best cornerback last year by PFF and they also signed Darryl Roberts so if Trufant goes down they’ll still be fine

    Tim’s Hot Takes

    Qwertos u just failed to name one elite corner. Okudah completely changes that secondary


    @Tim’s Hot Takes And they just ignore that Oday Aboushi is starting at right guard? They should trade back to 5 or 6, take Jedrick Wills, and move Halapoulivaati Vaitai to guard

    Caleb Davis

    Well because it’s true, their problem is pass rush. Doesn’t matter whose back their if they have to cover for 6+ seconds.

    Zece Princess

    @Caleb Davis

Aiden Ryan

Even though Seahawks aren’t on this list I’m pretty sure they will still trade their 1st round pick away

Dustin Zhu

I saw the thumbnail so im here to comment no

    Bon Paoi


Going Off

Jags have Minshew


Jags literally said they were sticking with minshew for next year

    Jordan Bailey

    Marko Buha oh shoot I didn’t even read the title lol yea the confusion makes sense!

    Noah Nunez

    We literally have more important issues than qb these guys are insane

    Zece Princess

    @Noah Nunez


    If a NFL team says one thing, you can be sure they’ll do the complete oposite

    The InvictusSamaritan

    Smcd possible smokescreen dude, you can’t trust what teams say in the month of April.

Jeremy Bonilla

I can’t live without football and I don’t know how long this virus is gonna last


Packers trade down with someone dumb enough to give Green Bay a 2021 first round pick

    Bon Paoi



Jags don’t need to draft a QB just roll with minshew he showed he could play plus jags have other needs


    T- ZILLA_88 I agree. He seems the perfect fit for the jags. If Gardner as a major decline next year, maybe consider Trevor Lawrence. Right now I would stick with Gardner.

    Bon Paoi


Riley Huter

Love how Kyle non-chalantly drops that he’s clearly an alcoholic

Woah Lookatmydrip

Hey Dallas the last time you were in the super bowl these draft picks weren’t born

    Thomas Urech

    Woah Lookatmydrip *angry cowboy noises*

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